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, 8o.
Field Marshal Sii Moyal Highness GEORGE W. F. C. DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE, KG. KF. GCB. GCilG. GCSI.
Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, Ac, 15 July 56.
Private Secretary Lt.General Hon. James Wm. B. Macdonald, CB. 21 Hus. 15 July 56.
I Colonel Charles Tyrwhitt, CB. Unatt. 15 July 5b.
Colonel R. Bateson, h.p. 1 Life Guards.
Aides de Camp -j Colonel A. H. Stephens, h.p. Rifle Brigade.
Colonel R. Hale, h.p. 7 Hussars.
I Colonel W. E. M. Reilly, CB. R. Art. (extra).
Military Secretary Lieutenant General Edmund Augustus AVhitmore, CB., 1 Apr. 80.
Assistant Military Secretaries l'^i°'^ ?l?n w^T^^''"'',"'"?An'^ ^'^'^1 aP^^^V ^^ , ^ J^'^-^^'"'^''- ^?
" IColonelStJ-C.H.BrownloWjJSrCi?. Bengal Staif Corps (/or 7n(itana/atr«),
Adjutant General General Sir Charles H. Ellice, KCB. 49 F. 1 Nov. 76.
Deputy Adjutant General Major General Robert B. Hawley, CB. 1 Oct. 78.
^"'"FLfs'^i"!."!^!. ..^"!.'.?.!...{!!!..l"!!!".!'!.}MaJ°'' General J. H. F. Elkington, 28 Apr.
Assistant Adjutant Generals {P-'f- ^*-S°'°"^\^; ^;,'^l'S',?^v''-''-, t,^' f.^'^l^ 7^" t, ^'^^''' ^°i
•' I Colonel Richard Blundell-Hollmshead-Blundell, h.p. 3 Dragoons, 2E
(p.s.c. Major W. R. Lascelles, Rifle Brigade, 31 Jan. 78.
Deputy Assistant Adjutant Generals i p.s.c. Major R. L. H. Curteia, 16 F. 9 Dec. 78.
(p.s.c. Captain L. A. Gregsou, 70 F. 25 Mar. 79.
Inspector General of Eecruiting Major General E. G. Bulwer, CB. i Jan. 80.
Royal Abtilleey.
Deputy Adjutant General Colonel C. G. Arbuthnot, CB. 1 Sept. 80.
Assistant Adjutant General Colonel T. B. Hughes, 16 Oct. 78.
Deputy Assistant Adjutant General Bt.Lt.Colonel H. L. Geary, i Apr. 79.
Royal Ekginbees.
Deputy Adjutant General Colonel John Marshall Grant, i Jan. 76.
Deputy Assistant Adjutant General Major Edward Micklem, i Oct. 79.
Quarter Master General Lieut.General Sir Garnet J. Wolseley, GCMG. GCB. i July 8a.
Assistant Quarter Master General Colonel W. L. Pemberton, CB. h.p. 60 F. i July 80.
Deputy Assistant Quarter Master General Major G. A. Furse, h.p. 42 F. 19 Mar. 79.
Deputy Qr.Master General, IntelligeneeBranch Major General Sir Archibald Alison, Bt. KCB. i May 78.
Assist. Qr. Mr. General, Intelligence Branch... p.s.c. Colonel C. J. East, h.p. 57 F. 21 Nov. 79.
[p.s.c. Bt.Major R. J. Maxwell, 96 F, 13 March 79.
\p.s.c. Major J. C. Ardagh, CB. Roj'al Engineers, 13 July 76.
Deputy Assistant Quarter Masters General, j p.s.c. Captain L. M. Carmichael, 5 Lancers, 21 Dec. 78.
intelligence Branch ") p.s.c. Captain H. C. Reynolds, 106 F. 13 Aug. 79.
\ p.s.c. Captain J. S. Rothwell, Royal Artillery, 9 Apr. 80.
Ui.s.c. Bt.Major W. R. Fox, Royal Artillery, 31 May 80.
Director General of Military Education Lieut.General C. P. Beauchamp Walker, CB. 19 Jan. 78.
, -r.. ± J! -i,r-i-i vj I- „ (p.s.c. Colonel G. D. Barker, 64 F. 6 Dec. 76.
Assistant Directors of Mvhtary Education .^^_^^_ ^,^,^^^j j p gattersby, h.p. 60 F. / July 80.
Inspector General of Boyal Artillery Major General Robert P. Radcliffe, i Sept. 80.
Aide de Camp Captain F. O. B. Foots, 29 Dec. 80.
(â– Colonel JTon. C. W. Thesiger, h.p. 6 Dragoons, 3 April 78. zst Cavalry
Inspecting Oncers of Yeomanry Cavalry in ^ District—Head Quarters, York.
Great Britain j Colonel W. Mussenden, h.p. 8 Hussars, 28 Deo. 80. 2nd Cavalry Dis'
L trict—Head Quarters, Aldershot.
Director General of Army Medical Department Sir AV. M. Muir, KCB. MD, i April 74.
Medical Branch Surgeon General G. A. F. Shelton, MB. 23 Aug. 80.
Sanitary and Statistical Branch Deputy Surgeon General J. Irvine, MD. 2 Dec. 76.
Commissary General Fitzjames Edward Watt, CB. 14 Feb. 78.
Assistant Commissaries General (l^''"^''''^^^?,- 5'' l^?,'b™«0'^. ' May 78.
I Reuben Hill Powell, i Jan. 79.
Principal Veterinary Surgeon J. Collins, 28 June 76.
Chaplain General Ht. Eev. Piers C. Claughton, DD., 7 April 75.

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