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Illustration of the Fit of the Surplice Shirt.
6 for 39s.; 6 for 45s.
Best French, 6 for 45s.,
Washing Included.
Flannel Shirts,
123, OXFORD STREET, near Regent Circus, LONDON, W.
Cards for Self-measurement and Outfit Lists forwarded on application.
Outfits for India and the Colonies.
HY wear those you can’t eat with, nor speak with ? that hurt
you, and are apt to fall out? All those annoyances, as well
as high charges, are entirely prevented, and comfort, utility, and du-
secure<1 by ‘be new and beautiful invention
of VULCANISED INDIA RUBBER for Artificial Teeth, just
perfected and patented, and surpassing all others; best materials
and first-class workmanship supplied at prices hitherto charged for
inferior qualities. No extraction of stumps, nor any springs,
wires, or ligatures required.
Sole invemor, Mr. FRANCOIS (Etc Jeans), Surgeon Dentis-, No. 42, Jndd-street,
near Eusto,-square and King’s-cross. Established twenty.,hree years. A tooth from
JP2 loV a,,ru !Per 0r,iU"i-r Sr,M ?rVPd 'TOiy' £l: dit10 "> Vulcan'zed India-rubber,
J()s. , (iitlo on gold, Consultation frer.
Twinberrow s Dandelion, Camomile, and Rhubarb Pills
An effectual cure for Indigestion, all Stomach Complaints, and Liver Affections. In c ses
of these P.lls never fail in producing a healthy and per,nan nt aetiou of the
Boweis, so that in a short time aperients will not he r.qoired, and, being quite a-' innocent
as ca-ter oil, may be given to children. 1
, ‘'We,1,ave lately received several communications from our friends in this country favourable rathe renn
rat^;fe^y“fo^r^^‘lh^O^“U0.arb PillS’ ^ ^ey won,2
The extensive sale and universal approval of these Pills have been such as to induce
several individuals to imitate them, against which the public are cautioned.
Twinberrow’s Preparation of Myrrh,
Having been used extensively for more than twenty years, with most satisfactory results he
conceives it unnecessary to say more than that it is an effectual remedy ; first, in all Diseases
of the Gums, particularly Scurvy, those which recede from the Teeth, and are tender-
second, for the preservation of the Teeth ; third, for preventing Teeth which are decayed
BTaih^T"^ W°T; l'6 I>revention nl Tooth-ache; fifth, for purifying the
Brea.h, which may be affected by the state of the Stomach, or any other cause, impartim-
at the same lime u most agreeable and refreshing eff ct. ' V n
Twinberrow’s Camphorated Aromatic Spirit of Sal Volatile
In all cases where Sal Volatile is given, it is universally acknowledged by the Medical Prc
fession, that its effect is greatly increased if taken in Camphor Julep. The gr, at advantage
2 Edwards Street, Portman Square, and S9B, Westbourne Grove
Sole Patentee of the Improved Enema Syringe, acknowledged to be the most
perfect one ever introduced.

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