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Officers and others who may notice errors or omissions in the List
are invited to communicate direct with
The Editor of the Navy List,
London, S.W.
Such communications should NOT be sent to the Printers or
Publishers. They should be marked " On His Majesty's
Service," and need not be stamped.
No Appointments made after the 18th of the Month pre-
ceding publication can be inserted in the body of the Navy List
until the following List is published.
The following Officers must send annually between 1st January
and 31st March a notification to the Editor of their being alive,
otherwise their names will be removed from the List : —
Officers on the Retired List who have commuted their
Retired pay.
Officers retired with a gratuity.
Officers of the late Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers.
Officers on the Emergency List of over 55 years of age.
Retired or Honorary Officers of the Royal Naval Reserve must also
send annually, between the same dates as mentioned above, a
similar notification to the Registrar General of Seamen in order
to prevent their names being removed from the List.
Officers who succeed to peerages, baronetcies, or courtesy titles
should immediately notify the same to the Secretary of the
Admiralty, in order that the necessary alterations may be made
in the Navy List and in the Official Records of the Admiralty
The Navy List is compiled and published by order of the Lords
Commissioners of the Admiralty for the convenience of the
Service ; but, as errors may occasionally occur, their Lordships
must expressly reserve their right to determine the status of any
Officer according to the actual circumstances of the case, inde-
pendently of any Entry in the Navy List.
By command of their Lordships,

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