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War Services of the General Officers.
Corfu on the evacuation by the French in 1814. Was with a detachment at Zante on 21st Oct.
1821, defending a Turkish man-of-war in an attack made by the Greeks, and was specially
selected and actively employed in the disarmament of the inhabitants which followed. Served
in the West Indies during the emancipation of the slaves in 1834. Served in North America
during the boundary question in 1839-40.
163 Major General M. C. Johnstone served with the 27th Eegt. in the Kaffir wars of 1834 35
and 1846-47 (Medal).
164 Major General Meade served with the 88th in the Peninsula in the campaigns of 1811,
12, 13, and 14, including the battle of Fuentes d’Onor, siege of Badajoz in 1811, battle of
Salamanca (wounded), siege and storming of Badajoz, passage of the Nivelle and the Nive,
battles of Orthes and Toulouse. In 1814 he accompanied his Regiment to America, and the
following jrear joined the Army of Occupation in France. In 1821 he embarked for India on the
Staff of Sir Thomas Reynell, and was at the siege and storming of Bhurtpore, for the capture of
which fortress he received the rank of Major. He has received the War Medal with six Clasps.
165 Major General Forster served with the Scots Fusilier Guards before Bayonne in 1814.
166 Major General Goldsmid served in the Peninsula with the 12th Light Dragoons,
from 1812 to the end of that war in 1814, including the cavalry affairs at Castrajon, Quintare
de Puerta, and Monasterio j battles of Salamanca, Vittoria, Nivelle, and Nive (for which he
has received the War Medal with four Clasps); and siege of San Sebastian, Served also
during the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterloo.
167 Major General Macarthur was present as an Ensign in the 60th at the battle of Corunna.
He afterwards served with the 39th in Sicily, and again in Spain, where he was engaged with
the enemy at Vittoria, in the Pyrenees, at the Nivelle and the Nive, at Bayonne, Orthes, and
Toulouse, and where he also served on the personal staff of the late Lt.-Gen. Sir Robert
O’Callaghan. He accompanied his regiment from Bourdeaux to Canada, and afterwards served
with it in the Army of Occupation in France. He has received the War Medal with seven Clasps.
168 Major General Macdowall served the campaign of 1814 in Holland with the 52nd,
including the actions at Merxem and bombardment of Antwerp.
169 Major General Hely served in the West Indies with the 69th Regiment in 1801 and
1802, and subsequently with the 57th Regiment on the Coast of Africa, and in Gibraltar during the
Plague, joined Lord Hill’s division in the Peninsula in 1809, and was present at the battle of
Busaco, in the actions of Pombal and Redinha, the first siege of Badajoz, battle of Albuhera—
where he was twice wounded, and held the command of the Regiment after that action ; battles
of the Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, that before Bayonne on the 13th Dec. 1813, and Orthes : affairs
of Perache, Aire, and Tarbes, and battle of Toulouse. Sailed for Canada at the conclusion of
this war ; returned after the peace with America, landing at Ostend ; marched to Paris, and
served with the Army of Occupation until the breaking up of that force. He has received the
War Medal with six Clasps.
170 Major General Bowers was slightly wounded at Waterloo.
171 Major General Arnaud served in the Peninsula with the 11th, and was present at the
battles of Busaco and Toulouse, for which he has received the War Medal with two Clasps.
172 Major General Towers served the Waterloo campaign with the 7th Hussars.
173 Sir Robert Garrett served in the Peninsula with the 6th Division in 1811, and with the
4th Division in 1812 and 13, and was present in all the actions, sieges, and smaller affairs in
which those two Divisions were respectively engaged, from Fuentes d’Onor in May 1811, until
the end of 1813, when he was sent to England for recovery from his wounds. He received two
wounds at the attack of the Forts at Salamanca, on which occasion the command of the Light
Company of the Queen’s and some Artillery devolved upon him, he being the only surviving
officer of the column he attacked with; and he was again severely wounded in the Pyrenees.
He has received the War Medal with four Clasps for Fuentes d’Onor, Salamanca, Yittoria, and
Pyrenees. Served at the siege of Sebastopol in 1854-55 (Medal and Clasp, KCB., Officer of
the Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie).
174 Major General T. M. Williams previously to entering the Army served five years as Mid¬
shipman in the Navy, and was engaged in the attack of the French Fleet by Admiral Cornwallis on
the 21st Aug. 1805. Assisted in the disembarkation of the British Army in Portugal in Aug. 1808,
and at its embarkation during and after the battle of Corunna in 1809. Accompanied the
expedition to Walcheren the same year, and served in the squadron of gun-boats in the Scheldt
covering the disembarkation of the army, and at the bombardment and capture of the fortresses
of Ter Vere, Ramakins, and Flushing. Landed with a division of sailors on the Island of
South Beveland, and was present at the taking of Fort Batz, and at the subsequent defence and
repulse of the enemy in their repeated efforts to repossess themselves of that important post;
also in frequent gun-boat actions co-operating with the army during their evacuation of those
islands in 1810. He quitted the Navy and entered the Army in Feb, 1811, and joined the 4th
Regt. in Portugal in August of the same year, and served in that corps and the 77th, into which
he was promoted from that period, to the termination of that war in 1814, without being a day
absent from his Regt. He was present at the siege and storming of Badajoz, at the operations
on the Bidassoa and Adour, and affairs at St. Jean de Luz, and at the Mayor’s House in front
of Bidart in Dec. 1813, and at the investment of Bayonne and repulse of the sortie. He has
received the War Medal with one Clasp for Badajoz.

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