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27 War Services of the General Officers
force, consisting of 12,000 men and 24 guns, in the operations on the North Western frontier of
India in December, 1863, which led to the completely successful termination of the war and
submission of the enemy (KCB).
120 Major General William Jones served with the 61st in the Punjaub campaign of 1848-9,
was present at the passage of the Chenab, and in the battles of Sadoolapore and Cbillianwallah j
after which he commanded the Eegt. at the battle of Goojerat; and he commanded a portion
of Sir Walter Gilbert's field force, consisting of a troop of Bengal Horse Artillery and the
61st Kegt. in pursuit of the enemy to the Khyber Pass in March 1849 (Medal and two Clasps,
and CB.). Commanded as Brigadier the 3rd Infantry Brigade at the siege of Delhi in 1857
and repulse of the Sortie of the 9th July; commanded the 2nd Column at the assault on the
11th Sept. during which the command of the 1 st Column devolved on him on the fall of General
Nicholson, and he continued in command of both columns during the six days' fighting within
the city until its final capture on the 20th Sept. (mentioned in Despatches, Medal and Clasp).
121 Major General Hon. Alex. Hamilton Gordon served on the Quarter Master General's
Staff throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-.55, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava,
and Inkerman (horse killed), and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, CB., Officer of the
Legion of Honor, 3rd Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal).
122 Major General Spence served with the 31st Regt. in the Crimea from 22nd May 1855,
including the siege and tall of Sebastopol and attacks on the 18th June and 8th Sept.; com¬
manded the Regt. from 13th Nov. (Medal and Clasp, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Class
of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Commanded the 31st Regt. throughout the campaign in
the North of China in 1860 and was present at the action of Sinho, and storming of Tangku
(Medal with Clasp for the Taku Forts, and CB). Also during the operations against the Tae-
pings in the vicinity of Shanghai in April and May, 1862 resulting in the takingof thestockade
at Nanhsiang, capture by cscaalde of the walled cities of Kadin, Tsinpoo, Tsolin and the forti¬
fied town of Najow, and the affair at Nanlisiang.
123 Major General Woosnam served the campaign of 1839 in Affghanistan, including the
storm and capture of Ghuznee (Medal), and of Khelat. Also served at the siege and surrender
of Mooltan in 1848-49 (Medal).
124 Sir Vincent Eyre served at the defence of Cabul during the Affghan insurrection
there in 1841, and commanded a detachment of Horse Artillery in two successful actions, and
was severely wounded in the action of Beymaroo, on 22nd November. Mentioned in despatch
of General Elphinstone, as follows :—"Throughout the whole siege the utmost zeal was mani¬
fested by Lieut. V. Eyre, Commissary of Ordnance, who, in consequence of the paucity of
Artillery officers, on all occasions volunteered his services." Was made prisoner on retreat
from Cabul. Com.manded field force for relief of Arrah, and in two successful actions against
the Dinapore brigade and Jugdespore rebels under Koer Sing, on 2nd and 12th Aug., 1857
(special thanks of Governor-General in Council, Brevet of Lieut. Colonel, and CB.), also in
defeat of a body of rebels on nth Sept. following (special thanks of Governor-General in
Council) ; was Brigadier of Artillery at the first relief of Lucknow by Havelock, and occu¬
pation of the Alumbagh by Outram. Havelock, in his despatch, says—''Brigadier Eyre has
earned my best thanks ;" and Outram records, "to the gallant Brigadier Eyre commanding the
Artillery, whose victories at Arrah and Jugdespore have already given him an European
reputation, my hearty and sincere thanks are due ;" and the Governor-General in Council
" conveys to Major Eyre the assurance of the satisfaction with which he has received the
evidence of his zeal and gallantry " (Brevet of Colonel). Commanded Artillery Division at
Alumbagh during the final siege of Lucknow, and in repulse of attack on 15th March 1858
(Medal with two Clasps, and a year's service for Lucknow).
125 Major General Wormald served the campaign in AfFghanistan from Oct. 1838 to Jan.
1840, including the storm and capture of Ghuznee (Medal), and occupation of Cabool.
126 Major General Pottinger served throughout the Persian campaign of 1856-57 as Brigade
Major of Artillery, including the storm and capture of Eeshire, surrender of Bushire, night
attack and battle of Kooshab (Medal and Clasp). Commanded Ahmednuggur field force
during the Indian Mutiny, from Oct. 1857 to Feb. 1858 {CB. and Medal).
127 Major General Young served with the Jhansi field force, ard as Adjutant of Sappers
at Joudhpore in 1839. Gwalior campaign of 1843-44, and battle of Maharajpore (bronze
star). Punjaub campaign of 1848-49, including the battles of Chillianwallah and Goojerat
(Midal with two Clasps). Burmese war of 1852-53, including the capture of Prome (Medal).
128 Major General E. W. S. Soott served in suppression of the Indian mutiny in 1857-58,
including the battles of the Hindun on 30th and 31st May 1857, siege of Delhi, and operations
of Brigadier Showers' column (Mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lieut.Coloncl, Medal with
129 Major General Barr served as assistant to Lt.Col.C. Wade at the forcing of the Khyber
Pass and advance to Cabul in 1839. Sutlej campaign of 1845-46, including affair of Buddiwal,
and battles of Aliwal and Sobraon (Medal and Clasp). In garrison at Lahore during Punjaub
campaign in 1849 (Medal).
130 Major General Matthew Smith served as Major of Brigade with the army under General
Pollock during the campaign of 1842 in Attghanistan (Medal), and was present (as D. A. Adj.-
Gen. of the Inf Div.) at the forcing of the Khyber Pass, action at Mamoo Khail, forcing the
Tezeen and Huft Kotul Passes, attack and capture of Istaliff (received the Brevet rank of
Major). He served with the 29th in the Punjaub campaign in 1848-9, including the passage of
the Chenab, and battle of Chillianwallah (wounded); tud he commanded the 24th Eegt. at
the battle of Qoojerat (Medal and Clasps).
131 Major General Bates has served three years in the West Indies and twenty-one years
in the East Indies. Served as Aide de Camp to Sir Robert Dick, who was killed, at the
battle of Sobraon (Medal); and was appointed after that action Aide de Camp to Lord Gough

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