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For Service in Pembroke Dockyard.
Captain Alfred E. A. Grant, AdC 5 Dec 11
(Superintendent. )
Commander (N) Charles W. C.
Strickland 24 Aug 13
(King's Harbour Master.)
Ch. Boatswain.. .William Palmer 22 Dec 13
(For Service in King's Harbour Master's
B..N. War College, Devonport.
(Adjoining the Royal Albert Hospital.)
Captain Cyril S. Townsend ...19 Dec 13
(In command.)
Commander Sir Charles R. Blane,
Bt 30 Oct 12
Fleet Paym. (retd.) Francis H. Gerty... 13 Sept 12
(Secretary and Librarian.)
R.N. College, Keyham.
Eng. Capt Charles G.Taylor, MVO 15 Aug 13
Eng. Com, Walter R. Parnall 3 Jan 14
Eng. Lieut Alfred O. Wood 7 Jan 14
For Training 1 Duties •with Snd
Class Stokers.
Lieutenant Kenneth B. Toms 28 Mar 11
Eng. Com Thomas H. B. Bishop 6 June 13
(For supervision of Instructional Works, etc.)
Gunner Robert W. J. Martin... 2 Junel3
Wt. Mechanician Denis Donovan 14 Oct 13
(For Instructional Duties.)
Thomas H. Stanbury... 2 Jan 14
(For Instructional Duties.)
For Torpedo Boats.
Ch. Gunner Wtlliam A. Price 22 Nov 12
Gunner William IV. Deacon ...15 Aug 12
Frederick L. Maunder 14 Nov 12
Henry M. Lacy ....... .25 Junel3
For R.N. Hospital, Plymouth.
Surgeon-GeneralCharles James 15 Oct 13
Deputy Surgeon \ Patrick B. Handyside,
General) MB 15 Oct 13
Alexander G. Wildey ..\b Oct 13
Fleet Surgeon ...Frederick J. A. Dalton 15 Oct 13
Staff Surgeon ...Henry C. Whiteside ...15 Oct 13
John G. Peebles, MB ...15 Oct 13
Richard Willan 15 Oct 13
(For instruction of Sick Berth Staff.)
Surgeon Alexander J. MacDiarmid,
mb 15 Oct 13
(Lent R.N. College, Greenwich.)
Samuel Bradbury, mb.15 Oct 13
{As Anesthetist and Radiographer)
Thomas R. L. Jones ...15 Oct 13
(Lent R.N. College, Greenwich.)
John H. Burdett (tempy.)
14 Feb 14
George J. Carr, MB 15 Oct 13
Leonard A. Moncrieffe, MB.
2 Feb 14
H. War dmaster.. Sidney J. Comden 15 Oct 13
For Miscellaneous Services.
Captain Arthur C. S. H. D'Aeth
14 Aug 12
(And for tervice as King's Harbour Master,
Plymouth Sound)
Commander(retd.)(fH)frving B. Miles, ..15 Dec 13
(For charge of Chart and Chronometer Depot.)
Commander Frank Powell 1 Nov 1.3
(For charge of Detention Quarters.)
Commander(Retd.)WilliamWoolley (tempy.)
1 Dec 13
Lieutenant (G) John B. Haly — Jan 14
(To re-qualify.)
John Dooley 18 June 12
(For duty with T.B. Destroyers at PembrokeDock)
Albert Selley 24 Feb 12
(For charge of Gun Mountings.)
George A. Revington... — Dec 13
(For R.N. College, Keyham, tempy.)
Eng. Com Frank S. Moss 27 Feb 13
(To assist Eng. Rear-Admiral as regards ships
building by Contractors and for charge of
Record Parties.)
Pay m.-in- Chief Charles E. G. Johnston 28 Mar 13
Ch. Gunner William Rogers 26 June 12
(For 'Elf,' in command.)
Ch. Artif. Ena. Samuel Hill 6 Sept 13
(For instruction of E.R. ratings.)
Gunner (T) Thomas Bazley 13 Jan 13
(For Senior Officer's Boat TB Flotilla, and
(T) duties with Flotilla.)
Boatswain Ernest R. Parrott, 21 Dec 12
( For ' Fortitude ' in command.)
Artif. Eng Job B. Bucknall 6 Oct 11
(For taking records of trials.)
John Young 14 Feb 13
(For taking records of trials.)
New Books opened, 1st January, 1914.
' Amphitrite.' 'Fortitude.' ' Tay.'
'Elf.' 'Sabrina.' 'Traveller.'
Torpedo Boats and Torpedo Boat
See page 2706.
525 VIXEN. (Dev.) Torpedo-
Boat Destroyer.
400 Tons. I.H.P. (6,000 F.I).')
Guns — 1-12 pr., 5-G pr.
Patrol Flotillas.
Seventh Destroyer Flotilla.
Tender to ' Leander.'
Lieut. 8f Com. ...Ernest H. B. Williams 29 Dec 13
Ch. Artif Eng. William J. Morrell ...18 Apr 12
(Borne in ' Leander.')
528 VULCAN. (Ch.) Special
Torpedo Vessel (Depot Ship).
6,620 Tons. I.27.P.7200N.D.(\2,00QF.D.)
Guns — 8-4*7 inch, 8-6 pr.
Patrol Flotillas.
Depot Ship for Submarines.
Captain Vernon H. S. Haggard 1 Oct 13
(For duty with Submarines and
in Command of Flotilla.)
Lieutenant (G-)St. Andrew O. St. John
1 Feb 13
(N)Thomas M. Brounger
12 Mar 12
(T)Louis H. B. Bevan 6 Jan 14
(And for duty with Submarines.)

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