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NOTE.— The " Indicator " words shown in brackets which are intended to insure the speedy
delivery of telegrams, are to be omitted in all official telegrams from abroad, and must not be
used except for inland telegrams.
Portsmouth, Expense Accounts Officer
Manager, Constructive Dept.
Manager, Engineering Dept.
Naval Ordnance Officer .
Naval Store Officer
Navigation School
Officer in Charge of Works .
R.M. Artillery Barracks, Eastney
„ „ Infirmary .
R.N. School of Music, Eastney
R.N. War CoUege
Secretary to Admiral Supt. .
Superintendent of Signal Schools
' President,' H.M.S.
Queenstown, Chief Eugineer
Constructor . . . . .
Director of Dockyards and Dock-
yard Work . . . .
Engineer Assistant to Director of
Dockyards and Dockyard Work
Naval Store Officer
Officer in Charge of Works .
Rear- Admiral and Senior Officer
R.N. Hospital . . .
Staff Captain
Victualling Store Establishments
Rosvth, H.M. Dockyard
„ Captain in Charge and King';
Harbour Master
' „ Fuel and Store Officer, H.M.S
" Columbine "
,, Senior Naval Office Coast of
Royal Marine Garrison, Cromarty
l.arine Recruiting Staff Officer, Belfast
Telegraphic Addresses.
Accounts, Portsmouth.
Constructive, Portsmouth,
Engineering, Portsmouth.
Naval Ordnance, Portsmouth.
Stores, Portsmouth.
Navigation, Portsmouth.
Works. Portsmouth.
Marine, Eastney.
Artillery Infirmary, Portsmouth.
Music, Portsmouth.
Warcol, Portsmouth.
Secretary, Portsmouth.
Signals, Portsmouth.
Amnicola (Deptford) London.
(Address for correspondence —
The Commanding Officer H.M.S.
'President,' Royal Victoria
Yard, Deptford, S.E.)
Engineering, Queenstown
Constructive, Queenstown,
Director, Queenstown.
Machinery, Queenstown.
Stores, Queenstown.
Works, Queenstown.
Admiral, Queenstown {also for
Dockyard purposes) '
Medical, Queenstown,
Tidal, Queenstown.
Victualling, Queenstown.
Dockyard, Dunfermline.
Tidal, South Queensferry.
Stores, South Queensferry.
Admiral, Dunfermline.
Marine, Cromarty.
Hemmings, Belfast.
Hemmings, Birmingham.
Hemmings, Bristol.
Hemmings, Exeter.
Hemmings, Glasgow.
Hemmings, Liverpool.

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