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The War Office — continuM.
Secretary oS State for Yl&r—contd.
* {Joint Service for the Army and Royal Air Force).
(6, Spring Gardens, Coekspur Street, S.W.I.)
Jttdge Advocate General.
Sir Hemy T). 'F.MacGengh, K.B.E., T.D., K.C
Deputy Judge Advocate General ... 0. L. Stirling, Esq.
Assistant Judge Advocate General
Deputy Judge Advocate Staff. . .
f Maj. (temp. 4/4/40) E. D. M. Heriot Hill, ret. pay ... 4/1/40
®Maj. (temp. 24/4/40) D. P. M. Fyfe, E.C., M.P.,
E.R.E. List 24/1/40
®Maj. (temp. 6/5/40) R. B. Manningham-BuUer,
E.R.E. List ... 6/2/40
®Maj. (actg. 2/5/40) W. R. Lawrence, E.R.E. List 2/5/40
(8)Maj. (temp. 2/8/40) G. G. Raphael, E.R.E. List ... 2/5/40
®Maj. (temp. 20/8/40) C. A. CoOingwood.E.R.E.List 20/5/40
®Maj. (actg. 31/5/40) G. H. B. Streatfteld, M.G.,
E.R.E. List 31/5/40
®Maj. (temp. 26/4/40) H. Bowu, O.B.E., E.R.E.
List ... 1/7/40
®Maj. (temp. 18/3/40) E. E. Pritcliard, E.C., R.A. 1/7/40
®Maj. (temp. 18/3/40) D. C. Stewart-Smitli, E.R.E.
List 1/7/40
®Maj. (temp. 15/4/40) R. S. Bacon, E. R. E. List 19/7/40
®Maj. (act. 31/12/40) G. de P. Veale, E.R.E. List 31/12/40
®Maj. (actg. 6/1/41) H. B. H. Hylton-Eoster, E.R.E.
C List 6/1/40
Legal Assistants
/R. Barker, Esq., E.C ,
■\Lt.-Col. R. E. Banks, ret. Ind. Army
. T. H. E. Tarrant, Esq.
Officer in Charge (Military Deputy\coI.(«emp.4/3/40)H.Shapcott,O.B.5.,il/.C., E.R.E.
of the Judge Advocate General) ...j List
Military Assistants
War Office)
(graded D.A.A.G..
TLt.-Col. (temp. 4/12/39) W. R. F. Osmond, O.B.E.,
Military Assistants (graded A.A.G., War! E.R.E. List ... 4/9/39
Office) 1 Lt.-Col. (temp. 4/12/39) E. D. H. Stocker, M.C.,
I E.R.E. List 4/9/39
Maj.N. Parkes, Res. of Off 4/9/39
Maj. (tem^. 30/1/40) H. Backhouse, R.A. (T.A.) ... 30/10/39
®Maj. (temp. 13/8/40) A. A. H. Marlowe, E.R.E.List 13/5/40
Maj. (temp. 19/7/40) the Lord Russell of Liverpool,
il/.C, E.R.E. List 1/7/40
Maj. (temp. 19/7/40) R. C. Halse, E.R.E. List ... 1/17/40
Ma], (temp. mili^O) T. M. Backhouse, E. Lan. R.
(T.A.) 19/7/40
^®Maj. (actg. 19/7/40) J. E. M. Gunning, E.R.E. List 19/7/40
f ®Capt. (temp. 15/1/40) W. R. H. Steer, E.R.E. List 1/4/40
®Capt. ( tem,p. 1/7/40) M. J. H. Turner, E.R.E. List —
®Capt. (temp. 21/1/40) H. F. R. Sturge, E.R.E. List 1/4/40
®Capt. (temp. 12/6/40) P. K. Cross, E.R.E. List ... 1/5/40
Capt. (teinp. 17/7/40) 0. W. G. Guest, R.A. (T.A.) ... 1/5/40
®Capt. (temp. 19/6/40) L. R. Miller, E.R.E. List ... 1/5/40
Capt. (toWjB. 15/5/40) 0. W. S. Rees, R.A. (T.A.) ... 1/5/40
Capt. (temp. 11/6/40) J. R. Willis, R. Signals (T.A.) 1/7/40
Capt. L. H. Gluokstein, M.P.. Suffolk R. (T.A.) 19/7/40
® Capt. (tem^. WjTjiQ) Sir W. S. Worthington-Evans,
i?«., R.A 19/7/40
Capt. (temp. 4/12/39) R. H. C. Parker, T.A. Res. ... 19/7/40
®Capt. (temp. 8/12/39) E. G. B. Taylor, E.R.E. List 19/7/40
Capt. (temp. 4/8/40) J. H. L. Aubrey-Fletcher, Gren.
G'ds. (S.R.) 23/7/40
® Capt. (acisr. 23/7/40) T. P. McDonald, R. Scots. ... 23/7/40
Capt. C. E. J. Freer, R.A. (T.A.) 29/7/40
Capt. (actg. ^IS/iO) M. H. Rogers, Res. of Off. ... 5/8/40
®Capt. ( temp. 5/11/40) D. B. Keith, il/.C, E.R.E.
List 5/8/40
Capt. (temp. 7/11/40) W. R. S. Prescott, R. Signals
(T.A.) 7/8/40
(For Air Force Personnel see Air Force lAst)
Military Assistants (graded Staff Capt.,-{
War Office)

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