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Small Steam Vessels, Tugs, etc.,
Employed on Harbour Service 403
Shotley Barracks (see under ' Ganges.')
Sick Quarters, Surgeons and Agents
at 565
Signal Boatswains, Chief, List of, in
Seniority 220
Signal Boatswains, List of, in Seniority 220
Signal School, Chatham (see under
' Pembroke.')
Signal School, Devonport (see
under ' Vivid.')
Signal School, Portsmouth (see
under 'Victory.')
Skippers, Royal Naval Eeserve ... 512
Staff Paymasters, List of, in Seniority 185
Staff -Surgeons, List of, in Seniority... 172
Stewards, Head, List of, in Seniority 238a
Store Matrons, Royal Naval Hospitals 564
Sub-Lieutenants, List of, in Seniority 142
Sub- Lieutenants, Acting, List of ...147e
Sub- Lieutenants, Flight, List of ...1485
Sub Lieutenants Supplementary List,
List of, in Seniority .. ...147e
Subsidiary Services, List of Vessels
for, Hulks and Vessels for sale ... 410
Subsidised Merchant Cruisers 422
Superintendents of Contract Built
Ships 533
Supplementary List —
Lieutenant- Commanders, List of,
in Seniority ... ... ._ 141
Lieutenants, List of, in Seniority 14 la
Sub-Lieutenants, List of, in
Seniority ... .„, ...147e
Surgeons and Agents 565
Surgeons, Civilian Dental ... ... 564
Surgeons General, List of, in
Seniority 168
Surgeons, Honorary, to the King ... 79
Surgeons, Naval, List of, in Seniority 176c
Surgeons Temporary... ... ...1775
Telegraphists, Warrant,
Temporary Commanders
Temporary Lieutenants
... xv
List of, in
Teaching Staff, Dockyard Schools ...
Teaching Staff, Mechanical Train-
ing Establishments...
Temporary Lieutenant Commanders 140a
Temporary Surgeons ,177c
Tenders, Coast Guard... ... ... 431
Torpedo Boats in Commission, with
their Officers 399
Torpedo Depots 5535
Torpedo School, Devonport (see
under ' Defiance.')
Torpedo School, Portsmouth (see
under 'Vernon.')
Torpedo School, Sheerness (see
under 'Actaeon.')
Transport Department, Admiralty ... 536
Tugs employed on Harbour Service... 402
Tugs for Special Service 402/i
Vice- Admirals, List of, in Seniority... 87
Vice- Admirals of Ireland 572
Vice- Admirals of the Coast of Great
Britain ... ... ... 572
Victualling Department, Admiralty. . . 535
Victualling Yards, Principal and
other Officers in
Volunteer Cadet Corps
Volunteer Committee, Admiralty
Volunteer Reserve, Royal Naval
, 553
War College, Royal Naval ...
Devonport (see under 'Vivid.')
Chatham (see under ' Pembroke.')
War Staff
Wardmasters, Head, List of,
Warrant Armourers, List of, in
Seniority 2385
Warrant Electricians List of, in
Seniority ...2385
Warrant Mechanicians, List of, in
Seniority , .... ... ... 237
Warrant Officers, Acting List of, in
Seniority 221a
Warrant Telegraphists, List of, in
Seniority 221a
Warrant Writers, List of, in Seniority2385
Works Department, Admiralty .... 53 7

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