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The advantages which
T. & Son offer to the Indian
Public are the result of a
thoroughly practical know¬
ledge of all the require¬
ments of the Indian Trade,
acquired during 40 Years'
Experience as
T. & SON'S ImproTed Indian Lamps combine elegance
■nd strength, with every recent improvement that tends to
■imphfy their construction, and to enable iNafiw seri'anfs to
manage them, and to reduce the liability of glasses being
broken. They give a brilliant light with any of the A'ahue
Ods (such as Mustard Oil), are thoroughly protected from
InsecU, the draught of the Punkali, and of vpcn windmus.
T. & SON have two large Show-rooms (60 feet Ion")'
adjoining their Factory, in which b fixed a PnNKin, wiFh
Lamps burning beneath it, just as used in India, and in which
friends or Agents in England commissioned to buy Lamps fur
Indian residents will find a Large Stock of LAMPS ready for
Bhipmcnt, marked in plain figures, and at the lowest Prices
at which the very best Lamps can be made, but much lower
than the exorbitant Prices charged for the inferior Roods
foisted on the Indian Public, under the pretence of beinz
*' Patent" and " New."
T. & SON make all the various kinds of Lamps used in
India, such as Table and Reading Lamps, Bracket Lamps,
and Candle-branches for the wall. Billiard and Suspension ^
Lamps of all kinds, either in Bronze, Gold Colour, Plated or B
Crystal Glass. Hand Lamps and Lanterns, Carriage and T^
Buggce Lamps, etc. \
With one or two burners, and packed up compactly in
partitioned Travelling Cases.
The superiority and extreme portability of T. k SON'S
Improved Indian Lamps are well known to gentlemen who
have resided in India, but those about to proceed thence ars
requested to read the subjoined.
„ , Edinburgh, nth September, 1886.
Messrs. Tucker & Son.
Sirs,—I have much pleasure in bearing testimony to
the excellence of the Lamps supplied by you to mo when in
India last year. They give a Brilliant Light, are not affected
oy the Punkah, and are in every way suited to the Indian
dimatc. Jn thort they are the best Lamps I have seen in the
(Signed) A, ROSS, Bengal CivU SetTiee.
,, ^ , Madras, June nth, 1867.
Mesirs. Tucker,
The Lamps which I had of yon answer well. The light
is exeeUent and with the Punkah tops on the lamps the flame
is not affeeted by the air from the Punkah. I now wish yon
to send me, etc., etc.
(Signed) \V. MOORKHEAD.
T.S: SONS Lamps may be obtained of many Dealers in
India, but Orders can be sent through any of the East India
Agents, or direct to T. & SON, accompanied with an Order
for Payment,
Estimate! and Designs free by post.
Orders Packed with tbe greatest care.

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