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S2ra War Services of the General Officers.
174 Major General March served with the R. Marino Battalion on the north coast of Spain
from 183G to 1840, anil was present in all the affairs in which the battalion took part, including
the battle of Hernani. Served with the H. M. Brigade during the campaign in the Crimea and
siege of Sebastopol; was attaclicd to the Light Division of the Army at the battles of Balaklava
and Inkerman—severely wounded (Medal and three Clasps, Brevet Major, Knight of the Legion
of Honor, Sardinian Medal, 5lh Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served with the
combined force in China in 18G0 ; commanded at Shanghai, and repulsed two attacks on that
city by the Rebel army on 18th and 20th August (mentioned in despatches, Medal).
175 Major General Farraut served with tie Koyal Marine Battalion in Syria (Medal), at
D'Jonni, the storming and capture of Sidon, and bombardment of Acre. Served also in China
in ] 842 (Modal.) He has received the War Medal and one Clasp.
176 Major General Scargill served with the 9tli at the defence of Tarifa, from May to
Dec. 1811. Also in the south of France from March to May 1814, including the blockade of
Bayxjnne and repulse of the sortie.
177 Major General Lewis served in the Burmese war.
178 Major General Williams served in the Eastern campaign, landed in the Crimea from
Gallipoli in March 1855, and commanded the 4lh Regiment at tlie siege and fall of Sebastopol
from 18th June 1855 (Medal and Clasp, CB., Knight of the Legion of Honor, 4th Class of
the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal).
179 Major General ^Vilbraham served the Syrian campaign of 1840-41 (Medal), including
the advance on Gaza and affair near Askelon. Served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, as an
Assistant Adjutant-General, including the battles in the Crimea and siege of Sebastopol
(Medal and Clasps, Cll., Officer of the Legion of Honor, 3rd Class of the Medjidie, and
Turkish Medal).
180 Major General Adams commanded the 28th Regt. throughout the Eastern campaign of
1854-55, including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege ani fall of Sebastopol, and affair on
18th June in the Cemetery. Succeeded to the command of the Brigade on Sir Wm. Eyre being
wounded, and brought it out of action (Medal and three Clasps, CB., Ofiicer of the Legion of
Honor, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie).
181 Major General Griffith served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, in command of the
Scots Greys, including the aifdir of M'Kenzie's Farm, battles of Balaklava (wounded in the
head by a pistol-ball), Inkerman, and Tchernaya, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and
three Clasps, CB., Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 4th Class of the Medjidie).
182 Major General Webber Smith served with the 48th Regt. the campaign against the
Rajah of Coorg, in April 1834, and was wounded. Commanded the 95th Kegt. in the Eastern
campaign of 1854, and was severely wounded at the battle of Alma (Medal and Clasp, CB.,
3th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal).
183 Major General O'Connor commanded a brigade of detachments,—^ 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
West India Regiments, Enrolled Pensioners, Royal Gambia Militia, Commander Bradshaw,
officers, sailors, and marines of H.M.S. Resistance, against the Mahometan Rebels of Combo ;
stormed, captured, and totally destroyed the strongly stockaded town of Sabajce on the 1st
June, 1853, and acquired, by treaty, a valuable tract of territory; the sense entertained by
H.M. Government of the very effective manner in which this service was performed by Colonel
O'Connor and the officers and men under him was conveyed by tlie Duke of Newcastle in a
dispatch to Major O'Connor. On the 16th Jul}', 1855, he attacked and repulsed a numerous
force of Mahometans commanded by Omar Hiidajee, the Black Prophet, on which occasion 29
men were killed and 53 wounded of 240 British, and Colonel O'Connor was severely wounded,
two gun shots; in the right arm and one in left shoulder, but remained in the field. Commanded
the combined British and French Iroops on 4th Aug., 1855, against the Mahometan rebels of
Upper and Lower Combos, and after lour liours' fighting in tliePass of Baccow Kouko, stormed
their stockade, and totally routed the rebel forces, inflicting a loss of 500 killed and wounded.
For these services Colonel O'Connor was created a CB., and ])laced on the list of officers
receiving rewards for distinguished services. Was in command of the Forces in Jamaica during
the Negro rebellion in 1865 when several Euiopean and colored people were massacred at
Morant Bay, and was thanked by Governor Eyre for " his prompt aid and assistance;" the
Legislative Council and the House of Assembly conveyed to him" grateful thanks for his prompt
and effective services in crushing the rebellion;" and the Magistrates and Inhabitants of Kingston
their " grateful thanks tor the energy and promptitude and the measures adopted for the protec¬
tion of the city and the suppres.sion of the outbreak in St. Thomas's in the East."
184 Major General George served throughout the campaign in Scinde in 1842-43 under Sir
Charles Napier, including the destruction of Imaumghur in the Desert, and the battles of
Meeanee and Hyderabad, at which last he commanded the 22nd Regt. (Jledal, Brevet of
Major, and CB.). Served also throughout the campaign in the Southern Mahratfa country
and in the Southern Concau in 1844-5 and commanded a corps of detachments at the taking
of the Petahs on the northern fronts of Panulla and Pownghur, and was present at the
investment and capture of both those forts, being in command of the left flank post. Again
during the operations against the Forts Munnahur and Munsuntosh in the Southern Concau,
he commanded the left wing of the 22nd Regt., and afterwards commanded the Field Brigada
at Kolapore.
185 Major General Hinde was present with the 8th Regiment at the capture of Delhi on
the 20th Sept. 1857 ; commanded the Regiment in the action of Bolundshur, affair of
AUyghur, battle of Agra, action of Uilkoosha and relief of Lucknow under Lord Clyde ;
affair of the 2nd and action of the Gth Dec. at Cawnpore, and action of Khudagunj (Brevet
Lt. Col. and CB., INIedal and Clasps, and mentioned in dispatches).
186 Major General Yorke commanded the Royal Dragoons in the Eastern campaign of 1854,

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