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Chief of the. War Staff Vice-Admiral {act) Sir Henry P. Oliver, k.C.b,, m.v.O,
Assistant to the Chief of the War Staff 1 ...Captain Arthur de K. L. May.
Director of the Operations Division Captain Thomas Jackson, C.B., m.v.o., AdC.
Assistant Directors of the Operations Division... Captain Henry W. Grant.
Lieut.-Col. Walter T. C. Jones, d.s.o, b.m.l.i.
Civil Staff.
Staff Clerk — G. J. Riekman, Esq.
1 Second Division Clerk.
1 Confidential Shorthand Writer,
1 Extra Clerk.
Naval and Marine Staff.
y Captain Percy Withers (temp).
"ommander Alexander R. Palmer.
Raymond Pitzmaurice, D.S.O.
Frederic G. S. Pcile.
Lieut.-Com. Leonard Robinson.
Director of the Intelligence Division ... Captain William R. Hall, C.B., AdC.
Assistant Director of the Intelligence Division ... Captain Aubrey C. H. Smith, m.v.o.
Naval and Marine Staff,
lommander Vivian R. Brandon. I Captain Bernard F. Trench,
Commander Gerald C. Dickens. B.M.L.I.
'ommander Charles C. Ennals. ' Naval Instr. Guy V. Rayment,
Commander Francis G.G. Chilton B.A.
£.-&Sr W.^d. Fleet Paym. Charles J. E. Rotter,
ftiy. Commander Percy Wheater C-B '
Major Frank V. Temple, r.m.l.i. Fleet Paym. Ernest W. C. Thring.
ga£ W^Sr!^! : «-**■■ C Betton Roberts.
tepfcwiCecilE.S.Wright.K.M.L.iLissi. Paym. Lloyd Hirst.
Civil Staff.
Staff Clerks -
Hugh Broadbent, Esq.
W. H. Hancock, Esq. (act)
6 Second Division Clerks.
1 Assistant Clerk, 2 Extra Clerks,
1 Boy Clerk, 3 Draughtsmen.
' The following gentlemen have been appointed or lent for temporary service during the War -.
P. W. Baker-Wilbraham, Bt., ll.b., P. Cavcndish-Bentinck, H. N. Dickson, M.A.,,
Dr. G. B. Grundy, Sir William Lawrence, Bt. (Board of Education), Humphrey Paul, Esq.,
ll.b., E. G. C. Poole, J. Randall, H. Russell, Captain F. H. Ruxton (ret.) (lent by Colonial
Office), and L. G. Wickham-Legg, Esqrs.
Director of the Mobilisation Division ... Captain Hugh F. P. Sinclair, K.N.
Naval Staff. Civil Staff,
lommander Geoffrey Hopwood. I Staff Clerk for Manning Duties —
lommander Basil G. Washington. Robert Gordon, Esq.
Colin A. M. Sarel. | 3 Second Division Clerks, 1 Extra Clerk.
Acting Director of Trade Division... Captain Richard Webb, C.B., R.N.
Adviser in Commerce ... Hon. Commander F. Leverton Harris, m.p., r.n.v.k.
Nacal Staff.
CapUnn (act) Horace W. Longden (tern^j/.)
Lieutenant-Commander Illtyd A. S. Hutton
Marine Staff.
Major Thomas H. Hawkins, r.m.l.i.
t The following gentlemen hare been appointed for temporary service during the Wai
Civil Staff.
Staff Clerk— J. T. Cotton, Esq. (acting)
3 Second Division Clerks (two lent).
3 Extra Clerks, 1 Confidential Clerk.
l. Bilbrough, Esq. l Sir Frederick Bolton (tin/ aid)
Icoffrey Blackwell, Esq. (unpaid) The Hon. Robert II. Brand,
S. Moss Blundell, Esq. (unpaid) C.M.G. (unpaid)
\ A. H. Charteris, Esq.
G. D. Hardinge-Tyler, Etq.
Clive Lawrence, Esq.
Barrister- at- Law
J. F. Scanlan, Esq
■aptain Guy R. A. Gaunt, c.m.g. (Washington) 1 June 14
■aptain Edward H. Rymer (Tokio) 1 Dec 14
toptain Montagu W.W. P. Consett (Stockholm) 27 July 12
^aptam (art) Fitzmaurice Acton (Part's) 9 Sept 15
■ommander Harold G. Orenfpll ' Petrograd) 1 Apr 12
ommander William F. Sells /Athens) 26 Junelft
bmmander Demtis A. H. Larking (ret.) (Home) 8 Nov 15
i Arranged alphabetically. * Borne in ' President
J For additional Officers borne Umpvrarily for War Staff, iet\wnder ' Pttside<<t.

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