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War Services of the Colonels.
of the Fortress of Punella) ; that in the Concan in 1845. Served in the Kaffir war of 1851-52,
and commanded four companies of the Regiment with the expedition North of the Orange
River, in 1852-53.
110f Colonel H. D. White served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 in command of the
Inniskiliing Dragoons, including the battles of Balaklava, Inkerman, and Tchernaya, and siege
and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Knigbt of the Legion of Honor, and 4th Class of the
111 Colonel Mends served as a Midshipman, Royal Navy, during the years 1812, 13, and
14, in North and South America. Served at every British possession in Western Africa, for
fourteen years, and was present at the first attack made upon the Ashantees near the village
of Donguah, 26th September 1823, under Sir Charles M‘Carthy. Present also at the destruc¬
tion of the native Dutch town of Succondee, 17th February 1824, and employed in the boats of
H. M.’s ships of war skirmishing with the natives of that town and the Ashantees on the fol¬
lowing morning. In action against the Ashantees, 21st May 1824; and at the defeat of their
army on the heights in rear of Cape Ccast Castle, 11th July following. On the 4th February
1826, whilst in command of Dixcove Fort, he was attacked by about 6,000 natives, the gar¬
rison consisting of only one corporal and nineteen privates (natives), Royal African corps;
with these he defended the post, and forced the enemy to retreat with much loss in the killed
and wounded. Besides the above he has been in various skirmishes with the natives.
112 Colonel Robinson served the campaign in Atfghanistan and Beloochistan, including the
storm and capture of Ghuznee (severely wounded) and of Khelat : Medal for Ghuznee. He also
served in the Kaffir war of 1851-52-53, us Assistant-Quarter-Master General of the 2nd Division.
113 Colonel Wigston served with the 18th Royal Irish on the China expedition (Medal), at
Canton, Amoy, Chusan, Chinhae, Ningpo, Segoan, Chapoo, and Chin Kiang Foo. Served also
in Burmah from July 1852 to the end of the war in 1853; was present at the capture of Prome;
and commanded the infantry, and subsequently, on the force being increased, the Right Wing
of the troops employed under Sir John Cheape in the Donabew district against Meah Toon, and
was severely wounded at the assault and capture of that chief's last position on the 19rh March
1853. Received the brevet of Major for the China service, and that of Lieut.-Colonel for the
Burmese service.
114 Colonel Rice served with the 51st during the war in Burmah from April to August
1852; was on board the E. I. C. steam sloop Sesostris during the Naval action and destruction
of the enemy's stockades on the Rangoon River; served during the succeeding three days
operations in the vicinity, and at the storm and capture of Rangoon; also at the assault and
capture of Bassein, 19th May (severely wounded). Colonel Rice was mentioned in General
Godwin’s dispatches as “deserving the beat consideration of Government” for capturing by
storm with his company and a sub-division of the 9th Madras Native Infantry the enemy’s
stronghold, and entrenched position south of Bassein, armed with sixteen guns and twenty
gingalls; honoured with the best thanks of the Governor-General in Council.
115 Colonel the Hon. R. C. H. Spencer served throughout the whole of the operations in
China, and was present at the destruction of the batteries of Amoy, in H. M. S. Blonde, in
1840 ; at the capture of the forts of the Bocca Tigris, and subsequent operations in the Canton
River ; at the storm and capture of the heights of Canton ; attack and captures of Amoy,
Chusan (second operation), Chinhae, Chapoo, Woosung, Shanghae, and Chin Kiang Foo, and
demonstration before Nankin (Medal).
116 Colonel Phibbs served in the Peninsula, with the 27th, from Nov. 1813 to the end of
that war in 1814, including the battles of the Nivelle, Orthes, and Toulouse, for which he has
received the War Medal with three Clasps. Served afterwards in the American war, and was
present at the taking of Plattsburgh. Lost his left arm, and was shot through both legs at the
battle of the Nivelle.
117 Colonel Eld served with the 90th Regiment during the Kaffir war of 1846-47 (Medal).
118 Colonel Land served as Adjutant to the Royal Marine Battalion at D’Jouni, and was
present at the Bombardment of St. Jean d’Acre (Medal and Clasp for Syria).
119 Colonel Mitford was employed on the coast of Syria during the whole of the operations
against the Egyptians ; he landed and served with the Battalion at the Camp d’Jouni, and was
present at the bombardment of St. Jean d’Acre. He has been presented with a Medal from
the Sultan, and has the War Medal with one Clasp.
120 Colonel James Watson served with the 14th Regt. at the siege and storming of Bhurt-
pore in 1825-26 (Medal). Also at the siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp).
121 Sir Thomas Troubridge served the Eastern campaign of 1854 with the 7th Fusiliers, and
was very severely wounded at the battle of Inkerman—both legs amputated (Medal and Clasps,
and 4th Class of the Medjidie).
122 Colonel Forbes served with the 91st Regiment in the last Kaffir war (Medal).
123 Colonel Lysons served in Canada during the rebellion in 1838-39, including the actions
of St. Denis and St. Eustache. Was honourably mentioned in Dispatches and General Orders
on the occasion of the wreck of the transport Premier on 4th November 1843 and promoted in
consequence. Served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55; was present at the battles of Alma
and Inkerman, the minor affairs of Bulganac and Mackenzie’s Farm, capture of Balaklava, and
throughout the whole siege of Sebastopol; led the main column of the attack on the Redan

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