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War Services of the General Officers.
from Burgos. In 1813 he returned to England, and shortly afterwards he again embarked with
a detachment of Guards for Flanders, a brigade of which he commanded in the attack on Ber-
gen-op-Zoom. Medal for services in Egypt.
13 General the Honourable T. E. Capel served the campaigns in Flanders under the Duke of
York. He served afterwards in the Peninsula and was employed as Assistant-Adjutant-General
at Cadiz in 1811: he has received the War Medal with one Clasp for Corunna.
14 Lieut.-General Buller served the campaigns of 1793 and 94 in Flanders; and subsequently
in the West Indies, including the siege of St. Lucia, and reduction of Grenada.
15 Sir Henry Edw. Bunbury served in Holland in 1799, including the battles of the 19th
Sept,2nd and 7th October. Served also on the expedition to Naples and Calabria in 1805 and
6, and was present at the battle of Maida, for which he has received a medal.
16 Lieut.-General Mawby embarked with the 18th for Toulon, in October 1793; and, after
serving with it there, he was appointed Assistant-engineer, and sent to the out-post of Cape
Brun, where he remained until that place was evacuated, 17th December following. Embarked
for Corsica 12th May 1794; proceeded with the Grenadiers from Bastia for Calvi, in June, and
was present during the whole of the siege of that place, as also at the storming of the Mozelle
fort. Embarked for India 20th April 1805, in command of the 53rd. In November 1809, he
accompanied the regiment into the province of Bundelcund, and was appointed to command the
first brigade of Infantry, and which command he held until the army was ordered into canton¬
ments, 29th March 1812. At the storming of Callinger, 2nd February 1812, he commanded the
British troops.
17 Sir Robert Barton served the campaign of 1799 in Holland, and was present in the actions
of the 8th, 10th, and 19th September. Accompanied the Life Guards to the Peninsula, and
served there for a short period.
18 Sir James Bathurst served at the capture of Surinam, as Aide-de-camp to Sir Thomas
Trigge. He was attached as Captain to the 1st battalion of the 54th during the whole of the
Egyptian campaign of 1801 (medal), and was present in the action at the landing, and in the
various actions during the campaign to the east and west of Alexandria, and also at the siege
of Marabout. He served on the staff in the expedition to Hanover in 1805. He was with the
Russian Army in 1807 in the actions fought for the relief of Dantzig, and in those of Lomitten,
Deppen, Gutstadt, Heilsberg, and Freedlaud. He next served on the Quarter-Master-General’s
Staff at Rugen, and at the siege of Copenhagen. He accompanied Sir Brent Spencer’s secret
expedition in 1808 ; and in 1809 and 10 he served with the Army in Portugal as Assistant-
Quarter-Master-General, and afterwards as Military Secretary to the Duke of Wellington.
Sir James haa received a Gold Cross for the battles of Roleia and Vimiera, Corunna, Talavera,
and Busaco; and he was also present at the passage of the Douro.
20 Lieut.-General the Honourable A. P. Upton joined the Duke of York’s army in Holland,
in Nov. 1794, with which he served the ensuing winter campaign, and returned to England with
the army in May 1795. In 1799 he was appointed Aide-de-camp to Sir Ralph Abercromby,
and was present at the battle of the 27 th Aug. on the landing near the Helder, as also at those of
the 10th Sept., 2nd and 6th Oct. Appointed Assistant-Quarter-Master General to the army
under Lord Chatham in 1809: landed at Walcheren 27th July with the troops, and was present
at the actions in which the enemy were driven into Flushing, and also at the siege of that place.
Served at Cadiz from Apr. 1811 to Aug. 1812, and with the Duke of Wellington’s army on the
Quarter-Master-General’s staff, from Sept. 1812 to the end of the war in 1814, including the
retreat into Portugal, actions of San Munos and Osma, battle of Vittoria, action at Tolosa, pass¬
age of tbe Bidassoa, battle of the Nivelle, battles of the Nive on the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12thDec.,
passage of the Adour, action of St. Etienne, investment of Bayonne, and repulse of the sortie.
Employed as military correspondent with the Bavarian army in 1815, and was present with it in
its various operations. He has received a Gold medal and one clasp for the battles of Vittoria
and the Nive ; and the Silver War Medal with one Clasp for Nivelle.
21 Lieut.-General Huskisson served in the field, in India, under Lord Lake, and subsequently
at the siege of Ryghur, and at the capture of several towns and forts. In October 1818, com¬
manded at Candeish, at the taking of Behauderpore and Amulneir.
22 Lieut.-General Monckton served in Ireland during the Rebellion in 1798.
23 Lieut.-General S. Brown served in Egypt in 1801, as an Assistant-Quarter-Master-
General. In January 1808, he was sent on a secret service under the orders of the Secretary
of State, and appointed Deputy-Quarter-Master-General to the forces under General Spencer.
In June 1808, he was employed on a secret service in Portugal, and was present as a volunteer
at the battle of Roleia, for which he has received the War Medal with one Clasp.
24 Lieut.-General Herbert served on the Continent with the army under Lord Moira and the
Duke of York. Engaged during the Carib war in St. Vincent’s ; at Port-au-Prince, in St.
Domingo ; and at Fort Irois during the three months’ siege. Served also at the siege of
Copenhagen, 1807.
25 Lieut.-General Armstrong went out to Flanders with Lord Moira, in 1794 ; joined the
Duke of York at Antwerp, and was in that disastrous retreat through Holland in the winter of
1794-95, and embarked at Bremen. Served in Ireland during the Rebellion in 1798, and was

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