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War Services of the General Officers.
Vedrag, part of the siege of Olivenya, siege of Ciudad Rodrigo, last siege of Badajoz, affair of
the Guarena, battle of Salamanca, part of the siege of Burgos, affair of Villa Muriel, retreat
from Burgos to Ciudad Rodrigo, battles of Vittoria and the Pyrenees, part of the last siege of
San Sebastian, battle of the Nive, and actions near Bidart, Buasussary, and Villa Pratique;
actions of Garris, Tarbes, and Vic Bigorre, and battle of Toulouse. He has received the War
Medal with seven Clasps.
104 Major-General Napier served with the 52nd at the siege of Copenhagen and battle of
Kioge in 1807. Aide-de-camp to Sir John Hope on the expedition to Sweden in 1808; and
subsequently in Sir John Moore’s campaign in Spain, including the retreat to, and battle of,
Corunna. In Sicily with the regiment until the autumn of 1810. Served afterwards in the
Peninsula on the staff, including the defence of Cadiz, battle of Puentes d'Onor, 2nd siege of
Badajoz, battles of Salamanca, Vittoria, Nivelle, and the Nive—including the various engage¬
ments near the Mayor’s house—slightly wounded on the 10th Dec., and severely on the 11th
—lost left arm. He has received the War Medal with seven Clasps.
105 Major-General Thorn accompanied the Buffs to the Peninsula in Aug. 1808, where he
served until Jan. 1809. Returned to the Peninsula in June following, and commanded the
Light Company of the Buffs at the battle of Talavera Employed as an officer of observation in
Spanish Eftremadura from 29th Jan. to 3rd March 1810, from which period until the termination
of that war iu 1814, he served as Deputy-Assistant-Quarter-Master-General with the 2nd
Division, and was present at the battle of Busaco, 1st siege of Badajoz, battle of Albuhera,
actions at Arroyo de Molino and Almaraz, battles of Vittoria, the Pyrenees, and Nivelle, battles
of the Nive on the 9th and 12th Dec. (wounded); action of Garris, battle of Orthes, action of
Aire, and battle of Toulouse. Embarked with the troops from Bourdeaux to Canada in July
1814, as an Assistant-Quarter-Master-General, and was present at the affair of Pfattsburg.
Horse killed under him at Albuhera; another in the action at the Pass of Maya; and a third
in the action of the 12th Dec. 1813, near Bayonne. He has received the War Medal with ten
106 Major-General Sewell served in the Peninsula and was present at the battles of Corunna,
Talavera, Busaco, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse, and at the sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo,
Badsjoz, and St. Sebastian, for which he has received the War Medal with ten Clasps.
107 Major-General Darling served at the reduction of Guadaloupe in 1810, and was severely
wounded in the left knee by a musket-shot in storming the heights of Matauba. Proceeded to
the Peninsula, and joined the 51st Light Infantry at Gastello Branco, in May 1812; engaged on
the heights of San Christoval, the battle of Salamanca, and surrender of the Retiro at Madrid;
employed with his regiment before Burgos; and after the retreat from thence he was attacked by
typhus fever, and sent to England for recovery, in May 1813. Rejoined the army on the heights
of Echallar in September following, and was present at the battle of Nivelle, and the subsequent
attack of the heights of St. Pe. Appointed Major of Brigade in Dec. 1813, and attached to
Major-General Hay’s brigade in the 5th division, and was employed throughout the blockade
and operations before Bayonne. Appointed Assistant-Adjutant-General to the 5th division in
April 1814, and remained in charge of that department until the embarkation of the division in
Aug, 1814. On the renewal of the war in 1815, he was re-appointed to the staff as Assistant-
Adjutant-Geneial, and attached to the 4th division, under Sir Charles Colville; employed with
his division in the operations connected with the battle of Waterloo, the storming of Cambray,
and capitulation of Paris. He has received the War Medal with three Clasps for Guadaloupe,
Salamanca, and Nivelle.
108 Sir Wm. Lewis Herries accompanied the 9th Dragoons to South America in Sept. 1806,
and served as a Brigade-Major in the expedition against Buenos Ayres. Aide-de-camp to Sir
Eyre Coote on the Walcheren expedition in 1809, and was actively employed at the siege and
taking of Flushing. Accompanied Sir Edward Paget to Spain as his Aide-de-camp, in June
1812; and when Sir Edward was taken prisoner on the retreat from Burgos, Lord Wellington
appointed him a Deputy-Quarter-Master-General, in which capacity he served until the end of
that war in 1814, and was present at the battle of Vittoria, siege of San Sebastian, passage of the
Bidassoa, the three successive days’ actions at the Mayor’s House, in front of Bidart, where he
had a horse shot under him. On the 14th of April 1814, whilst endeavouring with Lieut, Moore
(now Colonel W. G. Moore) to extricate Sir John Hope from his horse, which in the sortie from
Bayonne was killed and had fallen upon him, he received a musket-shot in the left knee, was
taken prisoner with Sir John Hope and Lieut. Moore (both being wounded), and his left leg was
amputated the next morning. He has received the War Medal with four Clasps.
109 Major-General M‘Donald’s services:—Expedition to South America, and assault of
Buenos Ayres; Peninsula, from Nov. 1808 to 1813, and in the South of France from March
1814, including the battle of Busaco, Lines of Torres Vedras, affairs at Redmha, Pombal, and
Campo Mayor; first siege of Badajoz, battle of Albuhera, third siege and assault of Badajoz,
affairs at Alva de Tormes, battles of Vittoria, the Pyrenees, 25th (had two horses shot
under him), 30th, and 31st July, and Toulouse. Wounded in the head and right thigh at the
assault of Buenos Ayres, 5th July 1807; in the left leg and right groin in the Pyrenees 30th
July; and in the right shoulder and lungs at the assault of the fortified rock on the mountain
Arolla, and surprising the enemy’s posts in the valley of Banca, Pyrenees, 2nd 0:t, 1813.

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