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War Services of the General Officers.
at Cadiz when the siege was raised in the former year. In 1815 he was present 5n the actions
of Qaatre Bras and Waterloo. He led one of the columns to the assault of Peronne on the
26 th June 1815, and was at the capture of Paris.
76 Major-General Pilcher served with the boats of the British fleet in 1801 in their
occasional attacks on the Spanish gunboats and vessels off Cadiz. In 1803 he served in the
North Sea. In 1804 at the attack on the gun-boats and batteries at Boulogne. On 22nd July
1805 in the general action and defeat of the combined fleets of France and Spain ; and on 16th
Aug. in action with La Topaze French frigate. In Jan. 1806 he landed with the R. M. Bat¬
talion at the attack and capture of the Cape of Good Hope ; in June following with the same
Battalion at the attack and defeat of the Spanish troops on the road to Buenos Ayres, and at
the capture of that city ; also at its defence in August, and after three days’ action was taken
prisoner with the rest of the British. In 1811 he served in the North Sea in several actions
with Danish gun-boats. In 1813-14 off the coast of France and America. Appointed to the
2nd Battalion R. M., and as Adjutant was at the attack of the American Army audits defeat on
the road to Baltimore : at the attack on the American troops at Farnham Church he commanded
the advance. In 1815 he was at the attack of the American Rifle force near Point 4 Petie, and
at the capture of that fort in West Florida. From 1819 to 1821 he served at St. Helena—during
the last nine months of Napoleon’s life, and assisted with the Royal Marines at his inter¬
77 Major-General Thomas Stevens was present blockading Brest, the Holder, and Cadiz, and was
engaged with batteries. In 1809 he was engaged with gun-boats in passing convoys through the
Sound and Categat; in H. M. S. Cerberus, with convoy of armed transports and gun-boats in the
Gulf of Friedland; in the boats of the squadron in the successful attack upon the Russian Flotilla
of heavy armed gun-boats and armed Transports; and at the capture of a Russian schooner.
From 1836 to 1840 he served in the Royal Marine Battalion on the north coast of Spain; was
detached in command of a company for the defence of the Eastern Heights of Passages attacked
by the Carlists, and in the Carlist attack of the Lines on the 6th June 1836; and he was also pre¬
sent at Fuentarabia, 11th July 1836. Has received the War Medal with one Clasp.
78 Major-General Gibsone landed from the Thunderer and served on shore for eight days in
Bearhaven Bay in 1804. He was on board the Safeguard mortar brig in a severe action with a
division of Danish gun-boats off A nholt in June 1811, on which occasion the vessel was engaged
for three and a half hours, and 19 were killed or wounded out of a complement of 29. The fol¬
lowing year he was engaged at Cateria on the north coast of Spain, and accompanied Captain
Parke with two heavy guns intended for the army besieging Burgos. In 1813 and 14 he served
in the American war, and was present at the attack on Craney Island, taking of Hampton, de¬
fence of the Lines of Chippewa, and on other occasions on the Niagara Frontier, where he sus¬
tained a severe fracture of the left arm, and a violent contusion on the right breast.
79 Major-General Mercer assisted at the destruction of the French squadron in Basque
Roads. He was repeatedly landed on the north coast of Spain in 1810, co-operating with the
Patriots. In 1812, while embarked on board H.M.S. Java, he was engaged with and captured
by_ the United States frigate Constitution. Has received the War Medal with one Clasp.
80 Major-General Donald Campbell served at Walcheren in 1809. Has received the War
Medal with one Clasp.
81 Major-General Whylock served in Sir Robert Calder’s action off Ferrol; in boats cutting
out from under batteries at Rota, 7 th April 1808; commanded the Royal Marines landed from the
Anglo-Sicilian Squadron to assist in the defence of the island of Capri when besieged by Gen.
la Marque; at the capture of Leda from the harbour of Rovigno, 1st April 1809; at the attack
and capture of a convoy under protection of a battery at Pessaro, 23rd April; on 15th May
at the attack on the town of Rota and destruction of seven vessels; on 8th September at the
cutting out of La Pugliesse from the harbour of Barletta. On 1st June 1812, commanded a
storming party in Isle Verte, near Toulon—enemy routed and a demi-lune battery destroyed.
At the capture of the Island of Powza, 27th February 1813 ; at the cutting out of an armed
vessel from under the batteries of Orbetello, 9th May; and 14th Oct. following, at the capture of
seventeen vessels at Marinello, after destroying a battery which protected them; at the siege
and capture of St. Maria in March, and the siege and capture of Gerona in April, 1814; com¬
manded the Royal Marines at the storming and capture of Sidon, 26th Sept. 1840 (made Brevet-
Major), and was slightly wounded in the left arm; on 10th Oct. was in command of a super¬
numerary battalion when the city and garrison (2,000 men) of Beyrout surrendered; was senior
officer of Marines at the bombardment and capture of St. Jean d’Acre (Medal). He has
received the War Medal with two Clasps.
82 Major-General Bury served with the Royal Marine Battalion on the north coast of
Spain in 1836-38.
83 Major-General M‘Adam, during the service in L’Aigle between Aug. 1805 and May 1809
was at the attack on the French Fleet by Admiral Cornwallis on the 21st Aug. 1805; gun-boats
in Vigo Bay 29th Oct. following; blockade of Fort Cygo, July and Aug. 1807; action with French
frigate off L’Orient, 22nd March 1808; Basque Roads, 11th and 12th April, 1809 ; and various
other affairs in the ship or her boars; above forty times under fire. During service in the
Thames, between 7th O^t. 1809 and 27th Aug. 1812, he landed at Mount Cercilly, Amanthea,
Citraco, in the Gulf of Policastro, and near to Cape Palinuro, Porto del Infreschi, Palinuro, and

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