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Indian Medical Service.
Beaman, Joseph Harrison Leonard, MD. BCh.BAO. Officiating 28 Bombay Infantry... 27 July 99 Bombay.
Sloan, John, MB. BCh. BAO. Officiating 22 Bombay Infantry J27 July 99iBombay.
Stewart, George Herbert, 1TB. BCh. with No. 39 Native Field Hospital, China 27 July 99 Madras.
Anderson, Dngald Nairne. MB. MCh. with No. 3 Native General Hospital, China 27 July oq Madras.
Chandhuri, Manmatha Nath, MB. Wing 12 Madras Infantry ^27 July 99 Madras.
MacGilchrist, Archibald Currie, MB. BCh. with No. 57 Native Field Hospital, China ...27 Jan. 00 Bengal.
Megaw, John Wallace Dick. MB. with No. 1 Native General Hospital, China 27 Jan. 00 Bengal.
Thurston, Edward Owen, MB. FBCS. LBCP. with No. 1 Native General Hosp. ChinaJ27 .Ian. 00 Bengal.
Browse, George, MBCS. LBCP. with Kohat-Kurrani Force 27 Jan. 00 Punjab.
Goodbndy, Cecil Maurice, MBCS. LBCP. Derajat District 27 Jan. co Punjab.
Steen, Robert, MB. BCh. 2 Madras Infantry 27 Jan. 00 Bengal.
Elwes, Frederics Fenn, MB. LBCS.LBCP. Officiating 33 Burma Infantry 27 Jan. 00 Madras.
Maclnnes, Ian Lamont, MB. BCh. Officiating 12 Bengal Cavalry 27 Jan. 00 Punjab.
Matthews, Ernest Albert Churchward, MB. MBCS. LBCP. With 31 Native Field I I , „ . ,
Horse, Chitral Reliefs ) \ 2 ? Jan - °° Pun J a ^
Stephen, Lessel Philip, MB. BCh. Officiating 10 Bombay Infantry 27 Jan. 00 Bombay.
Gilbert, Leonard, MB. LECS. LBCP. Southern Shan States Comd 27 .ian. 00 Madras.
Stokes, Thomas George Nesbitt, MB. BCh. Officiating 1 Bn. 5 Goorkhas (27 Jan. 00 1
Mackenzie, Hairy Malcolm.J/B. BCh. in charge Sections B and C No. 52 Native Field J j _
Hospital, Kohat-Kurrani Force ) I 27 Jai> -
Thornely, Michael Harris, MBCS. LBCP. Officiating 3 Sikhs Civil. Tochi Valley 27 Jan. 00 1
Beit, Francis Victor Owen, MB. MBCS. LBCP. Derajat District I27 Jan. ooBunjab.
Murphy, William O'Sulhvan, MB. BCh. Officiating 4 Bombay Cavalry 27 Jan. 00 Bombay.
Corry, Matthew, MB. MCh. Officiating 35 Bengal Infantry 27 Jan. oo'Punjab.
Murison, Cecil Charles, LECP.Ed. LBCS.Ed. LFPS. Glas. Detachment Native) T L '
Infantry Baroda j 27 Jan. o D| Bombay.
Williams, Herbert Armstrong. DSO.,MB. BCh 27 Jan. 001 Madras.
Long, William Christopher, MBCS. LBCP. Details Nat. Inf. and Stn. Hosp. Port Blair 27 Jan. 00 Madras.
Beamish, George Crofts, LBCP. Ed. LBCS.Ed. LFPS.Glas. with No. 41 Native Field V t Wr -,
Hospital, China j 2? Jan - °° Madras.
Graham, James Drummond, MB. MCh. Lansdowne 28 June oo|Bensral.
Sprawson, Cuthbert Allan, MB. MBCS. LBCP. Officiating 39 Bengal Infantry 28 June 00 Bengal.
Mackelvie, Maxwell, MB. BCh. Officiating 17 Bengal Infantry 28 June 00' Bengal.
Lapsley. William, MB. BCh. Officiating 10 Bengal Infantry 28 June ooBengal.
Cazaly, William Henry, MBCS. LBCP. Officiating Erinpura Irregular Force 28 June oo : Bom bay.
Browne, Percy Alfred, MB. BCh. Derajat District '28 June 00J Punjab.
Coppinger, Walter Valentine, MD. Wing 5 Bengal Infantry 28 June ooBengal.
Spitteler, Alfred, Officiating 1 Bombay Infantry 28 June 00! Bombay.
Oxley, James Charles Stewart, MBCS. LBCP. Officiating 32 Burma Infantry 28 June 00 Madras.
Macnee, Henry Richard, Lahore District 23 June 00 Punjab.
Deas, Leonard Joseph Montagu, MB. BCh. Officiating 2 Punjab Infantry 28 June 001 Punjab.
Pan jab.
Houston, William Mitchell, MB. BCh. Officiating 5 Bombay Cavalry 28 June 00
Keys, William David Acheson, MD. BCh. Officiating 23 Bombay Infantry 28 June 00
Yoiing, George Joseph Grafton, MB. BCh. Detachment Native infantry, Baroda 28 June 00
Good, James, MB. BCh. Officiating 15 Madras Infantry 28 June 00
Chalmers, Alexander, MB. BCh. Officiating 7 Madras Infantry 23 June 00
Hamilton, William Gavin, Officiating 24 Madras Infantry J28 June 00
Godkin, Samuel Robert, LBCPI. LBCSL. Officiating 21 Madras Infantry 28 Jucsoo
Melville, Charles William Francis, Lahore District 29 Jan. 01
M'Carrison, Robert, Lahore District 29 Jan. oi
Masson, James, Bundelkund District 1 29 Jan. 01
Wells, Norman Septimus, Bundelkund District '29 Jan. 01
Anderson, William Maurice, Attached 16 Rajputs 29 Jan. 01
Stanley, Edmund Hamilton Blake, Officiating 4 Bengal Lancers 29 Jan. 01
Leonard, William Hugh, Officiating Rawul Pindi District 29 Jan. 01
Pringle, William Douglas, Kohat 29 Jan. 0.-
Young, Andrew Watson Cook, Officiating 10 Bengal Lancers 29 Jan. oil
Swan, James Graham Goodenough, Derajat District 29 Jan. 01 Punjab.
Dalziel, Robert M'Lauchlan, Malakand Force 29 Jan. 01 Punjab.
Robb, James Jackson, Hyderabad Contingent 29 Jan. 01 Madras.
Ruzzak, Abdur Shaik, Bangalore District I29 Jan. 01 Madras.
Foster, Robert Basil Boothby, Belgaum District .29 Jan. 01 Madras.
Charles, Godfrey Eustace 127 Juneoi Bengal.
McKendrick, Anderson Gray, Bareilly 27 June 01 Bengal.
Moses, Owen St. John, Meerut 27 Juneoi Bengal.
Little, John Wishart, Agra Station Hospital J27 Juneoi Bengal.
27 June 01 Punjab.
27 June 01 Punjab.
27 June 01 Punjab.
27 June 01 Bengal.
27 Juneoi Punjab.
27 June 01 'Punjab.
27 Juneoi Punjab.
27 JuneoilPunjab.
27 Juneoi Bengal.
27 Juneoi'Punjab.
27 JuneoilPunjab.
27 Juneoi'Punjab.
27 JuneoilPunjab.
Sumner, Fred. William, Sirhind District
Nutt, Harold Rothery, Rawul Pindi District
Barnes, Joha Alfred, Rawul Pindi District
Ricchie, William Duncan
Scott, Norman Emil Henry, Lahore District
Fleming, John Kenneth Sprot, Peshawur District ..
HepperT Evelyn Charles, P. F. District
riouthon, Charles Edward, Kohat Kurrum Force ..
Fowler, George
Husband, James, Kohat Kurrum Force
Foster, Henry Bertram, Lahore District
Butt, George' Berkeley, Malakand Force
Kerans, George Charles Lovell, Derajat District
McConaghv, Christopher Birdwood
Illius, Henry Warwick, Derajat District
Browne, Edward Wemyss, Derajat District
Christian, John Beresford
Murphy, Andrew
Thompson, Frederick Troughton, Derajat District
Bras-sev, Laurence Percival
Marr, Colin Forbes
Bose, Satis
.'j'Neill, Patrick Laurence
7 Juneoi
27 June 01
27 Juneoi
27 Juneoi
27 June oij Bombay.
27 Juneoi Punjab.
27 Juneoi Madras.
27 June 01 Madras.
27 June 01 (Madras.
27 Juneoi Madras.

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