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Roman Catholics
Rice :
Sir Stephen, see under Privy
Council, under Ireland.
(Mcllreive), Tool, Irl320.
Sir Richard, 1st Baron Rich,
873, 374.
Robert, K.B., 3rd Baron, after¬
wards 22nd Earl of Warwick,
934, 941.
Sir Peter, M.P., 3739.
Robert, Lord, K.B,, afterwards
24th Earl of Warwick, 2198.
Robert, 4200.
Warner, 1124.
Richard, Jamos, cooper, Ayr,
Dr. Edward, 3389, 3459.
Grizel, Arnworth, S2667.
James, taylor, Logan, Peebles,
John, Borgue, Kirkcudbright,
Nicholas, S1340.
Richard, 4191, 4238.
Samuel, Ir805, 806, 878.
Lieut.-Col. William, 4048.
Richbell, Edward, Ir864, 865,
Richmond, 2701.
Richmond :
Andrew, Waterside, Auchin-
leck, S2567.
John, Know, Lowdon, S2567.
Matthew, Ballantree, S2567.
Richmond :
Ludovic Stuart, K.G.,2nd Duke
of Lennox, 2nd Duke of,
1370, 1397, Ir317.
James Stuart, K.G., 4th Duke
of Lennox, 3rd Duke of, 2198,
Charles Stuart, K.G., 6th Duke
of Lennox, 5th Duke of, 3262,
Charles Lennox, K.G.,7th Duke
of Lennox, 6th Duke of, 4305.
Frances, Dowager Duchess of,
Riddel, Riddels :
Andrew, Little-cavers, Rox¬
burgh, S2567.
Andrew, Newtoun, Roxburgh,
Dame Anna, Lady CoUerny,
Rev. Archibald, S2468.
James, SI762.
John, Newtoun, Roxburgh,
John, of Haining, S2538.
James Wright, Kelso, Roxburgh,
Richard, Ayr, S2567.
William, Rutherglen, S2567.
Riddesdale : 1202.
pardon for rievers in, 534.
Rider, William, Ir865, 874.
Eidgeway, Sir Thomas, see under
Privy Council, under Ireland.
Riding, New Monkland, S2567.
Riding to Parliament, S956, 1087,
1211, 1278, 1355, 1356, 2508,
2600, 3250.
Riding :
post, 1079.
on the snaffle, forbidden, 152.
Rig, James, S1805.
Rigby, Rigbio, Col. Alexander,
M.P., 2461, 2622.
Rigging, Admiralty marks on,
Rights of erection, see Teinds,
Eiley, Theophilus, 2995.
Eindes, John, case of, S2139.
Einnis, Old Monkland, S2567.
Ring, Robert, 2990.
Rinuccini,Jno. Giovanni Battista,
Archbishop of Firmo,Nuncio,
Ir437, 438, 439, 440,441,446,
447, 450.
Riots :
of apprentices, 873, 1222.
Aylesford, 4231.
at Charing Cross, 1770.
in Coventry, 99.
Custom houses, 3706.
in Edinburgh : S845, 847, 1668,
2494, 2495, 8280, 3305, 8307.
against, S486.
St. Giles' Church, S1661.
enclosure, 358, 856, 1041, 1042.
fens, 3001.
in Gal way, Ir450.
in Glasgow, Lanark, and Dum¬
fries, S3306.
in London, 1911, 4480, 4506.
in Fleet Street, 1590.
Moorfields, 2685.
New Exchange, 3019.
Northamptonshire, 1041.
pardon for, 1044.
parks, 4231.
by seamen, 3011, 3012.
Union riots, S3305, 3806.
of weavers, 3615.
Riotous assemblies : Irl004, 1009.
exclusion of bishops by, 1911,
Sheriffs to suppress, 1938.
See also Tumultuous Assemblies,
Unlawful Assemblies.
Riras, John, S2567.
Risk, Renfrew, S2567.
John, Galbraith, S2567.
John, Killcarn, S2567.
Ritchie, James, Drumley, Tor-
boltoun, S2o67.
Ritchison, Rolland, Gilmerton,
and three sons, S2463.
Rites and ceremonies approved,
filth not to be thrown into, 825.
Rivers :
Sir John Savage, Bt,, 6th Earl,
Thomas Savage, 7th Earl, 3933.
Richard Savage, 4th Earl, 4258 ;
as Viscount Colchester, 4086.
Sir John, Bt., 2745.
Riverston, Sir Thomas Nugent,
Bt., (titular Baron); see under
Privy Council, under Ireland.
Rives, 2791.
Rix dollars : Ir629, 686.
of the Empire, weight and
value of, 4373.
Rizzio, David, murderers of, sum¬
moned to appear, S147.
Roach, Morris, Irl336.
Roads :
blocked by snow, 4114.
decay of, 1216.
maintenance of, 1710.
repair of, ordered, 1598.
Eoadfoot, Old Monkland, S2567.
Eoadman, Thomas, Dreghorn,
now in Kilmawers, Dun-
donald, S2567.
Roan, John, Irl320.
Rob :
Andrew, Walsley, Evandale,
Rev. John, Evandale, S2567.
Robart, John, for arrest of, 4153,
Eobartes, Francis; see under Privy
Council, under Ireland.
John, 1st Baron Robartes of
Truro, afterwards 1st E. of
Radnor, q.v., 3289, 3323 ; see
also under Chief Governors,
under Ireland.
laws against, enforced, Ir968,
reprieves to informers against,
Robberies :
by Irish troops, IrlOlO.
from prizes, Ir755.
responsibility of relations for,
by Tories, Ir443 a, 443 d.
by smugglers, Irl595.
of Treasury, Irl524.
of wax, Irl574.
at Wicklow, Irl572.
Robertland, —, younger, Riccar-
toun, S2567.
Roberts :
Edward, Ir556, 819.
John, Lord ; see Robartes.
Josselin, 442-5.
Sir Richard, 2197.
Sir William, Bt., M.P., 2998,
Robertson :
Alexander, Torwood - Head,
Stirlingshire Covenanters,
Alexander, of Strouan, S2861.
George, Duntarvie, Linlithgow,
Hugh, S2481.
James, Borgue, Kirkcudbright,
James, Querrel-wood, Dumfries,
James, merchant, Kirkcud¬
bright, S2567.
John, cooper, Bridgegate, Glas¬
gow, S2567.
Patrick, of Linktoun, S2567.
Patrick, of Smiddyhill, S8011.
Thomas, Glencairn, S2820.
William, Cotes, Douglas,
William, Kinneuchar, Fifeshire
Covenanters, S2567.
William, Roxburgh, S2567.
William, Walkinshaw, S2567.
Robes :
of earls and marquises, S1082.
in Parliament, S1062, 1076,
Master of the, 8581.
Robethead, Anandale, S2567.
Robison, Robieson :
John, S1340.
Dr. William, S2559.
Robin Hood games, against, S421.
Robins, George, 1489.
Robinson, Robbinson :
Sir John, Bt., M.P., 3272.
Richard, 1872.
Robert, Ir927.
Sir Thomas, Bt., M.P., 3739.
William, 3133.
William, Irll81, 1185, 1191,
1429; see also under Privy
Council, under Ireland.
Robotham, John, 2344.
Eobrough, Rev. Henry, 2531.
Roch :
Capt. James, Ir825.
Laurence, Buttlerswood,Irl537.
Morris, Irl370.
See Lynegh.
Rocheid, Sir James, S2775, 2796.
Rochelle, 1517, 1518.
Rochester, Laurence Hyde, K.G.,
4thEarl of, 8704, 3711, 3712,
8714, 3719, 8734, 3737, 3741,
3754, 3755, 3764, 8782, 8785,
3787, 3824, 3826, 3830, 3901,
3918, 3921, 8927, 3983, 4316,
4334, S3394.
John Fisher, Bp. of, against ser¬
mons by, 155.
Thomas Sprat, Bp. of, 3764,
3918, 3921, 3933.
Rochford, Hugh, Ir349.
Eochfort, Robert, see under Privy
Council, under Ireland.
Eochsoles, New Monkland, S2567,
Eock, Col. David, Ir495.
Eockingham Forest enlarged,
Rocsagh, Irl466.
Roddy, Hugh, Dundalk, Irl466.
Rods, white and red, a sign of
exposure to plague, 588, 765,
865, 865, 973.
Rodenbure, Christian Van, 3041.
Rodes, Edward, S2162.
Eodinhouse, Douglas, S2567.
Rodney, (Sir Edward), 1113.
Roe :
Dermot, Irl804.
James, Ir858.
Col. Owen, see Rowe.
Dempsy, Tiege, Irl870.
Rogers :
Sir Edward, 515.
Lieut. Edward, 2078.
See Hungate.
Rogertoun, Kilbride, S2567.
Rogues and vagabonds:
arrested, Ir475.
great numbers of, 1538.
to return to their settlements,
to be sent to the English plan¬
tations, if willing, 8800.
Acts against, to be enforced,
See also Vagabonds.
Rokeby, Sir Thomas, Justice,
Roll, Rolle :
John, M.P., 2610, 2622.
Sir Samuel, M.P., 2299, 2380.
RoUo (Rolls) :
Andrew Rollo, 8rd Baron,
S2588, 2939.
John, Master of, son of Andrew,
8rd Baron Rollo, murder of,
Rev. Patrick, Shargartoun in
Kippen parish, S2567.
Henry, of Woodside, S3113.
Rollock, RoUok :
Rev. Henry, S1698.
John, S27.
John, S1805.
Roman Catholics :
admitted to full municipal
rights, Ir821.
called to arms, Ir432, 1049,
chapels :
Queen's at St. James's, 3504.
Queen Mother's at Somerset
House, 8504.
Declaration of Ulster, Ir46].
excommunication of, observing
the peace (1646), Ir438.
forbidden to aid Ormonde
against the Parliament,
to give up command of fort¬
resses and office, S2768.
Hierarchy, see that title.
religion. Parliamentary securi ty
for free exercise of, Irl218,
1219, 1223.
Petition, to Commons for lenity,
plots against England, 751.
prelates and returned exiles,
reward for arrest of, 1431.
private worship allowed to,
property of loyalists to be pro¬
tected, Ir440.
protected from pillage in army
quarters, Ir442a.
refusal to admit garrison of,
in Dublin, Ir442.
Kfy to ) 1525 95, SI. 1550 875, Irl6, S50. 1575 692, Ir79, S323. 1600 904, Irl55, S929. 1625 1393, Ir255, S1416. 1641 1835, Ir837, S1722.
Dates j 1650 2886, Ir461, S2034. 1660 3145, Ir608, S2167. 1675 3606, Ir855, S2398. 1689 3942, Irl009, S2762. 1700 4271, Irl413, S3190.

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