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{Near the PecTcTiam Bye Station, South London Line; Terminus,
London Bridge or Victoria.)
PUPILS are received from the commencement of their Ninth Year;
they enter the Upper School on attaining their Fourteenth, or on
proving themselves able to do the work of the Higher Classes. The Terma
(from £45) include the use of Books and Stationery, and free parents or
guardians from all unforeseen extras.
There are no degrading punishments of any kind ; but unruly boys cannot
be retained in the schools.
Every boy is, as far as possible, well grounded in English, made to write
a hand fit for business, and trained to be quick at accounts, French and
German are taught by native Masters, and spoken by the Principal. Other
Languages, ancient and modern, are also taught. Special Teachers attend
for the Elements of Science ; for Land Surveying, Levelling, and Plotting;
for Mechanical, Geometrical, and Architectural Drawing. The divisions
of the school-year are equal, and the Holidays short. The Premises are
spacious and airy ; Peckham Rye Common is near, and available for cricket,
football, &c. The Crystal Palace, Sydenham, is in the immediate neigh¬
A Prospectus, and Keports of Examiners on every Pupil, may be had on
application; also Testimonials from Parents (from Scotch Parents particu¬
larly), and recognized public authorities, including the names of the late
Professor G. Boole, F.R.S. ; The late Right Hon. Lord Brougham, F.R.S.,
&c.; W. Crookes, F.R.S.; Professor Wm. Hughes, F.R.G.S. ; Dr. G.
KiNKEL, F.R.G.S., &c.; Professor L, Levi, LL.D.; Dr. L. Schmitz,
F.R.S.E.; Professor L. Stievenabd ; Thos. Tate; J. Tiixeard, &c,, &c.
See also the Reports of the Examiners in the Science and Art Department,
Kensington, 1867 and 1868.
Twenty-seven Pupils were examined in Geology on May 17th, 1867; of
these twenty-three passed. Seventy-four Pupils were examined in Physical
Geography on May 28th; of these sixty-one passed. Ten Pupils took
prizes in both subjects ; seven in one subject only.
In May, 1868, of 110 pupils who presented themselves for Science and
Mathematics, Oi were successful; 17 of them in two different subjects, and
S in three different subjects. Twenty-seven are on the lists for a Queen's
prize and certificate.
January 18th, May 3rd, and September 13th.

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