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The War Office — corUimced.
Department of the Ghiei o£ the Imperial Genera! Staff — contd.
Director of Military Uiaj.-Gcn. (actg. 9/12/40) J. L. I. Hawkesworth, O.B.E., p.sxi 9/12/40
Training .... J
r®Brig. (temp. 20/3/40) F. X. Chapman, D.Sc, A.M.Inst.C.E., M.I.E.E.,
Deputy Directors of j Gen. List 20/9/39
Military Training ...1 Brig. (art?. 3/2/41) A. A. Richardson, R.U.Uif., M.s.ct 3/2/41
(.Lt.-Col. (temp. 2/12/39) M. S. Chilton, 0.£.i?.,R.A., p.s.ct —
General Staff Officers, ^
1st. grade ...
Lt.-Col. B. H. D. Hurst, O.B.E., D.C.M., ret. pay {Res. of Off.)
Lt.-Col. (temp. 16/10/40) A. C. Shortt, R.E., jj.s.ct
Lt.-Col. (temp. 1/12/39) C. I. V. Jones, R.A., p.s.c\.
® Lt.-Col. (temp. 21/1/41) B. J. M. Bebb, R.E. (S.C.)
Lt.-Col. (temp. 22/1/41) E. R. Martin, O.B.E., Res. of Off. ...
Lt.-Col. (temp. HjilH)) a. E. Ranee, O.B.E., R. Sicuals, p.s.c-f.
Lt.-Col. (actg. 6/1/41) O. W. Lathbury, M.B.E., Oxf. .fc Bucks.
Lt.-Col. (att^. 16/6/40) J. G. Elliott, 1 Punjab R., p.s.c'f. ...
. 24/5/40
. 16/7/40
. 17/9/40
. 21/10/40
. 22/10/40
. 31/10/40
General Staff
f ®Mai. (temp. 11/12/39) J. North, Gen. List
Maj. A. W. Drew, R.A
Maj. M. R. R. Prentice, R.E., p.s.c'h [I]
I Maj. C. Dalby, K.R.R.C, j^.s.ct
Maj. (actg. 1/9/40) G. G. Elliott, R.W.K. (s.c.)
Maj. (temp. 5/11/40) N. P. H. Tapp, R.A., p.s.c.
Maj. (temp. 27/12/40 G. F. Cooke, R.A. (s.c.) y [U ...
Maj. (temp. 27/10/40) C. H. R. Howie, The King's li.,p.s.c.
Maj. (temp. 28/12/40) L. D. M. Patterson, R. Signals (s.c.)
Maj. (temp. 1/10/40) G. H. Hunter-BrowD, M.A., v., A.M.Inst.C.E
R.A.O.C. (s.c.)
Maj. G. V. Hotblaok, 3I.C., T.D., T.A. Res
Maj. (actg. 22/10/40) C. B. Thorne, M.C., Res. of Off.
OfficersJ. ®Maj. (temp. 22/1/41) C. D. M. Kitchin, R.A.
®Maj. (actg. 23/10/40) B. G. Bobbins, M.Sc, A.M.I.Mcch.E., R
Maj. F. W. Rice, R.A., ff*t
Maj. L. C. M. Nash, R.A., 2).s.ct. W
Maj. (temp. 20/8/40) R. Delacombe, M.B.E., R. Scots (s.c.)
Maj. (temp. 26/9/40) O. H. C. Balfour. C.M.G., Res. of Off.
Maj. (temp. 1/12/39) F. J. Davis, ivt. pav (Res. of Off.)
Maj. (temp. 21/2/41) R. F. Kennedy, Durham L.I. (T.A.) (s.c.)
Maj. (actg. 28/11/40) J. H. Leatlier, Kes. of Off.
Maj. I. B. H. Benn, ret., i.a
Maj. (actg. 8/1/41) J. B. Robertson, il.B.E., R.T.R., p.s.c,
Maj. (actg. 23/1/41) H. L. Prentis, R. Ir. Fus., o.
Maj. (actg. 22/4/40) W. G. Tucker, R. Signals (s.c.) ...
Maj. G. M. Sproule, M.C., A.M.T.Mech.S., ret. pay (Res. of Off.)
C Maj. (ac<^. 30/8/40) H. G. Orr, Dui-hamL.L (s.c.)
f Capt. A. N. L. Clark, Res. of Off
I Maj. S. B. Coates, M.C., ret. Ind. Army.
I Capt. R. Richards, R.A....
I Bt. Maj. F. Hague, M.C., ret. pay (Res. of Off.)
General Staff' Officers,] ®Capt. (temp. 8/6/40) H. D. McRae-GaUaway, R.A.I
3rd grade 1 Capt. G. V. Rowland, T.A. Res.
1 Capt. (temp. 1/9/40) E. C. GiUman, R.A. (T.A.)
Capt. (temp. 17/4/40) R. Gordon-I'inlayson, R.A.
®Capt. (temp. 1/9/40) J. T. Wigglesworth, M.B.E., '.
L ®Capt. (actg. 22/10/40) E. Sumner, R.A....

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