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staff Officers of Fensione
Newet.—c. Wm. Henry Graves, h.p. 18 F
n«^.^^ C Ambrose Marshall Cardew,*'h.p.)
UMAGH. I Depot Batt i
I StiGO.—Wm. Dennis Chapman,^ h.p. 18 P...
! TsALEE.—Patrick Day Stokes, li.p. 4F
; TuLLAMOHE.—Sam. B. Kekewioh, h.p. 83 F...
! WATEEroRD.—Hen. L. Searle,^^ h.p. R M Art.
: London.—Thomas Bourke, h.p. 37 F
: ToBONTO.—Geo. Fred. Macdonald, li.p. 16 F.
: Montreal.—.Tas. Fielding Swconej^-h.p.83 F.
: Ottawa.—.Tohn Leslie Moore,^* h.p. 34 F
: Peeth. '.
Fbemanti.e.—Charles Finnerty, Unatt
Peeth f'^ol'^r*' Henry Crampton,'' 2 F. "^
■ \ {Local rank ofHIaJor, 4 Aug. 63.) )
25 Nov. 42
I July 53
10 Dec. 47
■■22 Oct.33
■■S Dec. 46
29 June 48
Pg May 34
•"SMay 40
21 Aug. 49
Pi? Sep.50
29 Feb. 44
23 Sept.54
1 Mar. 50
•■13 Jan.38
!9 Apr. SI
4 Sept. SI
2 May 37
''21 Oct. 53
fiS Sep.53
9 125 Oct. 50 6Junes4 5 Mar. 57
16 '^s Nov. 47 IS Aug. 50 17 Nov. S7
29 Dec. 54
27 July 56
10 Mar. 58
''8 Nov. 44
2 Feb. 58
7 July 59
27 Mar. 48
6 June 54
4 Jan. 61
4 June 58
! May 69
4 Feb. 57 19 Apr.
12 June 599 Aug. 70
19 Apr.
I Apr. 62
I Oct. 70
17 Jan. 69
20 Nov. 43
I Jan. 68
I Apr. 64
I Oct. 57
7 Apr. 63
I Jan. 67
6 May 59
16 Mar. 63
Scale op Allowance in Addition to Half Pat.
ist Class.—ii«. od. per diem. 2nd Class.—gs. od. per fliem.
In the event of the Staff Officer of Pensioners being subject to additional expense in consequence of his cmjiloy-
ment in aid of the Civil Power at a distance from head-quarters, he will also receive a further allowance of five
shillings a day while necessarily detained from home, together with the amount of travelling charges thus incurred
by him.
Contingent Allowances.
For less than 100 enrolled men, one shilling a day ; 100 and under 150, one shilling and sixpence a day; 150 and
under 200, two shillings a day; for 200 and upwards, two shillings and sixpence a day; Officers with Brevet rank
have two shillings a day in addition.
Memobandum for the Information of Officers who are Candidates poe the Appointment of Staff Officer
OP Pensioners.
An Officer under or above the rank of Captain, or whose appointment would involve immediate Brevet rank, or
who. having received the difference, is not prepared to repay it, or who has not completed Fifteen years' service
on Full Pav as a Commissioned Officer, is ineligible for the appointment.
A Candidate should state the foUovring particulars in his application:—
ist. His age.
2nd. Whether on Full or Half Pay; and whether serving abroad or at home.
3rd. The date of his Commission as Captain.
4th. Whether he received the difference when placed on Half Pay; and whether he retired at his own request,
from ill health, or from wounds.
5th. Whether he has served as Adjutant, or Paymaster, or on the Stafi'in an.y capacity likely to qualify him for
the duties of Staff Officer of Pensioners.
6th. Whether he has certificates of ability and fitness from Officers under whom he served.
War Services of Staff' Officers of Pensioners.
1 Lt.Colonel Middlemore served in the latter part of the Kaffir war of 1846-47, also throughout that of 1851-53
(Medal) as second senior Officer of the Reserve Battalion 91st Regiment, and frequently commanded it in various
engagements, and was present in every affair the Battalion was engaged in during the war; commanded 120 men
with Eyre's Division in his first attack on the Amatolas and Noble Valle.y.
2 Captain Sweeney served with the 12th Regiment in the Kaffir war of 1851-53 (Medal).
' Captain Frcsson served as Adjutant with the Left Wing98th Regiment in the Peshawur Fxpeditionary Force on
the Euzofzee Frontier under Sir S. Cotton in April and May 1858, including the destruction of Chinglie, also engaged
with the Hindostanee fanatics on the Heights of Sittana on 4th May (Medal with Clasp).
* Colonel Orange served in the Burmese war in 1825, and has received the Indian AVar Medal for Ava.
5 Captain Somerset served vrith the Cape Mounted Riflemen in the Kaffir war of 1847, and in that of 1850-52 (Medal).
^ Major Knight served the Sutlcj campaign of i34t;-46 with the i6th Lancers, and was present at the aflTair oi
Buddiwal, and in the battles of Aliwal and Sobraon (Medal and Clasp). Served in the Kaffir war of 1S47 with the
7th Dragoon Guards when he commanded the Cavalry Escort af Sir Harry Smith. Also during the Kaffir war ol
1S51-53 (Medal) with the Cape Mounted Riflemen, including the action of Bcrea. Served again on the Staff of Sir
Harry Smith, and subsequently on that of his successor. Sir George Cathcart.
' Lt.Colonel J. P. Pigott served with the 32nd Regiment at the first and second siege operations before Mooltan, in¬
cluding the attack on the suburbs on the 27th December 1848, storm and capture of the city, and surrender of the
fortress; was also present at the surrender of the Fort and garrison' of Cheniote, and battle of Goojerat (Medal with
two Clasps). Served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the Ambulance Corps (Medal with Clasps, Brevet of
Major, and Turkish Medal).
8'Maior Dorehill served with the Buffs in the Gwalior campaign, and was severely wounded at the battle of Pun-
niar (Bronze Star). Served with the 43rd Light Infantry as Brigade Major in theSaugor Field Division during the
Indian mutiny from 24th December 1857 to 19th July "1859, and was mentioned in despatches for the action of
Sahao (Medal).
3 Major Law served with the 31st Regiment throughout the campaign of 1842 in Affghnnistan under General
Pollock (Medal), includingthe actions of Mazcena, Tezeen, and JugduUuck, occupation of Cabool (contused) and
the different minor engagements leading to and from it. Also served the Sutlej campaign of 1845-46, including the
battles of Moodkee, Ferozeshah, Buddiwal, Aliwal, and Sobraon, in all of which he commanded a Company (Medal
and three Clasps). Was severely wounded at the battle of Sobraon—ball lodged in his body, and mentioned in
despatch, being second in comm.a'nd of the Regiment during the action.
1" Lt.Colonel Tench served with the 45th Regiment during the Kaffir war of 1846-47 (Medal), and was afterwards
present in the action with the insni-gent Boers at Boem I'lnats.
" Captain J. Stewart served with the 24th Regiment in the Punjaub campaign of 1848-49, and was present at the
battle of Gooierat (Medal with Clasp).
12 Captain Browne served with the 98th Regiment in the Punjaub campaign of 1848-49 (Medal).
" Cantain Gosling served with the ist Madras Fusiliers in the Burmese war of 1852-53, including the capture of
Pegu (Medal with Clasp). Commanded Detachment of the Regiment in rincUing an insurrection in the lower
part of the Bnssein river in .Tannary 1854. Served as Adjutant of the Regiment in suppression of the mutiny in
Bengal in 1857-58. including that at Benares under General Neill (mentioned in despatches), actions of Oonao, Bus-
seerutgungo (first and second), Boorbeeakcchowkeo, Bithoor, Mungarwar, and Alumbagh, entry into Lucknow on
n=;th September, defence of the Residency, and subsecjucnt operations at the Alumbagh under Outram (Medal with
Clasp, and a vear's ser\'ice for Lrcknow).
" Captain Skinner served with the S2nd Regiment in the N.W. Provinces in suppressing the Indian mutiny m 1857-
58, and was present at the second relief of Lucknow, defeat of the Gwalior Contingent at Cawnpore, actions of Kala
Nuddee and Khnnkur. siege of the Jail and subsequent operations at Shahjehanpore, affairs of Mahomdeo and
Bunkagaon fMcdal with Clasp).
" Captain Woods served with the Buffs in the action of Punniar, 29th December 1843 (Bronze Star).

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