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( xxx iv )
Messrs. Cox * Co., Charing Cross, 8.W. [Telegraphic Addrese—" Coxla, London.”)
and Hornby Rd., Bombay. [Telegraphic Address—“ Coxla, Bombay.”]
Messrs. Holt & Co., 3, Whitehall Place, S.W. [Telegraphic Address—" Mensarius, London.”]
Sir Charles R. McGrigor, Bt., & Co., 25, Charles Street, St. James’s Square, S.W. [Telegraphic
Address— Dhream, London.”]
Communications from Officers of the Special Reserve and Auxiliary Forces regarding the entry In this
publication (a) of letters denoting military qualifications, and (b) of the symbol^, denoting War Service*,
should be forwarded through the usual official channels. Other communications regarding alterations, errors,
or omissions, should be addressed direct as follows
War Office,
Army List. London, S. W.
Officers who succeed to peerages, baronetcies, or courtesy titles, are responsible for immediately notifying
the same to the Secretary of the War Office, in order that the necessary alterations may be made in the
Army List and in the official records of the War Office.
No Army List except this and the Quarterly is authorised by the War Office.
Notb.—Where the conditions qualifying for a symbol have varied from time to time, the present
conditions, only, are indicated.
(A) ,, .. JPassed the prescribed examination
in Artillery.
(a) .. {Obtained a Certificate in Supply
Duties, Army Service Corps Train¬
ing Establishment, Aldershot.
.. Aide-de-Camp General to the King.
A.D.C. .. Aide-de-Camp to the King.
tSeconded for service with Army Ser¬
vice Corps.
{Obtained a Certificate in Transport
Duties at the Army Service Corps
Training Establishment, Aldershot,
or at the Army Service Corps Trans¬
port Classes, Woolwich and Man¬
Baptist and Congregationalist
(Chaplain, Territorial Force).
Served in the Crimean Campaign.
tSeconded for service under Colonial
tSeconded as a Student, Chinese
[C.S.] .. Church of Scotland (Chaplain.)
d On the strength of the Depot.
;d) .. .. Serving with Details
[E.l .. .. Protestant Episcopalian Chaplain.
e Qualified in a course of instruction
at the London School of Economics.
e. a .. .. Attached to Egyptian Army.
[E.P.] .. Presbyterian, Church of England
(Chaplain, Territorial Force).
Eq Equerry to the King.
;F] .. .. Signifies that the Officer’s name
appears in the “ Foreign Orders ”
list, published quarterly, on pages
2035 to 2056.
/. .. .. Passed Firemasters’Class, Ordnance
f. o Belonging or attached to the Royal
Flying Corps.
f.c.r .. .. Belonging to the Royal Flying Corps
f.o tSeconded for service under Foreign
h. p. ..
(I) ..
Ind. Pens. .
(Ind. Sup. 1
List.) f
I. of A.
1. of M.
i.v. ..
j.l. ..
[L] ..
[l\ ..
Obtained a 1st Class Certificate in the
Long Course of Gunnery or Gunnery
Staff Course prior to 1906, or the
Certificate of the Gunnery Staff
Course subsequent to 1905.
{Officer who has undsrgone the one
month’s course of instruction, and
is qualified to superintend the
Physical Training of Recruits.
Officer of the Special Reserve of
Officers, Militia, Territorial Force,
or Volunteers qualified at a School
of Musketry
tSeconded for service under Home
Half Pay.
tSeconded whilst holding an extra-
regimental appointment in India.
{Qualified for post of Instructor of
tSeconded for service with Indian
Indian Pension.
On the Indian Supernumerary List.
Instructor of Artillery.
Regimental Instructor of Musketry.
tSeconded for service with Indian
Jewish Chaplain (Territorial Force).
tSeconded whilst attached to Japan¬
ese Army.
tSeconded whilst a Student, Japanese
Hon. Chaplain to the King.
Hon. Physician to the King.
Hon. Surgeon to the King.
Qualified as 1st Class Interpreter in a
Modern Foreign Language.
Qualified as 2nd Class Interpreter in
a Modern Foreign Language.
t (Or an extra Captain allowed in the case of a Major.)
• Vide alno page 2204 of the Quarterly Army List, in tne January issue of which book statements of War
Service appear.
{Qualification gained prior to l July 09, since which date the grant of this symbol has been discontinued.

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