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Men (September) — contd.
Baker, George Brandon
Baker, John
Baker, John William
Baker, Marshall
Baker, William Henry
Baker, William John
Balding, Robert
Baldock, William Robert ...
Baldwin, Josiah
Ball, Willie
Balmain, John
Bampton, William
Banks, George Edward
Barber, Alfred Edward
Barber, Robert
Barden, John
Barling, Henry William ...
Barlow, James William
Barlow, Thoma9 Arthur ...
Barnard, Keuben George ...
Barnard, William Henry ...
Barnardier, J
Barnes, Cbarles
Barnes, J. W
Barnes, Thomas
Barr, Thomas H
Barratt, James
Barratt, Percival John
Barrett, Joseph
Barrett, William
Barrett, William G.J.
Barsby, George
Barson, Percy
Btrter, William Charles ...
Barton, Sidney Charles
Bartlett, C. F
Bartlett, Henry Arthur . . .
Bartlett. Joe
Barton, Gilbert Johnson ...
Barton, Henry
Batev, Edward Henry
Batchelor, Benjamin'Edwin
Batchelor, George
Bate, Thomas Henry
Bates, George
Bayfield, Alfred
Bayley, Albert Edward
Beale, James
Bean, George
Beaney, Albert Edward ...
Beamland, Harry
Beaxman, Willie George ...
Beck, Robert Leonard
Beckett Richard
Bedfor' , Herbert
Bee, Harrj
Eeeching, John
Beeching, Luke
Beerling, Thomas William
Beesley, Dick
Begg, Alexander
Bell, George Sinclair
Bell, John W
Beflerby, Tom
Bending, George Jesse
Bmtiett, Ernest Henry
Be»ne*t, George
Rating. Official No.
Electrical Artificer, 3rd Class ... M. 399 (Ch.)
Seaman, R.N. R 1402D.
Stoker, 1st Class (R.P.R. Ch. B. 5353) S.8. 1001C
Able Seaman (R.F.R. B. 3734)
Ordinary Seaman
Able Seaman (R.F.R. B. 6413)
Stoker, 1st Class
Stoker, R.N.R
Able Seaman (R.F.R. B. 10509)
Officers' Steward, 3rd Class ...
2nd Ship's Steward
Stoker Petty Officer
Able Seaman (R.F.R. 8817) ...
Seaman, R.N.R. .
166055 (Ch.)
S.S. 4754 (Ch.)
341057 (Ch.)
1*0103 (Ch.)
K. 14609 (Ch.)
2537 T.
226180 (Ch.)
L. 4470 (Ch.)
347283 (Ch.)
287551 (Ch.)
205320 (Ch.)
4186 A.
Stoker, 1st Class (R.F.R. Ch.B. 5332) S.S. 100101
Chief Stoker
Stoker (R.F.R. Ch. B. 9666) ...
Stoker, 1st Class
Ship's Steward
Private, R.M.L.I.' (R.F.R. b! 1768)
Private, R.M.L.I. (R.F.R. B. 967)
Private, R.M.L.I
Stoker. 1st Class (R.F.R. Ch. B.9500) S.S. 106889
Stoker, 1st Class (R.F.R. B. 7811) ... S.S. 103275 (Ch.)
Private, R.M.L.I
Seaman, R.N.R.
Seaman, R.N.R
Able Seaman (R.F.R. Ch. B. y097) ...
Stoker, 1st Class
Stoker Petty Officer (R.F.R. A. 891)
Leading Stoker
Seaman, R.N.R....
Stoker, 2nd Class
Armourer's Crew (Pension No. 19272)
Able Seaman (R.P.R. Ch. B. 5356) ...
Leading Stoker (R.F.R. B. 10176) ...
Stoker, 1st Class (R.F.R. B. 7358) ...
Stoker, 1st Class
Able Seaman (R.F.R. Ch. B. 5069) ...
Petty Officer, 2nd Class (R.F.R. A.
Able Seaman (R.F.R. Ch. B. 9776) ...
Stoker Petty Officer
Able Seaman
Stoker, 1st, Class (R.F.R. B. 7771)
Private, R.M.L-.I
Able Seaman (R.F.R. B. 5833)
Leading Stoker (R.F.R. B. 10231)
Leading aSeaman
Acting Leading Stoker
Able Seaman (R.F.R. Ch. B. 693)
Gunner, R.M.A. (R.F.R. B. 532)
281047 (Ch.)
S.S. 107176
K". 11741 (Ch.)
341409 (Ch.)
287572 (Ch.)
14072 (Ch.)
346127 (Ch.)
- (Ch.)
344039 (Ch.)
11508 (Ch.)
8954 (Ch.)
R.N.R. A.E.4466
R.N.R. 2677B.
K.9083 (Ch.)
119878 (Ch.)
R N.R. 1858D.
K. 21843 (Ch.)
135647 (Ch.)
S.S. 100
298707 (Ch.)
S.S. 102501 (Oh.)
S.S. 111822 (Ch.)
Leading seaman
Able Seaman (R.F.R. B. 6257).
Able Seaman
Able Seaman
Stoker, 1st Class (R.F.R. B. 8589)
Leading Stoker (R.F.R. B. 2583)
Stoker, 1st Class
Private, R.M.L.I
Petty Officer
Third Writer
Petty Officer
Private, R.M.L.I. (R.F.R. B. 838)
134972 (Ch.)
286348 (Ch.)
S.S 3556 (Cli.)
. S.S. 103*59 (Ch.)
16855 (Ch.)
182317 (Ch.)
298948 (Ch.)
155050 (Ch.)
K. 11017 (Ch.)
Late R.M.A.
5559 (Ch.)
J. 5226 (Ch.)
- (Ch.)
J. 6394 (Ch.)
. S.S. 104951 (Ch.)
282446 (Po.)
308909 (Ch.)
17905 (Ch.)
187039 (Ch.)
M. 5284 (Ch.)
193860 (Ch.)
- (Ob.)

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