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Om0E, Slst May, ,913. l0rou,n OopyrigU Reserved.
Ig ^.utlwritg.
1. Details regarding the Postal Section, Royal Engineers, Special Reserve,
are shov/n in columns 811 and 812.
2. Telegraphic Addresses:—
The following have been registered:—
“Withholder, London” for the Asst. Adjt. & Qr.-Mr. Gen., London District.
“Brigadier, Bulmer,” for the Brigade Commander, Eastern Mounted
31s* May, 1913.
i ind/a UmUa8’ unannel Islands.
3. Mediterranean.
4. Dominions, Colonies, and Protec-
-unitary Attache to Embassies and
:iI.-Bstab1fshmenat8f-reign C°UrtS'
1. Educational and Training
2. Manufacturing.
3. Miscellaneous.
X -Royal Plying Corps.
tratfon Army and Sudan Adminls~
^I*—Special Lists:—
1. Officers attached to Egyptian Army.
nvd vn°T Servln8 who are in
Goviernmen0tVment UUder Sudan
3 Officers interchanged between the
rh! Mn..and indiai1 Armies and
the Military Porces of the British
, Dominions beyond the seas.
4. Officers now serving who are in
Civil and Colonial Military Em
pioyment, Ac.
5. Officers now serving who are hold¬
ing Miscellaneous Appointments.
7,665/914. 8,500. 6/13.
J. J. K. fc Co?,
10. Officers now serving who ha*
passed the final examination of tli
Advanced Class,Ordnance College
11. Officers now serving who ha\i
ofe ndHthe f!rr,t •>'ear’s course ai
the Ordnance College.
18. Officers now serving who h»v.
obtained a 1st Class Certificate In
the Long Course of Gunnery o»
liu«neryi, Staff. Cour8e prior to
1906, or have obtained the Certi¬
ficate of the Gunnery Staff Course
subsequent to 1905. course
Officers now serving who have
qualified as Interpreters in Mod-
foreign Languages.
14. Officers granted Local, Temporary
or Honorary Hank. 1 y’
15' HewardsVl‘° h8Ve be®n Beleoted !o>
.—Field - Marshals ; General Officers
Officers,8 nor^liew8,?^
empkiyedCurps’ extra H^imenufiy
Officers unemployed, by ranks.
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