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Captain Richard Webb (tempy.)16 Aug 13
Sydney S. Ball, cb 1 Dec 13
(Joint Sesretaryto Royal Commission on Oil Fuel.)
(Lent War Course).
Michael H. Hodges 20 Jan 14
Cecil Maxwell- Lefroy 15 Mar 13
(For Special Service.)
Commander Hubert H. Holland .... 8 Jan 12
(Assistant to Inspecting Captain
of Mine Sweeping Vessels.)
Lieutenant (Gt)Edmund D. M.
Robertson 1 Aug 13
(For Special Service, tempy.)
(Lent Central Flying School for Instruction
27 Jan 14.)
Spenoer D. A. Grey (tempy.)
15 Jan 14
(Air Dept. as Squadron Commander .)
Eng. Lieut Charles J, Fiawkes... 1 Aug 12
(Joint Secretary to Royal Commission on Oil Fuel )
Wilfred Briggs 6 Dec 13
(Air Department, tempy.)
Staff Surg Robert W. G. Stewart,
mb 15 June 12
(For duty in connection with Auxiliary
Sick Berth Reserve)
Fleet Paym Hamnet H. Share 24 Dec 12
Walter Gask — June 13
Vincent A. Lawford...\h Mar 13
Victor H. T. Weekes
(tempy) 21 Sept 12
Naval Instr Oswald f. Tuck — 09
Assist, Paym Richard F. Durman ...14 Jan 14
Ch. Artif. Eng. Frederick H . Williams 1 Jan 14
(For service in Air Dept.)
Artif . Eng (I)Leon J. Kill may efr ... 2 Apr 13
(Air Department, tempy.)
Wt. Writer James H. King 29 Jan 12
(For Service with Inspecting Captain
of Mine Sweeping Vessels. )
Admiral of Patrols.
(Address, I Central Buildings, Westminster,
London, S.W.)
Rear- Admiral... John Robeck 1 May 12
(Admiral of Patrols.)
Captain Edward G Lowther-
Crofton, D.S.O 27 Jan 14
(Assistant to Admiral of Patrols.)
Secretary ....Basil F. Hood 1"> Mar 12
Commander William L. Rider 22 Mar 12
Lieutenant (T) Duncan W. Roe 26 Aug 13
(For W.T. duties.)
Clerk to Sec Richard C. Fleury 17 ADr 12
Warneford G. W. Ptall23 Aug 12
William G. E. Enright 5 Aug 12
For service with Admiral Command-
ing' Coast Guard and Reserves.
Captain Hugh H. D. Tothill... 5 Apr 13
(As Assistant to the Admiral Commanding
Coast Guard and Reserves.)
Secretary Francis W. Walshe ... 1 Mar 13
Commander (act) John A. Slee 17 June 08
(tor charge of Shore Wireless Telegraphy
Stations and Signal Stations.)
Lieutenant Ernest L. C. Grattan 15 May 13
( To assist Commander in charge of Shore
W. T. Stations.)
Eng. Lieut Frank R. Goodwin 13 July 11
Clerk to Sec Thomas A. Woolf 28 Feb 12
Francis K. Kempson ...10 Dec 12
Ernest H. Stern 27 Mar 13
Bo / a\fwain nal .. \ Joseph A. Minter ...„.15Hov 13
Asst. Paym Arthur C.Pelham-Kent 1 Jan 13
(For charge of Accounts of Coast Guard Cruisers.)
For service at Royal Naval College.
Captain William F. Slayter ... 8 Dec 12
Commander Eric V. F. R. Dugmore 1 June 12
Naval Instr Stanton F. Card, ba... 1 Sept 00
Arthur J. Parish, cb, ma.
18 May 07
(Deputy Suvt of Naval Examinations.)
John White, ma 1 Jan 06
Maurice A.Ainslie, BA28 Oct 13
Thomas Slator, ba 1 Sept 13
Richard H. Whapham,
ma, 5 Jan 13
Thomas V. Baker, BA. I Oct 06
Edward 2. Goldsmiin, 1 Sept 13
Ivor Curtis, ma, amimb
— Dec 03
(Deputy Inspector of Naval Schools.)
Schoolmaster \ Bichard MountstepheneU Nov 0«
Engineer Overseers and Inspectors.
Eng.Capt.(retd.)George A. Haggarty... 23 Aug 11
(Inspector of Coals, Newcastle.)
Eng. Capt.(retd.)... John Jones 6 Aug 07
(Chief Inspector of Coal, South Wales.)
Eng.Capt.(retd.)Thomas S. Guyer 4 June 09
(Thames Iron Works and London District.)
Eng. Com Archie R. Emdin 6 Feb 12
(Midland District)
William Ryan 15 Oct 12
(As Inspector of Gun Mountings at
Woolwich Arsenal.)
George. G. /■■'night 28 Apr 13
(Messrs. Babcork Sf Wilcox, Renfrew.)
William E. Hinchclijf 2 Apr 12
(London District. )
Herbert Coopper 7 Sept 09
(For Gun Mountings at Etswick Ordnance Works).
Thomas W. Christian 11 Feb 1C
(For Gun Mountings at Scotstoun Works of
Coventry Ordnance Co.)
John A. Richards 20 Dee 09
(For general overseeing duties.)
Henry R. Teed 22 Oct 12
(She field District.)
Percy D. Martell 24 June 12
[North of England District.)
Harold E. ti. Ash 23 Dec 10
(London 8f Glasgow Shipbuilding and
Engineering Co.)
John H. Jenkin..... 22 Aug 11
(Scotland District.)
Charles H. Hill 5 Jan 12
(Parson's Marine Turbine Co., Wallsend-on-Tijne.)
hrne t Edwards 26 Nov 13
(Messrs. Palmer's Shipbuilding Co., Jarrow.)
Reuben Main 2'J Mar 12
( Liverpool District)
Lindsay J. Stephens .. .15 Aug 13
(Messrs. J. Brown 0; Co., Clydebank.)
David J. Carruthers...27 Feb 13
(Fairfield Shipbuilding Co., Govan.)
Walter E. Townsend...lh Oct 12
(Messrs. Denny Bros., Dumbarton.)

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