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NOTE. — The " Indicator" words shewn in brackets, which are intended to insure the speedy
delivery of telegrams, are to be omitted in all official telegrams from abroad, and must not be
used except for inland telegrams.
Dover, King's Harbour Master .
Superintending Civil Engineer in
Charge of Works . . .
Naval Mail Officer ....
Anti-Aircraft Corps ...
Eastchurch, Naval Flying School
Electrical Cable Overseer, Admiralty.
Electrical Machinery Overseer, 228, Upper
Chorlton Road, Manchester .
Engineer Overseers (see under Districts)
Plying School, Central, Upavon, Wilts
Glasgow, Captain Superintendent of Con-
tract-Built Ships ....
Gosport, Naval Ordnance Store Officer,
Priddy's Hard .
Koyal Clarence Yard
Royal Marine Barracks, Forton
Royal Naval Hospital, Haslar
Royal Marine Infirmary
Greenook, R.N. Torpedo Factory
Greenwich, Royal Naval College
Royal Hospital School . .
Haslar, Admiralty Liquid Fuel Experi-
mental Works . . . .
Haulbowline (see tinder Queenstown)
Home Fleets, Vice-Admiral Commanding
Second and Third Fleets
Humber (North Killingholme), Officer in
Charge of Works
Invergordon, Works Department
•Inverness, Admiralty Mail Officer
Ipswich, Officer in charge of Works .
Killingholme, Officer in charge of Fuel at .
Killingholme, Admiralty Oil Fuel Depot .
Liverpool, Divisional Naval Transport Officer
Liverpool, Senior Naval Officer .
Marchwood, Deputy Naval Ordnance Officer
Motor Boat Reserve Committee .
Motor Boat Reserve, Section Officer, Glasgow
Nautical Almanac Office . .
Naval Air Stations (see Air Stations)
Naval Flying School, Eastchurch
Newcastle, Assistant-Inspector of Steel
Captain Superintendent of Qon-
tract-Built Ships
Inspector of Coal Shipments .
Nore, Commander-in-Chief .
-North of England District, Admiralty
Engineer Overseer, 21, 'Collingwood
Buildings, Newcastle . . . .
Telegraphic Addresses.
Tidal, Dover.
Works. Dover.
AmOj Dover.
Anti Air. Dover.
Aeroplanes. Eastchurch.
Elecabia (Westcombe), Londoa.
Elemach, Manchester.
Speedy, Upavon.
Adsupt, Glasgow.
Naval Ordnance, Gosport.
Clarence, Gosport.
Marine, Gosport.
Haslar, Gosport.
Marine Infirmary, Gosport.
Torpedo, Greenock.
Greenwich College.
Hospital School (Green), London.
Expert, Gosport.
Vice-Admiral, Home Fleet, Sheer-
Adworks, South Killingholme.
Adworks, Invergordon,
Amo, Inverness
Works, Ipswich.
Fuel, South Killingholme.
Fuel, South Kill ngholme.
Admiralty Transports, Liverpool.
Senior Naval Officer. Liverpool.
Naval Ordnance, Marchwood.
Botorcom (Westrand) London.
Scotmotor, Glasg-o^v.
Naulmanac (Holb), London.
Aeroplanes, Eastchurch.
Steeliness, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Adsupt, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Coaling, Nevvcastle-ou-Tyue.
Admiral, Chatham.
Engoseer, Newcastle-On-Tyne.

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