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C ii )
Schedule of Arrangement—
XIV.—Regimental Lists
1. Cavalry (Regular Troops and
Special Reserve).
,, (Irish Horse and King
,, (Yeomanry, Territorial
2. Royal Regiment of Artillery.
(a) Regulars (Royal Horse, Royal
Field, and Royal Garrison
(4) Royal Field and Royal Garrison
Artillery, Special Reserve.
(c) Territorial Force (Honourable
Artillery Company, Royal
Horse, Royal Field, and Royal
Garrison Artillery I.
(d) Royal Malta Artillery.
(e) Bermuda Militia Artillery
3. Royal Engineers (Regular Troops,
Special Reserve, Militia, and
Territorial Force).
*. Foot Guards (Regular Troops
and Special Reserve.)
5. Infantry (Regular Troops, Special
Reserve, Territorial Force, and
7 V.B. Liverpool Regiment.)
6. Army Service Corps (Regular
Troops, Special Reserve and Terri¬
torial Force).
7 and XIII. (3) & (4). Army Medical
Sendee. Royal Army Medical
Corps (Regular Troops, Special
Reserve, Territorial Force, and
late Volunteers).
8. Army Veterinary Service. Army
Veterinary Corps (Regular Troops,
Special Reserve and Territorial
Force), and Indian Civil
Veterinary Dept.
XV.—1. Army Chaplains' Department.
2. Staff for Royal Engineer Services.
3. Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military
Nursing Service.
4. Territorial Force Nursing Service.
5. Army Ordnance Department.
6. Army Pay Department.
7. Army Schools.
XVI. —1. West African Regiment.
2. Corps of Military Police.
3. Channel Islands Militia.
4. The King's Own Malta Regiment of
5. Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps,
d. Unattached list.
7. Officers Training Corps.
8. Officers of the late Volunteer Force
doing duty with Cadet, units.
9. Officers holding Volunteer Commis¬
sions under former Cadet Regns.,
not doing uty with Cadet units.
XVII. —1. Indian Army.
(a) General List.
(4) Unattached List.
(c) Supernumerary List.
{d) Native Indian Land Forces.
(e) Indian Units.
2. Indian Medical Service.
3. Indian Army Departments.
XVIII -1. Royal Marines
2. Naval Ordnance Department.
XIX.—Warrant Officers.
XX.—1. Reserve of Officers.
2. Army Motor Reserve.
3. Army Medical Reserve.
4. Territorial Force Reserve
XXI.—List of Units of the Territorial Force.
XXI1.—Territorial Force Associations.
XXIII.—Cadetships at the Royal Military
College, Sandhurst.
XXIV. —1. Promotions, Ac., gazetted during
preceding month.
2. List of Deaths.
3. Soldiers'Balances Unclaimed.
XXV. —Index (Active List and Reserve of
To which the following unindexed lists will he added in the issues for January, April,
July and, October :—
I.—Officers of the Army, retired from the Active List, in receipt of a retired allowance; and
Officers on the Unemployed Supernumerary List (arranged alphabetically).
[I.—Yeomen of the Guard, Gentlemen-at-Arms, and the King’s Body Guard for Scotland.
HI -Victoria Cross, Orders of Knighthood, Distinguished Service Order, Imperial Service
Order, Royal Red Cross, and Foreign Orders (arranged alphabetically within
the Divisions of each Order).
IV.-Medallists (arranged alphabetically).

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