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War Services of the General Officers.
36 Major General Whylock served in Sir Robert Caldcr’s action off Ferrol; in boats cuttin*
out from under batteries at Rota, 7 th April 1808; commanded the Royal Marines landed from the
Anglo-Sicilian Squadron to assist in the defence of the island of Capri when besieged by Gen.
la Marque; at the capture of Leda from the harbour of Rovigoo, 1st April 1809; at the attack
and capture of a convoy under protection of a battery at Ressaro, 23rd April; on 15th May
at the attack on the town of Una and destruction of seven vessels; on 8th September at the
cutting out of La PugVesse Uom the harbour of Barletta. On 1st June 1812, commanded a
storming party in Isle Verte, near Toulon—enemy routed aud a demi-lune battery destroyed
At the capture of the Island of Powza, 27th February 1813 ; at the cutting out of an armed
vessel from under the batteries of Orbetello, 9th May; and 14th Oct. following, at the capture of
seventeen vessels at Marinello, after destroying a battery which protected them; at the siege
and capture of St. Maria in March, and the siege and capture of Gerona in April, 1814; com¬
manded the Royal Marines at the storming and capture of Sid on,26th Sept. 1840 (made Brevet
Major), and was slightly wounded in the left arm; on 10th Oct. was in command of a super¬
numerary battalion when the city and garrison (2,000 men) of Bev:\ ut surrendered; was senior
officer of Marines at the bombardment and capture of St. Jean d’Acre (Medal). He has
received the War Medal with two Clasps
37 Major General Bury served with the Royal Marine Battalion on the north coast of
Spain in 1836-38 (Knight 1st Class St. Fernando).
38 Major General C. C. Pratt was at the taking of Capri in the Bay of Naples, under Sir
Sidney Smith, llih May 1806. At the cutting out of six armed vessels from under the bat¬
teries of Lamica, in the Island of Cyprus, in January 1808. Belonged to the Battalion of Royal
Marines commanded by Sir James Malcolm, which served in Spain, the coast of America, and
Canada, for four years, and was present at all the services performed by it, including the battle
of Frampton in the Chesapeake, and the storming and taking of the enemy’s fort and post ol
Oswego on Lake Ontario. Served also in the Bittalion of Royal Marines in Spain and was
present at the battles of the 16th June 1836. and Hernani 16th March following, together with
all the services performed there for nearly four years (Knight 1st Class St. Fernando).
39 Major General Gillespie was landed with a detachment of Royal Marines at Rosas on
7th Nov. 1808, and occupied the citadel. Present at the sortie on the 8th, when the British
were forced by the superior number of the enemy to retire. Served on the China expedition
(Medal), and was present at the attack and capture of the forts and w’orks at Chuenpee, and
the capture of Annunghoy and North Wantong.
40 Major General John Harvey Stevens served in the West Indies, &c. in 1806 and 1807,
during the expedition to Walcberen in 1809, and was engaged in several flotilla affairs on
the Scheldt. Served also at the succe'-sful defence of Cadiz and of Tarifa in 1810 and 1811;
was engaged in several detached operations, particularly in one of a severe character on the
river Guadalquiver. In 1813 was employed on the coast of America, where he was engaged
in an attack on Craney 1-land, and at the taking of Hampton and Ocracoke under Sir
Ge irge Cockburn. Served in Canada at the taking of Oswego, on which occasion he was
mentioned in Sir Gordon Drummond's despatches. Engaged during a six weeks’ siege of
Fort Erie, and was intrusted with the construction of a field-work for the defence of the
t right fit the position on Chippewa Creek, which wras menaced by a very superior force. In
1816 he was on board the Queen Charlotte at the attack on Algiers under Lord Exmouth
by whom he was detached to fire carcases at the enemy’s ve»sels within the Mole. He was
also present at the demonstrations before Algiers under Admiral Sir H. B. Neale. Has received
the War Medal with one Clasp.
41 Major General Reignolds served with the 49th on the China expedition (Medal), and
was present at the storming of the heights and forts above Canton, taking of Amoy, second
capture of Chusan, storming of the fortified heights of Chinhae, taking of Ningpo, attack and
capture of the enemy’s entrenched camp on the heights of Segoan (severely wounded), capture
of Chapoo (wounded), Woosung, and Chin Kiang Foo, and landing before Nankin. Served
throughout the Burmese war of 1852-53 (Medal), nearly the entire period as a Brigadier. On
the 4th April 1852 embarked with a force of 1.400 men from Maulmein for the attack on Mar¬
taban. Commanded at the attack on shore. Was on board H. M. S. Rattler during the ship’s
engagement with and destruction of the stockades on the river side in front of Rangoon, 11th
April ; the following morning landed at Rangoon in command of the 18th Royal Irish. On
13th April succeeded to the command of the 1st Bengal Brigade, which he commanded
throughout the war, and was present at the storm and capture of Rangoon, capture of Prome.
and repulse of the enemy on the night of 8th December 1852. For his services, was several
times recommended by General Godwin to the Governor-General of India in Council.
Returned from India with the 18th Royal Irish in May 1854 ; embarked December following
for the Crimea, and was at the siege of Sebastopol until April 1855 (Medal and Clasp, and
Turkish Medal).
43 Major General Yule served in Canada during the greater part of the war of 1812-1814;
was present at the affair of Street’s Creek, and dismantled under tire the bridge there, by which
the advance of a superior force of the enemy was retarded ; was also in the actions of Chippewa
(horse mortally wounded) and Lundy’s Lane.
44 Major General James Gordon’s services:—attack on the Castle of Scylla, June 1809;
aiege and capture of Santa Maura, March 1810,
45 Major General Ashmore was in the Monarch in Sir Samuel Hood’s action with the
French frigates in 1806, From November 1807 till August 1809 in the Grampus, employed

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