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First Lord. — 2 he Right Hon. Winston L. Spencer- Churchill, M.P.
First Sea Lord. — Admiral H.S.H. Prince Louis A. of Battenberg, G.C.B.,
G.C.V.O., K.C.M.G., Ad C.
Second Sea Lord. — Vice-Admiral Sir Frederick T. Hamilton, K.C. B., C.V.O.
TJiird Sea Lord. — Hear- Admiral Frederick 0. T. Tudor, C.B.
Fourth Sea Lord. — Captain Cecil F. Lambert, R.N.
Civil Lord. — The Right Hon. George Lambert, M.P.
Additional Civil Lord. — The Right Hon. £irFrancisJ.S.Hopwood,G.C.M.G.,K.C.B.
Parliamentary and Financial Secretary. — The RightHon. Thomas James Macnamara ,
LL.D., M.P.
Permanent Secretary. — Sir W. Graham Greene, K.C.B.
Naval Secretary to First Lord.— Rear-Admiral Henry I 1 ". Oliver, C.B., M.V.O.
Private Secretaries and Naval Assistants to Members of the Board.
Private Secretaries to First Lord.— J. E. Masterton Smith, Esq., E. H. Marsh, Esq.,C.M.G.,
G. A. Steel, Esq., A. F. Whyte, Esq., M.P. (unpaid), The Lfon.E. T. W. Fiennes, M.P. (unpaid).
Private Secretary to First Sea Lord.— J. S. Barnes, Esq.
Private Secretary to Second Sea Lord. — P. E. Marrack, Esq.
Private Secretary to Third Sea Lord.— J. A. C. Champion, Esq.
Private Secretary to Fourth Sea Lord.—H.. Eastwood, Esq.
Private Secretary to Civil Lord. — N. Macleod, Esq.
Private Secretary to Additional Civil Lord.—C. Perham, Esq.
Private Secretary to Financial Secretary and Parliamentary Clerk.— M. LI. Taylor, Esq.
Private Secretary to Permanent Secretary. — A. H. M. Robertson, Esq.
Naval Assistant to First Sea Lord.— Captain Percy T. H. Beamish, K.N.
Naval Assistant to Second Sea Lord. — Captain Edward M. Phillpotts, R.N.
Naval Assistant to Third Sea Lord.— Captain Clement Greatorex, M.V.O. , R.N.
Assistant Secretary.
O. A. R. Murray, Esq., C.B.
t Principal Clerks. Assistant Secretary for Finance Duties.
3. W. S. Anderson, Esq.,M. V.O. W. P.Nicholson, Esq. V. W. Baddeley, Esq., C.B.
H. W. Brown. Esq. R. R. Scott, Esq.
W. J. Evans, Esq. C. Walker, Esq.
A. Flint, Esq. (act)
t Assistant Principals.
C. J. Adams, Esq. R. G. Hayes, Esq. S. H. Plummer, Esq.
C. R. Brigstocke, Esq. E. Lee, Esq. R. Skinner, Esq.
H Eastwood, Esq. (act) J. E. Masterton Smith, Esq. M. LI. Taylor, Esq.
t Clerks.
J. B. Abraham, T. Fry. Sidney H. Phillips,
J. S. Barnes, R. M. Y. Gleadowe, A. H. M. Robertson,
j'. A. C. Champion, N. Macleod, E. Sawers,
E C Cleary, C. G. Madin, G. A. Steel,
C. B. Coxwell, P. E. Marrack, R. Walton, Esqrs.
G Dunn, Cecil Perham,
t Staff Clerks.
H. Akhurst, A. Main, V. T. Simpson,
G F. Cotton, J. Northam, E. J. Tozer,
F W. Danter, W. A. T. Shorto, F. G. C. Young, Esqrs.
1 Minor Staff Clerk and 31 Second Division Clerks, 3 Confidential Shorthand Writers,
1 Shorthand Writer and Typist. 4 Assistant Clerks, 35 Extra Clerks and 9 Boy Clerks.
Librarian— W. G. Perrin, Esq Deputy Librarian— J. F. Phillips, Esq.
2 Extra Clerks.
t The Clerical Staff is arranged alphabetically in each class, and the arrangement does not
indicate precedence. Promotion to higher appointments will be by selection and not by seniority.

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