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11th (Prince Alberts Own) Hussars. Tt. ^o"*^*^'^*-
1 he Crest and Motto of the late Prince Consort. "Egypt" (with the Sphinx). "SiLiiiANCA"
Pesiksula" " Watkeloo" "BuuBTi'OKii" "Alma" "Balaklava" "Inkekman" "Sevastopol."
Colonel.—William Charles Forrest,' CS. CorHff, Pii March 36 ; Lt. "5 Jan. 39; Cupf. P7 Sept. 41; Major,
3 Oct. 48 -.Bf.Lf.Colonel, 12 Dec. 34; Lt.Colonel, P5 An<j. 59 ; Colonel, 8 March 60 ; Major General, 6 March
68; hieut.Oeneral, i Oct. 77 ; General, i July 81 ; Colonel nth Hussars, 8 Feb. 86.
Lieutenant Colonel.—Charles Verelst Verelst, Commanding the Reijiment, iq Nov. 8y ■ Cornet P20 Oct f>g ■ Lt.
28 Oct. 71 ; Capt. 3 Apr. 78; Major, i July 81; Lt.Colonel, 14 July 86 ; Colonel, 14 July 90
iCharles Edward Swaine= .
Kildare Borrowes
Maxwell Archibald Close .
Lord Edmund Bernard Talbot
Hon. Henry Arthur Ormsby Gore
Charles Henry Kyre Coote
Thomas Morrall Jones-Tailby
WilHam Wheat AVaringH
Hon. Osbert Victor Geo. Atheling LnmO
\ey,A.I).C. to the Lord Lieid.of Ireland... i
Frederick Hope Lehmanu
''27 July 7c
14 Nov. 74
2 Dec. 74
1 Jan. 80
2 Jan. 80
25 Sept. 80
13 Aug. 79I
22 Jan.
22 Jan.
Alexander Thomas Livingstone Gilroy ..
John Edmond Heugh Balfour
Boj-ce Combe
Esme Stuart Erskine Harrison
Lewis Oweu Williams
Francis Temple Bacon
Thomas Anderdon Sa.\t,T Adjutant 8 jaii. 90
Hon. Herbert Frederick Watson Milles ...
Julian Dallas Tyndale Tyndale-Biscoe
William Bailey
Second Lieutenants.
John Alnn Le Norreys Daniell.. .
Thomas Tait Pitmaii
26 Feb. 87
4 May
30 Nov.
29 Feb.
20 Nov.
II Nov.
29 June
1 July
I July
22 Oct.
22 Oct.
6 Feb.
14 May
12 Nov.
9 May
25 Nov.
6 Feb.
25 Aug.
5 June
22 July
22 July
14 Sept. 81
25 July 83
14 Oct. 85
29 Sept. 86
2 Mar. 87
2 Mar. 87
3i| 19 Nov. 87
16 May 88
9 Oct. 69
18 Nov. 82
I Dec.
14 July
25 July
Siding Master.—Albert Worthiugton, 20 May 82 ; Hon. Lieut,
(Quarter Ifas^fr.—George Page, 4 June 90; Hon. Lieut,
Blue.—Agentt, Messrs. Cox and Co.
Embarked j'or South Africa, 22 July 189c,
General Forrest served with the 4th Dragoon Guards the Eastern campaigri of 1854-55, including the battle*
ot Balaklava and Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol, night attack on Russian outposts igih Feb. 1855, and battle oJ
Tchernaya (Medal with three Clasps, Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of tha
'• Major Swaine served with the 17th Lancers in the Zulu war of 1879, and was present in the engagement nt
Ulundi (Medal with Clasp). Served in the Boer war of 1881 as Aide de Camp to Major General Drury Lowe, Com¬
manding the Cavalry Brigade. Served in the Egyptian war of 1882 as Aide deCamp 10 Major General Drury Lowe,
Commanding the Cavaliy Division, and was present at the engagements of El Magl'ar and Tel-el-Mahuta, the two
actions at Kassasin, the battle of Tel-el-Kebir, and the capture of Cairo (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of
Major, Medal with Clasp, 4th Class of the Medjidie, and Khedive's Star). Served in the Nile Expedition in 18S4-
85 with the Light Camel Regiment, and took part in the operations of the Desert Column (Clasp).
' Captain Waring served as a volunteer with the 4th Dragoon Guards in the Egyptian war of 1882, and wa»
present at the action at Ka.«isasin on 28th Auaust (Medal, and Khedive's Star).
' Lieut. SaJt served with the expedition against the Yonnies, on the West Coast of Africa, in 1887-88.

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