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Private Secretary to the King Lord Knolh s, GCVO. KCB. KCMG.
Assistant Private Secretary Captain F. E. G. Ponsonby, CVO. Grenadier Guards.
Aides de Camp to the King.
('Field Marshal Sis Boyal Siqhness the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, KG. KT. KP. GCB
Personal J General Sis Bopal Siqhness the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall and York, KG. KT. KP.
Aides de Camp ) GCMG. GCVO. ISO.
I General His Boyal Siqhness Prince Frederic Christian Chas.Aug.o/Schleswig-Holstein,.5r<?.GCI'0.
{^ Lieut. Sis Boyal Siqhness Prince Arthur F.P.A. of Connaught, KG. GCVO. 7 Hussars.
Colonel p.s.c. Henry Vivian Cowan, R. Artillery (extra).
William P. Campbell, King's Royal Rifles (extra).
Henry Napier M'Rae, CB. Indian Army.
F. C. Karl of Kilmorev, KP. Shrops. Imp. Yeo.
L. H. H. Lord Clifford, Plymouth Vol. Inf. Brigade.
Son. H. G. L. Crichton, Portsmouth Vol. Inf. Brig.
Sir C. E. H. Vincent, KCMG. CB. 13 Middlesex Vol.
p.s.c. Hubert I. W. Hamilton, DSO. (from W. Surrey
Aldred Fredk. G. Beresford, Earl of Scarborough,
CB. Yorkshire Dragoons.
Hugh de Grey, Marquis of Hertford, Warwick I.Y.
Lord Algernon Malcolm Arthur Percy, 5 Battalion
Northumberland Fusiliers.
Sir Hector Munro, Bart, late 3 Bat. Seaforth High-
Ernest Villiers. 1 Surrey Volunteer Rifles.
George Edward John Mowbray, Earl of Stradbroke.
CB. 1 Norfolk Royal Garrison Art. (Volunteers).
T. W. Viscount Coke, CMG. MVO. (ret. pay).
Bt. Son. A. H. T. Earl of Kintore, GCMG. 3 Batt.
Gordon Highlanders.
E. J. A. Balfour (from 7 Mdx. Vol. Rifle Corps).
Host Son. G.3/urjKi'so/Breadalbune,.5T(?. 5 V. B.R.
H. F.Fortescue, Earl, Hon.Col. R.N.; Devonl.Yeo.
J. E. H. Marquis (//Salisbury, OB, 4 Batt. Bedford-
shire Regt.
A. A. C. Earl of Albemarle, CB. MVO.
Charles F. Roberts, CMG. late N. S. Wales Local
Forces (Sonorary).
John Edward Le Mottee, Royal Guernsey Militia.
William Kenycn Mitford, CMG. late Middlesex
Imperial Yeomanry.
J. H. Bor, CMG. Royal Marines.
B. J. Barton, 5 Batt. Royal Innis. Fusiliers.
W.Cooke-Collis,CJ/"G. 9 Batt. King's R.RifleCorps.
G. OVallaghan-Westropp, Clare R. G. A. (Militia).
S.S. the Maharaja Sindhia of Gwalior, GCSI.
(Sonorary and extra).
Hon. Maj.Gcn. S.S. Maharaj Sir PartabSingh.C'j/iarfnc,
Maharaja if War, GCSI. [Sonorary).
Hon. Col. S.S. Maharajah Sir Nripendia Narayan Blmp.
Bahadur of Qoo'cb. Behar, GCIE. CB. (Honorary).
Muhammad Aslam Khan, Sirdar Bahadur, CLE.
(Sonorary) .
Colonel Bt. Son. Frederick Arthur, Earl of Derby, KG.
GCB. late lit. and Captain Grenadier Guards; 3
Bn. Lancaster Regiment.
F. Earl of Wemyss, late 7 Middlesex Vol. Rifles ;
Captain Royal Company of Archers.
James Charles Cavendish, 2 Vol. Bn. Notts and
Derby Regt.
Bt. Son. C. Lord Suffield, GCVO. KCB. late Norfolk
Henry G., Duke of Northumberland, KG. 5 Bn.
Northumberland Fusiliers.
Sir Reginald H. A. Ogilvy, Bart., Forfar and Kin-
cardine Artillery (Militia).
George, Earl of Haddington, KT. Lothians and
Berwick Imp. Yeo. ; Lieut. Roy. Comp.of Archers.
Bt. Hon. Henry Lord Belper, Notts Imp. Yeomanry.
Arch. C. Lord Blythswood, 3 Vol. Bn. Highland
Light Infantry.
C. H. Duke of Richmond and Gordon, KG. CB.
James Stevenson, 9 Lanarkshire Volunteer Rifles.
William G. Wood-Martin, late Sligo Artillery.
Douglas, Duke of Montrose, KT. late 3 Battalion
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.
E.H. Earl o/Clarendon, GCB. Son. Colonel Herts
Yeo. Cavalry.
H. U. Earl of Harewood, Yorks. Hussars Imperial
G. E. M. Fitet. Galway, CB. Notts Imperial Yeo.
C. S. Marq. 0/ Londonderry, KG. GCVO. 2 Durham
Vol. Art.
A. W. B. Earl Brownlow, 2 Volunteer Battalion
Bedfordshire Regiment.
Chas. Philip Le Cornu, CB. Jersey Militia Art.
Sir Henry G. Dixon, KCB.
Henry H. Mathias, CB.
F. A.V. Earl of Cawdor, Knight of Grace of St. John
of Jerutalem, late Carmarthen Artillery.
H. A. W. F. Duke c* Beaufort, Gloucester T.Y.
McCallum.Bt. Col. 6'1'rH. E. GCMG. h.p. R. Eng.
Lewis Anstruther Hope, CB. Arm}- Service Corps.
p.s.c.Robt.Geo.Broadwood, CB. from 12 Lancers.
p.s.c. Edwin A. H. Alderson, CB.
James Spens, CB. (from h.p. Shropshire Light Inf.)
p.s.c. Henry M. Lawson, CB. Royal Eng. (extra).
p.s.c. Thomas D. Pilcher, CB. Bedford Regt.
p.s.c. Cecil W. Park (from Devonshire Regt).
General Aug. C. L. Duke of Grafton, KG. CB. (honorary)
Major General Sir H.P. Ewart, KCB. GCVO. 7 Dragoon
Guards (Crovcn Equerry).
Major General Sir Stanley de A. C. Clarke, GCVO.
CMG. retired pay.
Lt. Colonel A. Davidson, CB. CrO.(from h.p. K.R. Rifles)
retired pay.
Hon. Colonel H. C. Legge, CVO. retired pay.
Captain Geo. L. Holt'ord, CIE. CVO. 1 Life Guards.
Captain F. E. G. Ponsonby, CVO. Grenadier Guards.
2nd Lieut. Son. J. H. Ward, MVO. Worcester Imperial
Y€ General Bt. Son. Sir Dighton M. Probyn, GCB.
GCVO. KCSI. U. S. List Bengal Cavalry (extra).
Major General John C. Russell, CVO. ret. pay, Colonel
12 Lancers (extra).
<-'<jl"uel Sir Robt. N. F. Kingscote, GCVO. KCB. 4 Bn.
Gloucester Regiment (extra).
to the King.
Lt.Colonel Sir F. I. Edwards, GCVO. KCB. ISO. ret.
pay Royal Eng. (extra).
Lt.Colonel Sir Arthur John Bigge, GCVO. KCB. KCSI.
KCMG. ISO. ret. pay Royal Artillery (extra).
Major General Sir Arthur E. A. Ellis, GCVO. CSI.
Major Son. A. H. F. Greville, MVO. Warwick Imperial
Yeomanry (extra),
p.s.c. Lt.Co'ionel A. E. W. Count Gleichen, CIO. CMG.
DSO. (extra).
Lord M. T. de la P. Beresford, MVO. late 7 Hussars.
Lt.Colonel Hon. Sir W. H. P. Carington, KCVO. CB.
late Grenadier Guards (extra).
Hon. Lt.Col. A. B. Haig, CVO. CMG. ret. pay (extra).
Lt.Col. C. A. A. Frederick. CVO. Coldstream Sda. (extra) .
Colonel Sir E. R. C. Bradford, Bt. GCB. GCVO. KCSI.
U. S. List Indian Army (extra).
Gen. Sir G. Clerk, KCVO. CB. Col. Comdt. Rifle Brigade
Honorary Physicians to the King
Surgeon Mnjor General James Sinclair, MD. ret. pay.
3urg. Gen. Sir J. A. Woolfryes, KCB. CMG. MD. ret. pay.
Surgeon .Major General Alexander Frederick Brail-
shaw, CB. retired pay.
Surgeon General Sir W. Taylor, KCB. MD.
Surgeon Geneial A. F. Preston, MB. retired pay.
Surgeon General T. Tarrant, MD. ictired pay.
Surgeon GeneralSir Joseph Fayrer, Bart. KCSI.MD. late
Bengal Estab. (Physician Extraordinary to Sis Ufajetty.)
Surgeon Major General John Pinkerton, MD. late
Bombay Estab.
Surgeon General C. E. M'Vittie.late Madras Estab.
Colonel B. Franklin, KCIE. Bengal Estab.
Surgeon Colonel J. Richardson, MB. retired pay.
Lt.Colonel Kenneth McLeod, MD. late Ind. Med. Ser.

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