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Fixed Establishment of General Officers.
Thomas Wood, fr. Gr. Gils.
11 Jan.
Wm. H. Eden, 90 F. 15 Jan.
Sir J. Hope Grant, QCB.
4 Hussars, Lt.Gen. East
Indies 26 Feb.
Joseph Clarke, 76F. 16 Mar.
<S/> J. Gaspard LeMarchant
GCMG. 11 F. Governor \
and Commander in Chief '
at Malta 22 Mar.
Charles Gascoyne S Apr.
George Moncrieff, from Scots
Fus. Gds. 14 June
Sir Edward Lugard, KCB.
31 F. Under Secretary of
State for War 20 July
P. V. England, from It.
Art. 9 Aug.
MarcusJohn Slade, 50 F. Lt.
Gov. of Guernsey 26 Aug.
T. A. Biown, R. Marines,
8 Sept.
G. H. MacKinnon, CB. 26 F.
22 Sept.
26 Oct.
Hon. G.F. Upton, CB. 90 F.
Hon. A. A. Dalzell, 88 F.
Commanding Eastern
Sir T. S. Pratt, KCB. 37 F.
W. N. Hutchinson, 33 F.
Simcoe Baynes, 35 F.
M. C. Johnstone, from 87 F.
^ Win. F. Forster, KH.Mili¬
tary Secretary
F. Johmton
$ Sir Edw. Macarthur,
KCB. 100 F.
Day Hort Macdowall
$ Sir Robert Garrett, KCB.
KH. 4 West India Regt.
on the Staff in India
G. T. Colomb
Sir Sidney John Cotton,
KCB. 10 F.
Maurice Barlow, 3 W I. R.
U J. N. Jackson, 99 F.
Botet Trvdell, 2 W. I. R.
aaa j. dark, kh. 59 f.
E. H. D. E. Napier
Edward Harvey
Jas. Robt. Young
Sir John Michel, KCB.
86 F.
Sir R. P. Douglas, Bart. Lt.
Gen. Comm, the Forces
at the C. of Good Hope,
and Lieut.Gov.
Chas. Craufurd Hay, Insp.
Gen. at Hythe
W. L. Dames, from 37 F.
C. Warren, CB. 96 F.
G. A. Malcolm, CB.
R. H. Wynyard, CB. 98 F.
$ ££1 Richard Hardinge,
KH., from R. Art.
Browne U illis, from R. Art.
£21 W. C. Anderson, from
R. Art.
Henry Eyre, Commanding
at Chatham 16 Nov.
Lord VSm. Paulet, CTf. 87 F.
Com.S. W. District\9Dec.
$ P. M'Plierson, CB. 13 F.
24 Dec.
R. S. Armstrong, from R.
Art. 16 Jan.
C. W. Ridley, CB. from Gr.
Gds.Com. DuOlin District
13 Feb.
John Patton 20 Feb.
D. A. Cameron, CB. 42 F.
25 Mar.
T. Matheson 2 Apr.
13 G. Bell, CB. 104 F.9 Apr.
H. N. Vigors, from St.
Helena Regt. 1 May
R. Richardson-Robertson,
CB. 14 May
S. Braybrooke, from Ceylon
Rifles 12 June
13 £21 R. Law, KH. from R.
Newfound. Comp.17 July
Si- Cha. T. Van Strauben-
zee, KCB. 14 Aug.
Sir A. M. Tulloch, KCB.
9 Sept.
13 221 J. Bloomfield, from
II. Art. Insp. Gen. of
Artillery 25 Sept.
W. G. Gold 17 Oct.
T. Foster, from R. Eng.
25 Oct.
A. C. Van. N. Pole 13 Dec.
E. W. F. Walker, CB. from
S. F. Gds. 26 Dec.
T. A. Drought 11 Jan.
Charles Stuart 28 Jan.
Hon. A. A. Spencer 15 Feb.
C. Ashmore 1 Mar.
#321 F.Warde, from R.Art.
8 Mar.
221 H. K. Bloomfield, Com¬
manding Cork District
1 Apr.
J. Lawrenson, Inspector
General of Cavalry CApr.
S. J. Hodsson 11 Apr.
W. A. M‘Cleverty, on the
Staff in India 4 May
L. D. Williams 5 May
E. Wright, from R. Eng.
17 May
R. B. "Wood, CB. 3 June
C E.Gold.from 65 F. 15 June
Joseph Hale, 103 F. 16 June
C. A. Lewis, from Gr. Gds.
19 June
#321 W. B. Ingilby, from
R. Art. 22 June
H.Sandham,fr.R.Eng. 0July
Wm. Parlby 17July
John T. Hill 30 July
M. Williams, from R. Eng.
2 Aug.
John Longfield 8 Aug.
0. W. Raiders, from 17 Drs.
31 Aug.
F. W. Hamilton, from Gr.
Gds. 31 Aug.
Cha. Hastings Doyle, on the
Staff in Nova ScoG’alSSept.
R. J. Stotherd, from R. Eng.
20 Sept.
F. Horn, CB. 13 Oct.
J. F. C. Campbell, CB. from
91 F. 12 Nov.
Lord Fred. Paulet, CB.
from Coldst. Gds. 13 Dec.
A. B. Strunshara, R. Mar.
22 Dec.
J.R. Smyth, CB. 24 Dec
W. J. D’Urban 27 Dec.
. 1861.
# H. J. French 18 Jan.
T. O'Brien 13 Feb.
John fl'olliott Crofton 9 Mar.
John Grattan, CB. 10 Mar.
Hon. James Lindsay, from
Gr. Gds. 12 Mar.
Wm. Sullivan, CB. 23 Mar.
A. A.T.Cunynghame, CB. on
the Staff in India 20 Apr.
E. B. Brooke, Commanding
the Troops in the Wind-
ivard and Leeward Isles
1 May
Fred. Hope 7 May
J. S. Smith 17 June
H. A. O'Neill 6 Aug.
R. Parker, from 1 Life Gds.
24 Aug.
Cha. Trollope, CB. 20 Sept.
Lord Geo. A. F. Paget, CB.
11 Nov.
Brook Taylor 15 Nov.
T. C. E. Napier, CB. 15 Dec.
\3 E. R. Hill 2 Feb.
Geo. W. Key 0 Feb.
E. Pole 10 Feb.
Arthur Shirley 7 Mar.
F. H. Robe, CB. 14 Mar.
A. Anderson, R. Marines,
26 Mar.
B. S. Stehelin,from R.Eng.
3 Apr.
Sir Robert Walpole, KCB.
30 May
J. A. Lawrence, CB. 1 June
Hon. G. Cadogan, CB.
3 June
J. C. Hope Gibsone 28 June
C. P. Aintdie 7 July
F. Murray 13 Aug.
Hon. A. N. Hood 19 Aug.
D. Russell 3 Sept.
H. Shirley, CB. 24 Oct.
W. S. Newton, 6 Nov.
E. C. W. M. Milman, from
37 F. 9 Nov.
S. Perceval, from Coldst.
Gds. 9 Nov.
H. Cooper, do. 9 Nov.
R. Rumley, do. 9 Nov.
Sir H. K. Storks, KCB.
GCMG. 12 Nov.
Wm. Sutton, CB. 21 Dec.
A. Rowland, R. Art. 0 Jan.
#H. Pester, R. Art. 24 Jan.
Hon. G. C. W. Forester,
29 Jan.
E. C. Hodge, CB. 80 Jan.
T. Crombie 5 Feb.
H. E. Doherty 8 Feb.
A. H. Ferry man, CB.
W. J. Ridley, from Scots
Fus. Gds. 13 Feb.
# H. Palliser, from R. Art.
22 Feb.
W. R. Faber 9 Mar.
J. Walpole, from R.Eng.
17 Mar.
T. J. Gaflnway, from 70 F.
27 Mar.
J. Garvock 1 Apr.
Win. Jones, CB. do.
W. B. Goodtellow, R. Eng.
14 Apr.
W. M Coghlan, R. Art.
17 Apr.
Hon. A. Gordon, C7i.8 June
Corbet Cotton 6 July
H. Servante, from R. Eng.
3 Aug.
GENERAL OFFICERS, Supernumerary to the Fixed Establishment, who were promoted,
u FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE,out of their regular turn.
Sir Richard J. Dacres, KCB. from R. Artillery 29 June 55 I Sir William Rose Mansfield, KCB., 38 F. Lt.Gen. and
John Edward Dupuis, CB. from R. Artillery 2 Nov. 55 | Commander in Chief at Bombay 18 May 58
GENERAL OFFICERS on a SPECIAL RATE of ,£400 per Annum.
# William Crokat 21 Dec. ( 2 | #321 Arthur Gore 9 Oct. 63 I # Fred. Meade 20 Oct. 58
Peter Edwards 9 Oct. 63 | # David Goodsman 9 Oct. 63 |
GENERAL OFFICERS on the HALF-PAY of their former Regimental Commissions.
Henry Duke of Cleveland, KG
Unattached 23 Oct. 03 ,
#221B. Lord 20 Aug. 58 j
# 221 Sir W. R. Clayton, Bt., Unati.;
26 Oct. 58 !
J. H. Richardson, Unatt. 2 Apr. 591
William Chamberlayne, do. 17 July!
#Thos.P.ThompsOD, Unatt. 22 Dec.GO!
G. S Thwaites, h. p. 57 F. 13 Feb. 61
# Wm.Cowper Coles, Unatt. 9 Mar. 61
Jas. M. Haffie, h. p. 60 F. 12 Nov. 62
Robert Martin Leake, Unatt,21 Dec.62
Alex.MacleanFi aser,Unatt. 27 July 63
#321 Win. Cartwright,Unatt. 9 Oct.63
#221 G. Whichcote, Unatt. 4 June 56
22a James Aithur Butler, Unatt do,
#321 Chas. Rob. Bowery, 26 Oct. 58
Richard Connop, do. do.
#Thon.asM.Williams, A'ff. do. do.
#221 William Nepean, 26 Oct. 58
221 G. T. o/'Albemarle do. do.
Fra. Mnrq. of Conyngham, KP.
GB//., Unatt. 20 Oct. 58
F. G. Hy. Seymour, Unatt., Equerry
to the Queen 4 May 60
# J. H. Bainbrigge, Unatt. 20 Apr. 01
# W.J. King, h.p R.Staff Corps 1 May
# W. A. Le Mesurier, Unatt. do.
# Jnhn Swinburn, Unatt. do.
#321 J. K. Ross, KH. Unatt. 1 May
hardley Wilmot, Unatt. do.
#321 J- Fitzmuurice, KH. do. 7 May
# L. A. During, Unatt. 17 June 61
#221 T. C. Smith, do. 21 Dec. 62
B ^

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