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NOTE. — The " Indicator" words shewn in brackets, which are intended to insure tne speedy
delivery of telegrams, are to be omitted in all official telegrams from abroad, and must not be
used except for inland telegrams.
Air Station , Gt Yarmouth
,, Isle of Grain .
,, Calsbot ....
Airship Station, Kingsnorth (Med way)
Arrochar, R.N. Torpedo Kange .
Telegraphic Addresses.
Aeroplanes, Gt. Yarmouth.
„ Isle of Grain.
,, Fawley, Hants.
Airships, Hoo.
Torpedo, Arrochar.
Bull Point, Deputy Ordnance Store Officer, i c/o Naval Ordnance, Plymouth.
Calibrating Officer, Bantry
Captain Superintendent of Contract Built
Ships, Clyde District .
Captain Superintendent of Contract Built
Ships, Tyne, Thames, Mersey, Barrow, and
Sunderland . . . . . .
Captain Superintendent of Torpedo Boat
Destroyers building by Contract
Cardiff, Inspector of Coal Shipments .
Superintending Transport Officer
Central Air Office, Sheerness Sub- Depot
Central Flying School, Upavon, Wilts.
Chatham, Admiral Superintendent HM
Dockyard ....
Captain of Dockyard
Commander-in-Chief, The Nore
Commodore, K.N, Barracks
Director of Dockyards and Dock
yard Work
Electrical Engineer
Engineer Assistant to Director of
Dockyards and Dockyard Work
Engineer Rear- Admiral serving on
Staff of Commander-in-Chief
Expense Accounts Officer
Manager Constructive Dept. .
Manager Engineering Dept. .
Naval Ordnance Officer .
Naval Store Officer
Officer in Charge of Works .
R.M. Barracks
- R.M. Infirmary
R.N. Hospital
Secretary to Admiral Supt. .
Calibrate, Bantry.
Adsupt, Glasgow.
Adsupt, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Adsupt (Vic), London.
Detector, Cardiff.
Transports, Cardiff.
Seair, Sheerness.
Speedy, Upavon.
Dockyard, Chatham.
Tidal, Chatham.
Cashier, Chatham.
Admiral, Chatham.
Combrax, Chatham.
Director, Chatham.
Electrical, Chatham.
Machinery, Chatham.
Engrad, Chatham.
Accounts, Chatham.
Constructive, Chatham.
Engineering, Chatham.
Naval Ordnance, Chatham,
Stores, Chatham.
Works, Chatham.
Marine, Chatham.
Marine Infirmary, Chatham.
Medical, Gillingham, Kent.
Secretary, Chatham.

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