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C7«i/onji—Blue. Fa«n?»—Cambridge Blue.
X|7«nto—Messrs. Glyn, Mills & Co., Holt's Branch.
Regimental Jour,ial-" Journal of the Army Educational Corps," The Army School of Education, ShomclifTe.
ReginKntal Aisociation-Seneyolent Fund. The Army School of EducaUon, Shorncliffe.
Officer in charge of Recordg-The Director of Recruiting and Organization The War Office.
^ "^ Regent's Park Barracks, Albany Street, N.W.I
^^^°^ - The Aimy School of Education, Shomcliffe.
§ Indicates that an officer has been appointed to the Indian Continuous Service Cadre.
Colonel Commandant.
Harington, Gen. Sir Charles H .
G.C.B., G.B.E., D.S.O., D.C.L.,Co\. The
King 8 B,. and 4/15 Punjab B,., p.s.c., s. 210125
Lt.-Colonels (4).
Jones, B,., O.B.E., M.A., B.Phil.
nr. T w ,.r ^ Eastern Comd. 19; 11/33
MacLean, W., M.C., s. Egypt 9/4/37
McBlwain, J. (Comdt. Army Sch. ofEducn.)
„. „ „ Shomcliffe 21110137
Simpson, S. G., O.B.E., M.A. [L] s.
Aldershot 4/12/37
Majors (12).
InglU, R., D.S.O., B.Sc., D. of York's R. Mil Sch.,
Dover 15/6/20
Honeybourne, H. C, M.A. (Instr.)
Dehra Dun 15/6/20
bt. U.-col. miSi
Wood, W. de B., M.A., s. Northern Comd. 15/6/20
Furze, E. K. B., D.S.O., M.C. (s.c.) e., s.
Puiwalpindi 15/6/20
Dawson, W. H., O.B.E., M.A., s. War Office
bt. It.-col. 1/7/36
l"€White, A.C.T.,M.C.,B.A.,s.Naini Tal 25/11/20
bt. It.-col. 1/1/33
ColvUe, K. N., M.A. m.c. 25/11/20
bt. It.-col. 1/7/34
Likeman W. C. sind 19/11/33
Joseph, H. S.., B.A., s. Bong Kong 9/6/34
KeUy, D. P. J., O.B.B., M.C., B.A.. s.
_, ,_ „ ^ Poona 23/11/35
Birchall, J. B., O.B.E., M.A. ShormUfJe 1/2/30
Mclvor, A. R., M.B.E., B.Sc, e., «.
^, , . ^ War Office 3/2/36
Deakm, E. B., D.S.O., M.C. (Iiistr.)
rr TT ,, .,., Belgaum 21/10/37
Turner, H. F. D., B.A., s. Southern Comd. 21/10/37
j Poole, S. S., A.M.I.Mech.E. 27/11/37
Captains and Subaltertu (78).
Webster, P. L. C, B.A., s.
Logan, W., M.A. (Instr.)
Chester 26/11/20
Wren, F. {Instr.)
Storrs, B. St. J., B.A.
Shomcliffe 25/11/20
bt. maj. 1/7/36
Belgaum 25/11/20
bt. maj. 1/1/34
Malaya 25/11/20
bt. maj. 1/7/35
ICant, A. McG., M.C., M.A. Dehra Dun 25111120
bt. maj. 1/1/35
Richards, E. I. G., B.A. Baluchistan 26/11/20
bt. maj. 1/1/31
Watts, A. E., M.A., ». London Dist. 26/11/20
bt. maj. 1/1/36
Wilson, C. A. [I] s. N. Ireland Dist. 25/11/20
bt. maj. 1/7/33
Cole, D. H., M.B.E., M.A., Litt.D. {Instr.)
Dehra Dun 25/11/20
r'i,„™ I T n . bt.maj. 1/7/31
Chamock, J., B.A. Ranikhel 25/11/20
Barker, A. J.
Priestley, E. C, O.B.B., M.A
Chamberlain, N. J.,
Dehra Dun 25/11/20
bt. maj. in 132
bt. maj.
M.B.B., M.A.
bt. maj.
Handcock, C. G., M.C.ll]{Instr.) Nmegong
bt. maj.
iStebbing, T. H. L., M.B.E., M.C. ,M A
King George's U.I. Mil. Sch., Jhelum
Cannon, P. S., M.A., (Instr.) Shomcliffe
bt. maj.
Selbie, W. P., M.C., M.A. King George's
R.I. Ma. Sch., Jhelam
Pidsley, W. G., D.S.O., M.C.
Beime, B., O.B.E.
Lowes, J. H.
Gordon, T. M.
Lloyd, J., M.C., B.A.
Bevan, A. E., M.A.
Lunt, W. T., M.B.E., B..Sc. (Imtr.)
Dehra Dun 20/8/28
bt. maj. 1/7/34
§Wmatt, J., Af.c, if.^. Rawalpindi 30/8/28
bt. maj. 1/7/34
bt. maj.
Burma 31/12/21
bt. maj. 1/1/36
m.c. .30/1/22
Egypt 11/3/22
Egypt 10/1/28

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