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JVar Services of the General Officers. 27
France in 1810, and at the capture of Java in 1811 (for which he has received the War Medal
with one Clasp), on vvhich last service he was wounded in the action of Wtltevreden, and also
at the stormiu-; of Fort Cirnplis; and was, for his conduct on those occasions, appninted, by
Major-General Sir Robert Gillespie, Major of Brigade to the Bitavia Division of the Force.
Accompanied Sir Robert as such in the arduous operations against Djocjocarta in 1?12, which
terminated by the storm of that capital (severely wounded), and capture of the Sultan. Served
as Major of Brigade on the expedition to Ava from June 1824 until the close of the Burmese
war in 1320, and was present at the principal affairs during that period, including operations
in the vicinity of Rangoon, defeat of Bandoola's army at the Sheevedageen Pagoda, Tavoy,
Mtrgui, Kokein, Denobiu, Prome, Melloon, and Pagahm Mew. Ho served in Canada in com¬
mand of the Johnstown District during the insurrection of 1838, and commanded the
Troops in the attack and defeat of the Brigands under Van Scoultz at the Windmill Poi^t
near Prescott, on the 13th Nov. 1838, and was promoted to Lt. Colonel by brevet in consequence.
91 Major General Dunn served the campaign of 1805 in Italy; battle of Maida and capture
of Scylla Castle in 1806; expedition to Egypt in 1807, including the attack on Alexandria and
Rosetta, and battle of El Hamet (taken prisoner). Defence of Scylla Castle in 1808; Peninsular
campaigns of 1810 and 11, including operations before Ciudad Rodrigo, operations between the
Aguada and Almeida, battles of the Coa, Busaco, and Albuhera; actions at Usagre and Aldea de
Ponte, at which last he was severely wounded in the groin by a musket ball, which remains un-
extracted. Served also in the American war in 1814, including the taking of Moose Island, and
occupation of Castine. lias the War Medal with three Clasps for JIaida, Busaco, and Albuhera.
92 Major General Fogo served in America during the whole war, including the battle of
93 Major General the Honourable William Arbuthnott served in the Peninsula, and was
present at the passage of the Douro, and the battles of Oporto, Talavera, and Busaco : for
the two last he has received the War Medal with two Clasps.
94 Major General Blachley served in the Ptninsula and France from Feb. 1812 to Aug.
1814, inclurling the siege and capture of Bidnjoz, affair of Castrajon, battle of Salamanca,
capture of Madrid and the Retiro, siege of Burgos, and retreat from thence, affair of Osme,
battle of Vittoria, siege and capture of San Sebastian (both operations), passage of the Bidassoa
and the Nivelle, actions of the 9th, lOlh, 11th, and 12th Dec. 1813, in front of Bayonne, passage
of the Adour, investment of Bayonne and repulse of the sortie, on which occasion he was
wounded in the head by a musket-ball. He has received the Silver War Medal with five Clasps.
95 Major General Belson served in the Peninsula and South of France from July 1809 to
the end of the war in 1814, including the retroat from Talavera, action in front of Almeida,
action of the Coa, battle of Busaco, actions nt Pombal, Redinha, Cazal Nova, Foz d'Arouce,
and Sabugal; battle of Fuentes d'Onor, actions on the heights of the Agueda, sieges of Ciudad
Rodrigo and Badajoz, actions at Castrajon (severely wounded), San Munos, San Milan, and
Oima; battle of Vittoria, action with the French, 28th June 1813, in the morning before they
entertd Pampelana, in which he captured their last gun from Vittoria ; actions in the Pyrenees,
passage of the Nivelle, Nive, and Gave d'Oleron; and battle of Orthes, besides various minor
affairs and skirmishes. He has received the War Modal with nine Clasps.
96 Major General Townshend served with the 41bt Regt. in the American war, and was
present at the taking of Fort Niagara, Blackrock, and Buffalo, battle of Lundy's Lane, and
a=!sault on Fort Erie 14th August 1814, where he was severely wounded through the left
shoulder. He was promoted to the Brevet rank of LieutColonel for services during the
Canadian Rebellion in 1837-38.
97 Major General'Wright served the campaign against the Rajah of Coorg in 1834, and
received a very severe injury in the right leg in leading the advanced attack at the taking of
the stockade of Periapatam, the frontier stockade of the Coorg territory. In 1839 he was
employed in the operations against Kurnool, and was severely and dangerously wounded at
the affair of Zorapore on the 18th of October. He commanded a Brigade in the battle of
Maharajpore (Medal) on the 29th Dec. 1840, in which action his horse was shot under him in
taking the battery at Chounda.
98 Major General Portlock served in the last American War.
99 Major General Griffin served before Genoa in 1814.
1(J0 Sir James Hope Grant served in China (Medal) as Brigade-Major to Lord Siltoun, and
was present at the assault and capture of Chin Kiaiig Foo, and at tlie landing before Nankin.
He served with the 9th Lancers at Sobraon (Medal) in 1846; and he commanded the Regiment
during the greater part of the campaign in the Punjaub in 1848 9, including the passage of
the Chenab at Rimuuggur, and battle of Chillianwallah: he was also present at the battle of
Goojerat (Medal and Clasps). Commanded the Cavalry Brigade as Brigadier-General during
the siege and at the assault of Delhi in 1857, and had his horse shot under him during the
operations of the 19th Juno. AVas promoted to the rank of Major General and nominated a
KCB. " for his eminent services in command of the Cavalrj' Division at the siege of Delhi,
and in that of a Division at the relief of Lucknow under Sir Colin Campbell, as also in the
subsequent operations at Cawnptre when the rebel army sustained a total defeat" (Medal
and Clasps), la now in command of the British Forces on active service in China (GC-0.).
101 Sir Gaspard Le Marchaiit served as Adjutant-General to the Anglo-Spanish Legion,
and Brigadier-Geneial in the Spanish service duriug the jears 1835, 6, and 7 : was present at
the relief of Bilboa and affair before that town in Sept. 1835, engaged on the heights of Aria-
ban, in Alava, on the IGlh, 17th, and 18th Jan.; in laising the siege of San Sebastian, and

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