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Fixed Establishment of General Officers.
Henry Vise, Melville, KCB.
100 F. Commanding the
Troops in Scotland
$£© A. K. Clarke Kennedy,
CB. KH. 6 Dr. Gds.
$ Horace Geo. Broke
aSU. Oldfield, KH. from
R. Eng.
P. E. Craigie, CB. Com¬
manding a Die. of the
Madras Army
Edmund F. Morris, C.B.
Henry Colvile
Pa&l E. Wm. Bouverie
Hon. Thomas Ashburnham,
CB. from 29 F.
M. White, CB. 7 Dr. Gds.
John Scott, CB. from 9
J. L. Pennefather, KCB.
46 F. Lt.Gcn. Command¬
ing the Forces at Malta
Henry Despard, CB. from
99 F.
Sir A. M. Fred. Smith, KH.
from R. Eng.
^ E. W. Bell, Lt.Governor
Commanding the Troops
at Jamaica
$ John Reed
Sir W. M. G. Colebrooke,
CB. KU. from R. Art.
$ Thomas Burke
$ Wm. Cator, CB. from R.
Jas. Tho. Earl of Cardigan,
KCB. from 11 Hussars,
Inspecting General of
Cava Ivy
Sir Michael Creagh, KH.
John Eden, CB. Command¬
ing the Cork District
Hon. Charles Grey
W. Lord de Ros, Deputy
Lieut, of the Tower
John Geddes, KH.
P. S. Stanhope, fromGr.Gds.
ill a. Maclachlan, from R.
C. M. Hay, from Cold. Gds.
SSI Henry, Lord Rokeby,
KCB. from Sco. Fus. Gds.
Inspecting General of
Foot Guards
Henry Edward Porter
John Dawson Rawdon
DSat Wm. Beckwith, KH„
Henry Edw. Robinson
Henry E. Breton, from 53 F.
Commanding the Troops
at the Mauritius
A. T. Maclean, from
13 Drs.
Tho. Marten, KH.
$ Thomas Gerrard Ball
£21 Eaton Monins
Geo. M. Eden, from Sco.Fus.
Gds. Commanding Wes¬
tern District
Geo. Dixon, fr. Sco. Fu. Gds.
IBFred.Maunsell, from Insp.
Field Officer
Henry A. Scott,from R. Art.
Wm. Wylde, CB. from do.
Wm. Fludyer, from Gr. Gds.
John Wharton Frith, from
Insp. Field Officer
Henry Charles Russel, from
R. Art.
John Hall, from 1 Life Gds.
1854. 28 Nov.
H. W. Gordon, from 1?. Art.
Geo. Henry Lockwood, CB.
1854. 12 Dec.
Sir Richard Airey, KCB.
Quarter Master General
Sir Hugh H. Rose, GC'R.45
F. on the Staff in India
Hon. Sir Jas. Yorke Scar¬
lett, KCB. from 5 Dr. Gds.
Commanding South Wes¬
tern District
19 Harry D. Jones, KCB.
from R. Eng. Governor
Loyal Military College
Sir George Buller, KCB.
from Rifle Br. Command¬
ing the Troops in the
Ionian Islands
Sir Wm. Eyre, KCB. Lt.
General Commanding in
North America
1854. 10 Dec.
$ Thomas Blanshard, CB.
from R. Eng.
$£2l William Brereton, CB.
KH. from R. Art.
Francis Rawdon Chesney,
from R. Art. 6 Jan.
John B. Gough, CB. Com¬
manding a Brigade in
Dublin 80 Jan.
Hon. Arthur Upton, from
Coldst. Gds. 20 Feb.
Sir A. Josiali Cloete, CB.
KH. Vnatl. Commanding
the Troops in the Wind-
ward and Leeward Isles
31 Aug.
^221 G. Macdonald 7 Sept.
IP221 John Cox,KH. 18 Dec.
James Robertson Craufurd,
from Gr. Gds. 19 June
Wm. S. Balfour 22 Aug.
William Booth 23 Sept.
Richard Greaves 9 Nov.
Thomas Gordon Higgins,
from R. Art. 24 Jan.
$221 Wm. Henry Elliott,
KH. 29 Jan.
$ Wm.FrekeWilliams,
Commanding a Brigade
at Shorncliffe 14 April
Pringle Taylor, KH. 16 May
Tho. Henry Johnston 4 June
Henry A. Hankey 6 July
221 John Campbell 9 July
Plomer Young, KH. 17 July
$221 William Bell, from R.
Art. 29 Aug.
Henry Dive Townshend,
from Depot Balt. 5 Sept.
Thomas Wright, CB. 8 Sept.
Thomas Wood, fr. Gr. Gds.
11 Jan.
Wm. H Eden 15 Jan.
Joseph Clarke 16 Mar.
Sir.). Caspard Le Merchant,
Governor and Com¬
mander - in - Chief at
Malta 22 Mar.
Charles Gascoyne 3 Apr.
George Moncrieff,from Scots
Fus. Gds. 14 June
$ P. V. England, from R.
Art. QAu0*
$ Wm. Cuthbert Ward,
from R. Eng. 2 Aug.
Marcus John Slade 26 Aug.
G. H. MacKinnon, CB.
22 Sept.
B. F. D. Wilson 10 Oct.
S. B. Boileau 26 Oct.
Hon. G. F. Upton, CB.
from Coldst. Gds. do.
Hon. A. A. Dalzell 26Oct*
T. S. Pratt, CB. do*
221 Orlando Felix do*
W. N. Hutchinson do.
$ H. T. Lockyer, CB. KH.
from 97 F. Commanding
the Troops at Ceylon do.
Simcoe Baynes do.
M. C. Johnstone, from 87 F.
$ Wm. F. Forster, KH.
Dcp. Adj. General do.
F. Johnston do.
$ Edw. Macarthur, CB.,
Commanding the Troops
in Australia do.
Day Hort Macdowall do.
$ Sir Robert Garrett, KCB.
KH. on the Staff in India
2© A. H. Trevor, KH. do.
R. R. Wilford Brett do.
G. T. Colomb do.
Sir Sidney John Cotton,
KCB. from 10 F., On the
Staff, East Indies do.
Mau. Barlow do.
$ J. N. Jackson, from 99 F.
Botet Trydell, from 83 F.
221 J. Clark, KH. do.
R. W. Brough do.
E. H. D. E. Napier do.
Edward Harvey do
Jas. Robt. Young de-
John Michel, CB., On the
Staff, East Indies do.
R. P. Douglas do.
Chas. Craufurd Hay do
W. L. Dames, from 37 F. do.
C. Warren, CB., On the Staff
at Malta do.
G. A. Malcolm, CB. do.
R. H. Wynyard, CB., from
58 F. do.
$ 221 Richard Hardinge,
KH., from R. Art. do.
Browne Willis, from R. Art.
221W. C. Anderson, from
R. Art. do.
$ W. R. Ord, from R. Eng.
1 Nov.
Henry Eyre 10 Nov.
$ H. J. Savage, from R.
Eng. 23 Nov.
Lord Wm. Paulet, Com.
a Brigade at Aldershot
GENERAL OFFICERS, Supernumerary to the Fixed Establishment, who were'promoted,
“FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE” out of their regular turn.
Sir Richard James Dacres, KCB., from Royal Artillery,
Commanding It. Art. in Ireland 29 June 55
Sir William Fenwick Williams. Bart. KCB. from Royal
Artillery, Commandant at Woolwich 2 Nov. 55
John Edward Dupuis, CB. from Royal Artillery, Com¬
manding Royal Artillery in India 2 Nov. 55
Charles Ash Windham, CB. On Staff in India 8 Sept. 55
Sir John Eardley Wilmot Inglis, KCB. from 32 F. On
the Staff in India 26 Nov. 57
Sir James Hope Grant, [KCB. from 9 Lancers, On the
Staff in India 26 Feb. 68
Sir William Rose Mansfield, KCB. Chief of the Staff in
India 18 May 68
Sir Thomas Harte Franks, KCB. from 10 F. 20 July 68
Sir Edward Lugard, KCB. from 29 F.
GENERAL OFFICERS on the HALF-FAY of their former Regimental Commissions,
Henry Duhe of Cleveland, KG.
Unattached 8 Sept. 57
$221B. Lord Hotham, Unattached
26 Aug. 58 I
$ 221 Sir W. R. Clayton, Bt., Unatt.
26 Oct. 58
John Henry Richardson, Unattached
11 Nov. 51
William Chamberlayne do. do.
Rt. Hon. Jonathan Peel, Unatt.
Secretary for War 20 June 54
J. H. Lord Howden, QCB. KH.
Unatt. do.
Edward Studd, Unattached do.
$ Thomas P. Thompson do. do.
Ered. Thomas Buller, do. do.
Geo. Saunders Titwaites, h. p. 57 F.
20 June 54
$ William Cowper Coles, Unatt. do.
Arthur Duke of Wellington, KG.
Unattached do.
James M. Haffie, h.p. 60 F.
81 Aug. 55
$ Robert Blake Lynch, Unatt. do.
$ili2l Charles Diggle, KH. do. do.
$ John Murray Belshes, do. do.
$ William Orokat, do. do.
$ Norclitfe Norcliffe, KH. h.p. 18
Drs. do.
Robert Martin Leake> Unatt. do.
Alex. Maclean Fraser, do. 8 Dec 56
Peter Edwards, do. 14 Apr. 57
$ 22ft William Cartwright, Unatt.
10 May 57
$22ft Arthur Gore, do. do.
$ David Goodsman, do. do.
$22ft Thomas Robert Swinburne,
I Unattached 4 June 57
$22ft George Whichcote, Unatt. do.
22ft James Arthur Butler, do. do.
$ Fred. MeaJe, Unatt. 20 Oct. 58
$221 Albeit Goldsmid, do. do.
$ James Price Hely, KH., do. do.
$221 Chas. Rob. Bowers, do. do.
$ John Arnaud, KH., do. do.
22ft Fred, 'lowers, do. do.
Richard Con nop, do. do.
Thomas Molyneux Williams, KH.,
do. do.
$221 William Nepean, do. do.
W. Holmes Dutton, do. do.
22ft G. T. Earl of Albemarle, do. do.
Fra. Marq. of Conyngharn, KP.t
GCH., do. do.
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