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20 War Services of the General Officers.
in Egypt with the expedition under Major-General Fraser in 1807. He has been repeatedly
engaged in severe boat actions, and against batteries, and debarked with detachments aiding
in capturing and destroying ships and convoys on the enemy's coast. Has received the War
Medal with one Clasp.
11 Sir Duncan M-Gregor was actively employed in Sicily and Italy in 1806, including the
skirmishes at St. Euphemie, battle of Maida, attack on Scylla Castle, and capture of Catrone.
Campaign of 1807 in Egypt, including the attacks in the Desert, and siege of Rosetta. Cam¬
paign in Holland in 1809, including the attacks and captures of Ter Vere and Flushing. Cam¬
paigns in the Peninsula during part of 1813 and 14, Capture of Corsica in May 1814.
Wounded through the right shoulder by a musket-shot at Maida, for which battle he has
received the War Medal with one Clasp.
12 Lord Hotham served in the Peninsula with the Coldstream Guards from April 1812 to
Feb. 1814, with the exception of a short absence in consequence of a wound received at the
battle of Salamanca. Served also the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterloo.
He has received the War Medal with four Clasps for Salamanca, Vittoria, Nivelle, and Nive.
13 Sir Wm. Robert Clayton accompanied his regiment, the Royal Horse Guards, to the
Peninsula in Oct. 1812, and commanded a squadron at the battles of Vittoria, the Pyrenees, and
at the period when Marshal Soult attempted to relieve Pampeluna. In 1815 again accompanied
his regiment to the Netherlands, and was at the battles of Quatre Bras, Genappe, and Waterloo.
He has received the War Medal with one Clasp for Vittoria.
14 Lieut.General John Drummond served in the Peninsula with the Coldstream Guards
from January 1813 to the end of that war in 1814, and was present at the battle of Vittoria,
the crossing of the Bidassoa, capture of St. Jean de Luz, battles of Nivelle and Nive, the
investment of Bayonne and repulse of the sortie, and has received the War Medal with three
Clasps ; served also with the army of occupation in France.
15 Lieut.General Buckley served in the Peninsula with the Grenadier Guards, from March
1813 to the end ol that war in 1814, including the passage of the Bidassoa, battle of the Nivelle
and investment of Bayonne. Served also the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battles
of Quatrc Bras and Waterloo, and taking of Peronne. He lias received the War Medal with
two Clasps for Nivelle and Nive.
16 Sir John Rowiand Eustace served in Upper Canada the campaigns of 1813 and 1814,
in command of a troop of the 19th Light Dragoons attached to the division of the army under
the immediate command of General Sir Gordi n Drummond, and was engaged in the battle
of Lundy'sLane near the Falls of Niagara on the 23d of July 1814, and commanded the whole of
the cavalry outpost* and piquets during the siege, was present at tlie storming of Fort Erie,
and had the honour to be personally mentioned in the general orders of 1814 upon three different
occasions. Acciuiipanied the 1st battalion of the Grenadier Guards to Lower Canada in 1838,
and was present with his regiment in the advance upon Napierville, and in the subsequent pur¬
suit ot the insurgents.
17 Major General Daly served with the 24th on the expedition to Egypt in 1801. In April
1805 he embarked with the 56th Regt. for Bombay, and he commanded four companies of the 2nd
battalion employed in 1809, with a division in the field under Colonel Walker, at the storming
of Mallia, and at the reduction of other Forts in the Kattiwar District.
18 Lord Howden served as Aide-de-camp to his Grace the Duke of Wellington during the
years 1817 and 18, to the close of the occupation in France. Employed by Government on a
special mission, and was present at the battle of Navarin in 1827 (wounded, and mentioned in
Commander-in-chief's despatch); siege of Antwerp in 1832 (wounded)j campaign in Spain, in
Navarre and Basque Provinces, in 1834. Is a Knight of the Legion of Honor, Second Class of
St. Anne of Russia, Knight of Charles the Third of Spain, Third Class of Leopold of Belgium,
and Commander of the Saviour of Greece.
18t Lieut. General Sherbourne Williams served at the capture of Guadaloupe in 1815.
19 Major General T. P. Thompson, prior to entering the Army, was several years in the Royal
Navy. He served in the Rifle Brigade at the attack on Buenos Ayrcs, and was among the
captured under General Crauford in the church of St. Domingo. Served in the Peninsula with
the 14th Light Dragoons, and was present at the battles of Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse,
for wTiich he has received the War Medal with four Clasps. As Captain in the 17th Light
Dragoons, was in the Pindarree and other campaigns in India from 1815 to 1819. In 1819 was
in the expedition under Sir Wm. Grant Keir to the Persian Gulf, as Secretary and i^rabic
Interpreter, and being hit there as Political Agent, he commanded a detachment of Native
Troops ordered to act against the tribe of Beni-Boo-Ali, which detachment being defeated by
the Arabs, necessitated the expedition under Sir Lionel Smith in the following year.
20 Major General Thwaites was actively employed from 1795 to 1817. He served in the
expedition to the coast of Holland iu 1796; in the East Indies from 1799; then on marine
duty on board H. M. S. La Forte, till wrecked in the Red Sea. The campaign of 1801 in
Egypt, having volunteered, crossing the Desert of Suez with Colonel Lloyd's Detachment,
with which he joined the Grand Vizier's Army on the advance to and surrender of Cairo. He
served in the Peninsula as Captain of Light Infantry, 48th Regiment, from 1811 to 1813, includ¬
ing the siege and storming of Badajoz iu 1812, the battle of Salamanca (wounded), advance
to and occupation of Madrid, battles of Vittoria and the Pyrenees (wounded in command of
the Light Companies of the Brigade), besides minor affairs. He has received the Sultan's
Gold Medai of the Order of the Crescent, and the War Medal with five Clasps.
21 Major General Coles served in South America with the 14th in 1807, including the
operations previous to, and storming of, Monte Video. Served afterwards in the Peninsula

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