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Fixed Establishment of General OJjlcers.
1854. 12 Dec.
S/cRieh. X\rey,K(:B. 17 F.
Quarter Master General
Hon. Sir Jas. Yorke Scar¬
lett, JTCB. HDr.Gds. Ad¬
jutant General
Sir Oeorgc Buller, A'CB.
Kifle Urij^atle Command¬
ing the Troops in the
Ionian Inlands
1854. IG Dec.
|)ta William Brereton, CB.
A if. from R. Art.
Francis Randon Chesney,
from B. Art. 0 Jan.
John B. Gough, C7). 30 Jan.
Son. Arthur Upton, from
Coltlst. Gds. 20 Feb.
V B. O. Jones 31 Aug.
Sir A. Josiali Cloete, CB.
KH.Vnatt. Commanding
the Troops in the Wind-
irard and Leenard Isles
81 Aug.
tJJil G.Macdonald 7 Sept.
%Wi John Cox, KII. 88 F.
18 Dec.
James Robertson Craufurd,
from Gr. Gds. 19 June
Wm. S. Balfour 22 Aug.
William Booth '13 Sept.
Richard Greaves 9 Xov.
Thomas Gordon Higgins,
from R. Art. Jan.24
Ijaai Wm. Henry Elliott,
KH. 2!) Jan.
Pringle Taylor, A'/f. IGM^iy
Tho. Henry Johnston 4 June
Henry A. Hankey CJuly
SEI John Campbell 9 July
Plomer Young, A'W. 17Ju1t
^^ai William Bell, from U.
Art. 29 Aug.
Henry Dive Townshend,
from Depot Batt. 5 Sept.
Thomas Wright, CB. 8 Sept.
Thomas Wood, fr. Gr. Ods.
11 Jan.
Wm. H. Eden 15 Jan. I
Joseph Clarke 10 Mar.
Siri. Gaspard Lc Merchant,
GCMG. Goveriior and
Commajider in Chief at
Malta 22 Mar,
Charles Gascoynp SApr!
George Moticriefl', from Scots
Fus. Gds. 14 June
Sir^ Thomas Harte Franks,
KCB. from 10 F. 20 Julv
9 P. V. England, from R.
Art. 9 Aug.
Marcus John Plade, Li.Gov.
of Gueriisey 26 Aug. !
B. F. D. Wilson 10 Oct.
20 Oct. I
Hon. G. F. Upton, CB.
from Coldst. Gds. I
Hon. A. A. Dalzell, Coin-'
mandinrf Dublin District
T.S. Pratt,'C7i. Commanding
the Troojis in Australia
W. X. Hutcliinson
Simcoe Baynes
.\I. C. Johnstonp, from 87 F.
^9 Wm.F.Forster,A'//.3/!;i-
taru Secretary
F. Johnston
|} Edw. Macarthur, CB.
Day Hort Macdoi\all
13 .S/r Robert Garrett, KCB.
KH. on the Staff in India
aSl A. H. Trevor, KU.
R. R. Wilford Brett
G. T. Colomb
Sir Sidney John Cotton,
KCB. from 10 V., On the
Staff, East Indies
Mau. Barlow
13 J. N. Jackson, from D9 F.
Botet Trydell, from 83 F.
£23 J. Clark, KII.
K. H. D. E. Napier
Kd'.vard Harvey
Jas. Robt. Young
.Sir John Jlicliel, A'CJ3., On
the Staff in China
R. P. Doug!a3,L(.Gob. Com.
the Tron])s in Jerset/
Chas. Craiifrird Hay, Inxp.
Gen. at Hytlie
W. L. Dames, from 37 P.
C. Warren, CB., On the Staff
at Malta
a. A. Malcolm, CB.
H. H. Wynyaid, CB., from
58 F. Lt.Geii. Comm. the
Forces at the C. of Good
Hope, and Licut.Gov.
13 Jltl Ri'hard Hardnge,
KH., from If. Art.
Browne \\illis, from R. Art^
WL W. C. Anderson, from
R. Art.
$ W. 11. Ord, from R. Eng.
1 Nov.
Henry Eyre, Commanding
at Chatham 16 Nov.
13 H. J. Savage, from R.
Eng. 23 Nov.
Lord Wm. Paulet, Com¬
manding S. fV, District
^P.M'Pherson.C'ii. 24 Dec.
R. S. Armstrong, from R.
Art. 16Jnn.
C. W. Ridley, CB. from Gr.
Gd8. Com. Cork District
13 Feb.
John Ration 20 Feb. I
D. A. Cameron,C/J.25 Mar.
T. Matheson 2 Apr.
13 George Bell, CB. 9 Apr.'
H. N. Vigors, from SI. I
Helena Eegt. 1 May .
L. A. Hall, from R. Kn;:.
10 May
R. Richardson-Robertson,
CB. 14 May
S. Braybrooke, from Ceylon
Rifles 12 June
\} Va H. L iw, KH. Irom R.
Newfound. Comp.17 July
Sir Cha. 'i'. Van Strauben-
zee, KCB. 14 Aug.
Sir A. M. Tiilloch, KCB.
Military Superintendent
of Out Pensioners 9 Sept.
13SaiJ. Bloorafielrl, from
R. Art. Insp. Gen. of
Art tile ri/ "" ^
W. G. Gol«'l
T. Foster, from R,
Ho7t. R. Bruce
A.C. Van. N.Pole
25 Sept.
17 Oct.
25 Oct.
7 Dec.
13 Dec.
E. W. P. Walker, CB. from
S. F.Gds. 21) Dec.
T. A. Drought 11 Jan.
Charles Stuart 28 Jan.
Hon. .\. A. Spencer 15 Feb.
C. Ashmorc ! Mar.
iai£l F. Warde,from R.Art.
8 Mar.
aO H. K. Bloomfield. Com¬
manding d Brigade in
Dublin 1 Apr.
J. Lawrenson, Inspector
General of Cavalry 0.\pr.
S. J. Hodgson 11 Apr;
C. Frauklyn, CB., Com¬
manding a Jirigade at
Gi'jraltar 23 Apr.
W. A. M'Cleverty, on the
Staff in India 4 May
L. D. Williams 5 May
E. Wright, from R. Eng.
17 May
R. B.Wood, CB. 3 June
C. E. Gold, from 05 F.
15 June
C. A. Lewis, from Gr. Gds.
19 June
13 Sa W. B. Ingilby, from
R. Art. 22 June
H. Sandham,from R. Eng.
0 July
Richard French 11 July
Wm. Parlby, Com. Cavalry
Brigade, Dublin 17July
Geo. ConEreve,C'i). 20July
JnhnT. Hill 80 July
M. Williams, from R. Eng.
2 Aug.
John Lorgficld 3 Aug.
C.W. Balders, from I7Drs.
31 Aug.
F. W. Hamilton, from Gr.
Gds. 81 Aug.
Cha. Hastings Doyle,/;(.<pec-
tor General of Militia in
Irclaiid 15 Sept.
R. J. Stotherd, from R. Eng.
2!) Sept.
F. Horn, C'iJ. on the Stuff
at Malta 13 Oct.
J. F. C. Campbell, CB. from
81 F. 12 Nov.
GENERAL OFFICERS, Supernumeran/ to the Fixed Establishment, who were promoted,
"FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE," out of thtdr regular turn.
LIEUTENANT GENERAL. i John Edward Dupuis, CB. from Royal Artillery
Sir Hugh H. llo'e, GCB. 45 F. General and Commander 1 — '^ ^°^' ^'
in Chirf East Indies 28 Feb. tiO ; Charles Ash Windham, CB. On Staff in India 8 Sept. .5,>
MAJOR GENERALS. ' *''' J"''" Eardky Wilmot Inglis, KCB. 32 F. 26 Nov. r>7
Sir Richard James Dacres, KCB., from Royal Artillery
29 June 55
Sir William Fenwick Williams. Bart. KCB. from Royal
Artillery, Lt.Gen. Commanding in North America
2 Nov. 55
Sir James Hope Gninl, GCB. from 9 Lancers, Lt.Gen. and
Commander of the Forces in China 26 Feb. 58
Sir William Rose Wanslitld, KCB., Lt.Gen. and Com-
vkandcr in Chief at Bombay 18 May 58
Sir Edward Lugard, KCB. from 29 F., Secretary for
Military Correspondence, War Office 20 Jiily 58
GENERAL OFFICERS on the HALF-PAY of their former Regimental Commissions.
Henry Duhe of Cleveland, KG.
Inoltached 8 Sept. 57
Vlii]£lB. Lord Hotham, Unattuched
20 Aug. 58
V iStl Sir W. R. Clayton, J!/., Unalt.
20 Oct. 58
J. 11. Richardson, Uratt. 2 Apr. 5i)
William Clianibcrlayne, do. 17 July
Bt. Hon. Jotiatlan Peel,Unatt. 7 Dec.
J. H. r.orrf Ho«dcn, OCB. KH.
Unatt. 26 Dec.
ti Thomas P. Thompson, Unatt.
20 June 54
Geo. SaunderB Thwaites, h. p. 57 F.
20 June 54
113 William Cowper CoIe=, Unattached
I 20 June 54
Arthur Duke of Wellington, KG.
Unattached do.
Jii«. Jl. Haffle, h.p. 60 F. 31 Aug. 55
13 Rutt. Blake Lynch, Unattached
i 31 Aug. 55
19SE1 Charles Disglf, KH. do. do.
, 13 JoliTi Murray Belthcf, do. do.
] 13 ■V\'illiam Crokat, do. dc
i 13 Norclitie NirclifTe, KH. h.p. 18
Drs. d<j.
Robert Martin Leake. Unatt. do.
Alex. Maclean Friisir, do. 8 Dec 50
Peter Edwards, do. 14 Apr. 57
134i£i WiUiuin Cartwright, Unati.
16 May 67
IPSJS Arihur Gore, do. do.
I {3 David Goodsraan, 16 May 57
19J!Jil Thomas Robert Swinburne.
Unattached 4 June 57
IPESl Gcurpe Whichcote, Uniitt. do.
g&I James Aitluir Butler, do. do.
13 Frt-d. Meaile, Unatt. 20 Oct. .IS
^JiSlAlbeit Goldsmid, do. do.
lO James Price Hely, A'//., do. do.
l3£2:l Chas. Rob. Bowers, do. do.
13 John Ainaud, KII., do. do.
liiiliard Connop, do. do.
}3Thoiuas Molyneui Williamp, KH.,
20 Oct. 48
VJIEI William Nepean, do. do.
W. Holmes Dutton, dn. do,
a£l G.T. AarZo/Albemarle, do. do.
Fra. Mnrq. of Convngiiam, KP.,
GCH., do. do.
F. G. Hy. Seynr;0ur, Vnatt.,Equerry
to the (iueeti 4 May (iO

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