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War Services of the General Officers. 29c
165 Major General Cleaveland served on the north coast of Spain in 1837-39, in co-opera¬
tion with the Spanish army towards the conclusion of the war in St. Sebastian and its
166 Major General Simon Fraser served throughout the campaign in Syria (Medal and
Clasp, and Turkish Medal), including the storming and capture ot Sidon (in command of tliree
companies which forced the Citadel Gtitj), suiTender of Beyrout, bombardment and capture
of St. Jean d'Acre. Served with the R. M. Brigade in the Crimea in 1854-55, including the
battle of Balaclava, and siege of Sebastopol, acted as Major in tlie Marine Bitterios, and in
command of No. 3 Battery was actively engaged at the battle of Balaklava (Medal and two
Clasps, Brevet Major, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish .Medal).
167 Major General Gibsone served throughout the Kafflr war of 1846-7, and was present
on almost every occasion in which the troops were engaged with the enemy ; and he had the
command of and led the charge of Cavalry in the decisive aflfdir ot the Gwanga, on the 8th
June 1840, when a large body of the enemy was encountered and utterly broken, leaving up¬
wards of 400 dead on the tield, on which occasion his services were warmly acknowledged in
tlio public despatches, and Ids name particularly mentioned in General Orders.
163 Major General Fraser commanded a battalion of Royal Marines in the Crimea at the
siege of bebastopol in 1854 (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medil).
169 Major General Russell commanded the 5th Brigade at the second relief of Lucknow
—severely wounded and particularly mentioned in r'espatches as having much distinguished
himself {CB.); commanded 1st Brigade under Outram at the repulse of several attacks on the
Alumbagh; at the fall of Lucknow he commanded 2nd Brigaae which stormed the Imaum-
barra and captured the Kaiserbagh (iMedal and Clasp).
170 Major General Burmester commanded the o9th Regt at the operations before Canton
and capture of the city (Brevet of Lt.Colonei, Medal and Clasp;.
171 Major General Horatio Shirley served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55; commanded the
88th in the battles of Alma and Inktrman, and siege of Sebastopol ; was General Officer of the
trenches in the attack on the Quarries on the 7lh June, and at the attack on the 18th June,
and commanded a Brigade at the attack on the lledan on the 8ih Sept.—wounded (Medal and
Clasps, CB , Officer of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 3rd Class of
the Medjidie).
172 Major General Newton served with the Coldstream Guards in the Crimean Campaign from
18th Oct. 1854 to 8tli April 1855 including the battles of Bilaklava and Inkcrman, and siege of
Sebastopol (Medal and three Clasps, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal).
173 Major General L)ixon served with the 77th Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1854-56,
including the battles of Alma ai.d lukerman, and siege of Sfbastopol (Medal and Clasps,
Brevet Lt.-Colonel, CB., Knight of the Lc-gion of Honor, 4th Class of the Medjidie, and
Turkish Medal).
174 Major General Milman served with the Coldstream Guards in the Canadian rebellion in
1838. Served in India during the mutiny, and commanded a field force in the Ghazeepore
district in Dee. 1857, preventing the rebels crossing the Gogra and Ganges at their junction,
and at Azimghur on IG March 1858 j was engaged with the enemy at Atrowlea and Koelsa on
21st March. Commanded the left wing 37th Regt. at Azimgliur until relieved by Lugard'a
force on 15 April ; held a bridge on the Benares road with a small picquet against a large
force of mutineers on 9 April and secured the passage of a large convoy of stores and am¬
munition into the Azimghur cnirenchment (Mei^al).
175 Major General Perceval served with the Coldstream Guards at the siege and fall of
Sebastopol from 8 April 1855 (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal).
176 Major General Cooper commanded the Reserve Battalion 45th Regt. in the Kaffir war
of 1846-47, and a wiii^- of the Regt. throughout tha Kaffir war of 1850-53 (Medal), and was
appointed Commandant of tlie Natal Colony at the close of the war.
177 Sir Henry Storks served as Assistant Adjutant-General at the Cape of Good Hope during
the Kaffir war of 1846-47 (Medal).

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