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War Services of the General Officers. 37
184 Major General Brotherton served in the Peninsula, and was wounded at the battle of
185 Sir James H..Reynett served on the expedition against Ferrol in 1800, and was pre¬
sent at the action before that place. Appointed to the Quarter-Master-General's staflFupon
the army entering Spain in Nov. 1808, and was present at Lugo, the affairs upon the retreat
to, and at the battle of Corunna. Re-appointed to the Quarter-Master-General's staff in
Porrugal, in April, 1809 ; present at the afl'airs previous to, and at the passage of the Douro
1(1 capture of Oporto, affair of Salamonde, battles of Talavera and Busaco, affairs upon the
-utieat to the lines before Lisbon, and subsequently in 1811 at those upon the advance
from thence, atPombal, lledinha, Sabugal, and Foz d'Arouee ; also at the battle of Fuentes
186 Major-General Smelt served in the American war, and was present at the taking of
Plattsburg, storm and capture of Oswego, action of Lundy's Lane, storming of Fort Erie,
13th Aug. 1814, where he was severely and dangerously wounded. Served also during the
Burmese war, in 1824, 25, and part of 1826, and was present at the capture of Rangoon,
and other actions in Ava.
187 Lord Munster served in the Peninsula, and was severely wounded at the battle of
188 Major-General Bell served in Sicily, in 1806 and 7 ; in the Peninsula and France,
from July 1808 to Feb. 1809, and again from May 1809 to July 1814, including the battle
of Vimiera, action at the bridge of Almeida, battle of Busaco, all the actions during the re¬
treat of the French from Portugal, siege aud storming of Ciudad Rodrigo, siege and storm¬
ing of Badajoz, action of the heights of Castrillos, battle of Salamanca, action of Sabijana
de Morillos, battles of Vittoria, the Pyrenees, Nivelle, Orthes, and Toulouse. Served after¬
wards with the army employed against Louisiana, from Dec. 1814, to June 1815. He has
received a cross for the battles of the Pyrenees, Nivelle, Orthes, and Toulouse.
189 Major-General Auchmuty served in the Peninsula, and has received a medal and a
clasp for the battles of Orthes and Toulouse.
190 Major-General Lightfoot served in the Peninsula with the 45th, and was present at
the battles of Roleia, Vimiera, Talavera, Busaco, and Fuentes d'Onor ; first siege of Bada¬
joz, siege and assault of Ciudad Rodrigo, siege and assault of Badajoz (slightly wounded),
storming of Fort Picurina (slightly wounded), battles of Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees,
Orthes, and Toulouse (severely wounded), besides various minor actions and skirmishes.
Medal and two clasps for Vittoria, Pyrenees, and 'I'oulouse.
191 Major-General Faunce served in Holland, in 1799, includingthe actions of the 2nd and
6th Oct.; with the armv in Hanover, in 1805 ; in Zealand, including the siege and capture
of Copenhagen, in 1807 ; with the army under Sir John Moore, first at Gottenburgh,
and afterwards throughout the operations in Portugal and Spain, in 1808—9 ; witli the
array in the Scheldt, in 1809; in the Peninsula from Nov. 1810 to Feb. 1813, including
the storm and capture of Badajoz (wounded in the thigh), and battle of Salamanca.
Served also in the American war, including the battle of liladensburgh and capture of
Washington, action near Baltimore, and operations before New Orleans, in 1814 and 15;
severely wounded 8th Jan. 1815. JNIedal for Salamanca.
192 Major-General Brown served at the siege and capture of Copenhagen, in 1807; in
the Peninsula, from Aug. 1808 to July 1811, and again from July 1813 to May 1814, in¬
cluding the battle of Vimiera, passage of the Douro and capture of Oporto, with the pre¬
vious and subsequent actions; battle of Talavera ( severely wounded through both thiglis),
action of the Light Division at the bridge of Almeida, battle of Busaco, the different
actionsduringtheretreat of the French army from Portugal, action at Sabugal, battle of Fuen¬
tes d'Onor, siege of San Sebastian, battles of the Nivelle and Nive, and the investment of
Bayonne. Served afterwards in the American war, and was present at the battle of Bla-
densburg and ca))ture of Washington. Slightly wounded in the head and very severely in
the groin at Bladensburg.
193 Major-General Wingrove served at the taking of the Cape of Good Hope, in 1795;
at the battle of Trafalgar; the taking of Genoa, in 1814; on board the Boyne when that
ship singly engaged three French ships of the line and three frigates off Toulon, in 1814 ;
and on board the Hercule in a single action off Cape Nichola Mole.
194 Major-General Aitchison accompanied the expedition to Copenhagen, in 1807. In
1808 he proceeded with the army under Sir Arthur Wellesley to the Peninsula, and in 1809
was present at the passage of the Douro, taking of Oporto, and subsequent pursuit of Soult's
army. At the battle of Talavera he was wounded in the arm while carrying the Kino-'s
colour, which was also shot through. He served in the campaigns of 1810, 12, 13, and 14,
and was present at the battle of Busaco, and retreat to the lines of Torres Vedras, battle of
Salamanca, capture of Madrid, siege of Burgos, and retreat from thence, affair at Osma,
battle of Vittoria, affair at Tolosa, siege of San Sebastian, attack on the lines at St. Jean de
Luz, battle of the Nive, passage of the Adour, investment of Bayonne, siege of the citadel,
and repulse of the sortie.

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