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Men (September) — contd.
Claydon, J. L
Clayton, Robert W
Clelaud, Matthew
Clemens, Archibald
Clements, Bertiam Sargent
Clemson, George Ernest ...
Clifton. Thomas
Clinton, Richard
Clough, Alexander James ...
Clover, Reginald William ...
Cobb, Arthur Victor Jubilee
Cockman, George
Codd, Harry C
Coe, Barnabas William
Coe, Herbert Clyde
Coker. Horace
Cole, Edgar Thomas
Cole. Georee
Coleman, George Henry ...
Coleman, George M.
Coleman, William
Colenutt, Albert Edward ...
Collins, Christy
Collins, David
Collins, E. G. S
Collins, Samuel
Collins, Thomas
Collins, Willie George
Colyer, Reginald James ...
Condron, Edward
Congdon, Richard Henry ...
Connett, Henry ... ' ...
Connolly, Richard
Cook, Alfred John
Cook, Edward
Cook, Edward P
Cook, William E. ...
Cooksley, A. G.
Cooley, Prank
Cooley, William J
Coolledge, John Henry ...
Coomber, Frederick Henry
Cooper, Edward Wyndham
Cooper, Ernest R
Cooper, Stanley .lames
Cooper, Thomas
Copeland, Tom
Copeland, William George
Coppins, Hugh Joseph
Corbett, Michael Patrick ...
Corbin, Alonzo J
Corbould, Gordon
Cordwell, W. S
Cork, John Henry
Costello, Peter
Costellow. William James...
Cottam, Harry Frederick ...
Cottingham, Herbert
Cotton, Thomas Frederick
Coull, Charles William ...
Coultart, William Percy ...
Counter, W. G
Court, Charles
Court, Frederick William
CouBens, Arthur
Cox, Alan Edward George
Cox, Anthony
Cox, Harry
Official No.
Gunner, R.M.A. (R.F.R. B. 1105)
Private, R.M L.I
Stoker, 1st Class (K.F.R. B. 8945) ...
Able Seaman (R.F.R. B.10709)
Leading Seaman
Stoker, 1st Class (R.F.R. Ch. B. 8133)
Stoker, 1st Class
Stoker Petty Officer
Chief Stoker
Able Seaman (R.F.R. B. 655*)
Signal Boy
Stoker, 1st Class
Private, R.M. L.I
Si oker, 1st Class (R.F.R.B.1150) ...
Leading Cook's Mate
Stoker, 1st Class (R.F.R. B. 7715) ...
Htokcr Petty Officer
Able Seaman (R.F.R. B.
Stoker, 2nd Class
Seaman, R.N.R
Acting Leading Stoker
Stoker, 1st Class
Seaman, R.N.R
Petty Officer, 1st Class
Gunner, R.M.A.
Ordinary Seaman
Stoker, 1st Class
Leading Signalman (R.F.R. Ch. B.
1562) ...
Leading Seaman
Stoker P.O. (R.F.R. B. 8605)
Stoker Pettv Officer (R.F.R.A. 1829)
Gunner, R.M.A. (R.F.R. B. 885) ...
Able Seaman
Able Seaman
Private, R.M.L.I
Bugler, R.M.L.I
Seaman, R.N.R.
Gunner, R M.A R.M.A. 8388 (Ch.)
Stoker, 1st Class (R.F.R. Ch.B. 9339) S.S. 106582
Private. R.M.L.I. (R.F.R. B. 880) ...
Leading Stoker (K.F.R. Ch. B. 8475)
Petty Officer
Able Seaman (R.F.R. Ch. B. 5932) ...
Stoker, R.N.R. 2nd Class
Armourer's Crew
Stoker, 1st Class
Officers' Steward, 1st Class
Able Seaman (R.F.R. Ch. B. 10384)
Stoker, 2nd Class
Leading Stoker
Seaman, R.N.R.
Leading Seaman, ...
Gunner, R.M.A. (R.F.R. B.1103) ...
Leading Seaman
Stoker, R.N.R
Stoker, 1st Class
E.R.A., 2nd Class
Able Seaman (R.F.R. B. 6015)
Chief E.R.A., 1st Class (Pensioner)
Leading Shipwright ...
Stoker, 1st Class
Private, R.M.L.I. (R.F.R. B. 1831)
Leading Stoker (R.F.R.B.9663)
Chisf Armourer
Seaman, R.N.K
Ordinary Telegraphist
Stoker (R.F.R. B. 978)
Seaman, R.N.R
R.M.A. 11040 (Ch.)
13470 (Ch.)
S.S. 105660 (Ch.)
208488 (Ch.
168315 (Ch. ;
S.S. 103962
K. 2938 (Ch.)
296947 (Ch.)
291102 (Ch.)
202676 (Ch.)
J. 24845 (Ch.)
K. 9045 (Ch.)
17530 (Ch.)
276443 (Ch.)
M. 20 (Ch.)
... S.S. 103095 (Ch.)
303260 (Dev.)
213861 (Ch.)
... K. 21846 (Ch.)
3356 A.
K. 2090 (Ch.)
K. 14944 (Po.)
208619 (Ch,)
R.M.A. 11488 (Ch.)
J. 23622 (Dev.)
S.S. 106440 (Ch.)
194323 (Ch.
295103 (Ch.
123974 (Ch.)
- (Ch.)
J. 4765 (Dev.)
211035 (Ch.)
1323 (Ch.)
17982 (Ch.)
- (Ch.)
O.N. 194411 (Ch.
228727 (Ch.)
K. 14542 (Ch.)
357988 (Ch.)
K. 15587 (Ch.)
305374 (Ch.)
41871 A.
- (Oh.)
223677 (Ch.)
14616 (Ch.)
271794 (Ch.)
210795 (Ch.)
149729 (Po.)
S17244 (Ch.)
K. 16961 (Ch.)
- (Ch.)
297567 (Ch.)
340995 (Ch.)
R.N.R. 2403C.
J. 15439 (Ch.)
281549 (Ch.)

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