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War Services of the General Officers. 30
present at the attack on the American Lines on the 8th Jan. 181.5, and at the capture of Fort
Boycr. Served afterwards in France with the Army of Occupation, from July 1815 to Deo. 1818 ;
and vvitli the allied Anglo-Turkish force in Syria, from Dec. 1840 to Nov. 1841 (Jledaland Clasp).
108 Major General Macbean served in the Peninsula and France, from July 1812 to August
1814, including the affair at Osma. battle of Vittoria, both sieges of San Sebastian and
capture of it; passage of the Nivelle, 10th November, and actions of the Nive, 9th, 10th,
llth, and 12th December, 1813. Served also tlie campaign of 1815, including the capture
of Paris. Served afterwards with the Army of Occupation until 1818. He has received the
Silver War Medal with four Clasps.
139 Sir Trevor Chute commanded the forces durina' tlie war in Xew Zealand in 1805-60
including various important and successful operations (KCB.)
140 Major General English served during the Indian campaign of 1857-59, and while in
command of the Left Wing 33d Rcgt. 180 strong, witli lOO Seikhs, attacked and routed at
Chuira a force of 1000 Mutineers cliiefly of the Ramgliiir Battalion, taking all tlieir guns, trea¬
sure, and camp equipage—thanked by the Commander in Cliief and nominated a CB. Was
thanked by the Governor General for having cleared the Beliar District of the mutinous Sepoys
of the 32d N.I. whom he encountered and defeated at Gopalgunge : commanded the o3d Itegt.
at the action of Khocagnnge and entry into Futtehghur, and the affair cf Sliumshabad; com¬
manded the riglit column of attack at the storm and capture of Meangunge; commanded the
53d throughout the siege and capture of Lucknow, and tlie affair of Koorsie, also at tlie passage
of tlie Gogra at Fyzabad on 23d Nov. the action of Toolscpore (horse wounded) and minor affairs
(Me'dal and Clasp).
141 Major General Brown served throughout the Punjaub campaign, and was present
with the 24th at the passage of the Chenab and battles of Sadoolapore and Chillianwallah
(wounded), and as Major of the 29th Kegt. at the battle of Goojerat (Medal and Clasps).
142 Major General Jervis served in the 72nd Highlanders the Kaffir campaigns of 1834-35
143 Major General M. W. Smith was appointed to the Turkish contingent with local rank
of Major General in 1855, and subsequently tj the command of the Osmanli Irregular
Cavalry, and obtained the Turkish rank of Lieut. General (2nd Class of the Medjidie).
Commanded a Brigade during the Central India campaign; commanded at the recapture of
Chandairee in May 1858, also at the actions betweenKota ka Serai and Gwalior on 17tli June;
commanded a Brigade in the action of the 19th June resulting in the capture of the city and
fortress of Gwalior, also at the siege and capture of Powree ; commanded at the surprise of
the rebel camp at Koondry, also in pursuit of Tantia Topee and the Kao Sahib (Medal and
Clasp and CB., frequently mentioned in despatches).
144 Major General 11. B. Burnaby served the campaign of 1815, including the battle of
145 Major General Hennis served the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of
146 Major General Freese served on the China expedition, and was slightly wounded at
Chinkiangfoo (Medal). Served in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battle of
Iiikerman and siege of Sebastopol, in the trenches with the siege train and bombardment of
October (Medal and Clasps, CB., 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal).
147 Major General Perceval commanded the reserve Battalion 12[h liegt. in the Kaffir
war of 1851-52, and for his services was nominated a CB. (Medal).
148 Major General Stisted served with the Queen's Royals during the campaign in Affghanistan
and Belooehistau under Lord Keane, including the storm and capture of Gliuzneo (wounded)
and of Khelat (Medal for Ghuznee). Served with the 78tli Highlandeis in the Persian war in
1857 ; commanded a Brigade in the niglit attack and battle of iiooshab (CB.), and the 78th at
the bombardment of Mcdiumrali. Served with Havelock's column in 1867, present in the action
at llithoor, couinmnded the Regt. in the several actions leading to and ending in the relief of the
Residency at Lucknow. Succeeded to the command of the 1st Brigade on the death of General
Neil on 25th Sept. and held that command during the wliole of the operations throughout the
defence of tlie Residency, also for two months with Outram's force at Alumbagh including the
repulse of several attack?, and the operations endijig in the final capture of Lucknow (frequently
mentioned in Dispatches). Served the Rohilcund campaign in Apr. 1858, and commanded the
2d Brigade at the capture of Bareilly (Medal wilh two Clasps, and a year's service).
149 Major General Guy commanded the Infantry Brigade of Hope Grant's Column at the
defeat of the Kebels on 4th Nov. 1857 at Marigunge ; commanded at the Alum Bagh from 13th
to 30th Nov. during Sir Colin Campbell's advance to the relief of the Lucknow Garrison ; from
1st Dec. 57 to 5th March 1858 co.-nmanded the 5th Fusiliers with Outram's Division at Alum
Bagh and engaged in repelling the numerous attacks as also in attacking and routing the
enemy on 22nd Dee. and 25th Feb. capturing guns ; commanded the 3rd Infantry Brigade at
the siege and capture of Lucknow, from 5th to 28th March [CB., Medal and Clasp).
160 JIajor General F. Seymour served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the Scots Fusilier
Guards, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava and Inkerman (wounded), siege and fall of
Sebastopol, and sortie on the 20th October. \Vas severely wounded in the head while field
officer in command of the right attack in the trenches on the 24lh August 1855 ; and ho
succeeded to the command of 1st Battalion at an early hour at Inkerman (.Medal with four
Clasps, Cli., Officer of the Legion of Honor, 2nd Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal).
161 Major General Mitchell served witli the H. M. Brigade in the Crimea in 1855; also at
the surrender of Kinbourn (Medal, and Turkish Medal).
152 Major General Steuart served with the 14th Lt. Drs. inthePunjaub campaign of 1848-9,
including the battles of Chillianwallah (sabre wound) and Goojerat, pursuit of the enemy across
the Jhelum, and of the Aftghans over the Indus through the KhyberPass (Medal and Clasps).

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