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den (August) — contcl.
Nicholas, William
Noble, Thomas
Norris, George Crossley ...
Nunn, Fred W
Olver, Charles Henry
Farslow, Samuel
Pellow, James
Pendry, George Fredk.
Pengelly, Albert Geo.
Pinno-k, Percy James
Pound, Fredk. Wm
Press, Sidney Lyons
Reardon, George H
Hedford, Frank
Reilly, John
Rice, James William
Roberts, William C
Routledge, Charles
Rundle, Nicholas Walter ...
Ryan, John James
Sadler, Robert Henry
Scott, James E.
Shepbard, Archd. Thos. ...
Shute, Alfred ...
Simmonds, Alfred ...
Skidmore, Walter Harold Hj .
Skyi nv s, James Henry .
Smith, i^eorge A. C.
Spurdle, Albert Fredk.
Stanlabe, Henry Thomas ...
Stevenson, Joseph
Stokes, George
Street, Herbert James
Sydenham, John William
Sweetman, Reginald Harold
Tancock, Thomas
Taylor, Ernest E
Tennent, John
Teuma, Giovanni
Thomas, Robert James
Thomas, William Henry ...
Thorpe, Cyril K
Ticket), Nicholas
Tolcher, William John
Tookey, Frederick George...
Towillis. John Drewer
Tucker, Reginald Penhorwood
Vidler, William H
Vyvyan, Francis Alfred ...
Wadkins, William F.
Waller, Harold
Waller, James
Warren, John William
Warsaw, Eli William
Weaver, George
Welton, William v .
While, Thomas Matthew ...
Whitfield, Thomas N .
Williams, Ed. Albt. Kellv...
Wills, Fredk. William
Winwood, George
Woodhouse, Abraham
Woodhous e, George
Yates, Fredk. John ..
Batiks. Official No.
Able Seaman 22:i403 (Dev.)
Fireman, Trawler Section, R.N R.... T.S. 392
Deck Hand, Trawler Section, R.N.R. DA. 207
Leading Cook's Mate 347626 (Cb.)
Stoker Petty Officer 307181 (DevO
Stoker, 1st Class K. 324 (Dev.)
E.R.A., 2nd Class
Stoker, 1st Class
E.R.A., 4th Class
Stoker, 2nd Class
Stoker, 1st Class
Able Seaman
Able Seaman
Stoker. 1st Class
Actg. Leading Stoker
Leading Signalman
Leading Seaman
Private, K. M.L.I
Able Seaman
Able Seaman
Trimmer, Trawler Section, R.N.K.
Sergeant. R.M.L.I ■
Stoker, 1st Class
Stoker, 1st ClaBS
Stoker Petty Officer
Ordinary Seaman
Stoker, 1st Class
Prhate, R.M.L.I
Boy, 1st Class
Stoker, 1st Class
Able Seaman
Private, R.M.L.I
Stoker, 1st Class
Able Seaman
Officer's Cook, 3rd Class
Stoker, lst£lass
Stoker Peltv Officer
Private, R.M.L.I
Officer's Steward, 1st Class ...
Petty Officer
Stoker, 2nd Class
Able Seaman
Able Seaman
Leading Seaman
Stoker, 2nd Class
Petty Officer
Acting Leading Stoker
Private, R.M.L.I.
Able Seaman
Able feaman
Stoker, 2nd Class
Able Seaman
Carpenter's Crew
Able Seaman ...
Stoker, 1st Class
Stoker, 1st Class
Stoker, 1st Class
Engine Room Artificer, 3rd Class ,
Shipwright, 2nd ClasB
Stoker, 1st Class
Able Seaman
Leading Seaman
Able Seaman
E. R. A.. 4th Class
271627 (Dev.)
. K. 10818 (Dev . I
872228 (Dev.
. K. 222*3 (Dev. »
K. It 151 i Dev.)
J. 715 ( J lev.)
2362S7 (Cu.)
. K. 8790 (Dev.)
. K. 6687 (Dev.)
223011 (Dev.)
222351 (Ob.)
15421 I Ply i
217035 (Dev.)
S.S. 3609 (Ch.)
T.S. 92
11440 (Ply.)
K. 5770 (I). V.)
It. 8282 (Ch.)
289127 (Dev.)
. J. 16034 (Dev.)
296150 (Dev.)
11924. Ply.)
J. 17240 (Uev.)
K. 1460 (Dev.)
231943 (Dev.,
7715 ( PI v.)
.S.S. 112915 (Dev..
J. 6052 (Dev.)
L. 5004 (Ch.)
K. 4556 (Dev.)
295559 1 1 M:.)
13224 (Ply.)
356340 (Oh.)
181934 (Dev.)
. S.S. 113561 (Dev. i
J. 7169 (Ch.)
177970 iDev.)
174873 (Dev.)
K. 21241 (lev.)
200627 (Dev.)
K. 5285 (Dev.)
15189 (Cb.)
J. 12783 (Dev.)
J. 3223 (Ch.)
K. 21274 (Dev.)
J. 8360 (Ch.)
M. 5431 (Dev..
183751 (Dev. .
312062 (Ch.)
K. 16747 (Dec.)
K. 16743 i Dev.)
M. 1762 (Ch.)
346324 (Dev.)
306479 (Dev.)
J. 2550 (Ch.)
232675 (Dev.)
J. 10624 (Ch.)
M. 51.M Dev.)

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