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Reward offered for
Redpath :
Middle-moninet, Haddington,
Newtoun, Roxburgh, S2567.
Andrew, Haddington, S2567.
John, Middle-moninet, Had¬
dington, S2567.
Redress, Court of, at Dunafries,
Eed rod, sign of exposure to
plague, 855, 865, 973.
See White rod.
Red Swyre, S329, 331, 341, Sm.
Reed, Reid :
Adam, Mauchlin, S2567.
Alexander, Humbie, Linlith-
gow, S2567.
Alexander, Strabrock, Linlith-
gow, S2567.
Andrew, Blantyre, S2567.
Archibald, Castletoun, Car-
monoch, S2567.
David, Barneight, Mauchlin,
George, printer for Heir of A.
Anderson, S2674, 2679.
James, Meadow-head, Lowdon,
John, ^, Cumnock, S2567.
John, Drips, Kilbride, S2567.
John, Stainyside, Kilbride,
Jolin, alias McNaughton, feuar
of Finchocken in Lismore,
Rev. John, Prestonpans, Had¬
dington, S2567.
Robert, Jacktoun, Kilbride,
Rev. "William, field preacher,
Fifeshire Covenanters, S2567.
William, shoemaker, Fisher-
row, Edinburgh, S2567.
Reel-staff, 1728.
Reeve, Sir George, M.P., 3303,
Reeves, William, J.P., 4398.
petition for, 2794, 2814, 2820,
2821, 2837, 2972.
of University, petitions for,
1984, 1994, 2042, 2043, 2066.
Eeformado ofBcers, lists of, made,
Reformed Religion, all persons to
profess, S421.
Refugees :
Irish :
clothing for, 2236.
collections for, 2357, SI 744,
1754, 1765, 2723.
not to go into enemy's quarters
during cessation, lr401.
Palatine :
in favour of, Irl576.
collection for, Irl577.
notice to, Irl591.
settlement of, Irl594.
subsistence money to, Irl591.
transport of. West Coast, S972.
from Ulster, to leave Leinster,
in United Provinces to return
to England, 3565.
Regan, Denis, Gurtneglegg,Irl466,
Regents in England : 130.
Katharine Parr, 258-262.
Edward VI, 300-421.
Lords Justices, 4195-4208,4225-
4239, 4251-4256.
Regents in Scotland :
Mary of Guise proclaimed, S71.
Moray proclaimed, S178.
against resett of murderers of,
Lennox proclaimed, S241.
during absence of James VI in
Denmark, S678.
Regicide :
praise of, 1093.
for arrest of, 3208, 4025.
for surrender of surviving,
of armigers to be made, S2363.
of assurance policies, 3831.
of bankrupts, 1800.
of births, deaths, and marriages:
ordered, Ir223.
fee for, revoked, Ir236.
to be brought to Stirling, S2070.
of burials to be kept, S2669,
of decrees of appraising, S1628.
of infeftments, S1219.
of licences to print, S316.
parish registers, to be kept,
1258, 4281.
retainers, Ir31.
reversions to be registered,
of Royal Protections to be kept
in Signet Office, S2540.
of Saisins, S908, 945, 960, 2941 ;
see also under Saisines.
of starch manufacturers to be
kept, 1046.
Registry Office :
seamen, 4202, 4227.
for servants, S3207.
Region, S2567.
Regrating forbidden, 117, 146,
888, 4253, 4472, Irl579, S980,
1591, 1655, 1752, 1812, 3156,
8163,3178, 3693; see also Fore¬
stalling, Corn, &c.
Regulars banished, Irl350; see
also under Priests.
Reid, see Reed.
Reily, Reilly :
Aid. Edmond, Irl073.
Edmond, Vicar - General to
(R.C.) Archbishop of Dublin,
Miles, of Stah, Irl537.
Philip, Ir461.
Reinolds, see Reynolds.
Relfe, William, 726.
Reliefs enforced when feudal
tenures abolished, 3078.
Religion and Allegiance, suppressed,
against innovations in, S91,
100, 105.
all persons to state their,
S683 a.
assurances concerning, S119,
121, 132, 139.
attempted settlement of affairs
of, S1684.
no bar to succession to the
Crown, S2509.
bond for promotion of, S77.
books on, to be censored, 1383.
census of, ordered, S683 a.
concerning, 180.
controversy in, forbidden, 427,
convention of the, S280.
Declaration to be circulated
concerning innovations in,
licences for books on, 1383.
equal justice promised to every,
penal laws for, suspended, 3843.
troubles concerning, S]21, 123.
uniformity in, enforced, Irl82.
upbraiding in, forbidden, Ir343.
Remedies of coinage, see under
Remenstoun, Laird of, S2463.
Remonstrance of Parliament burnt,
Remonstrance concerning present
troubles, S1712.
Renfrewshire :
horses seized in, S2437.
levy in, S2108.
Rent, in Ireland :
payment of, suspended, Irl068.
agricultural produce not to be
seized for, Irl093.
payment of, Irll23.
payable on forfeited lands per
acre, Ir630.
paid by settlers in Ards, Ir73.
fixed rents to tenants ordered,
of forfeited estates fixed, Ir795,
papists' and adventurers' lands,
Ir630, 694, 706, 724, 791.
Rents :
annual, inventory of, to be
given in, S1575.
assignments on, Ir270, 284.
Bishops', not to be paid till
further orders, S2210.
See also under Bishops.
to be paid into Exchequer,
See under Crown Rents,
equity suits for, reasonable,
fee farm :
to be paid to receivers, 2731.
purchase of, 3535.
sale of, 3535, 3540.
See that title.
head-rents, see that title.
land, supply from, S2967.
of Orkney and Shetland rouped,
S2662, 2978, 3094.
not to be paid lo supporters of
the King, 2397.
of Parliamentarians :
not to be paid, 2384, 2481.
to be paid to the King, 2516.
Queen's, payment of, 572.
of sequestered estates, 2861,
2865, 2853, 2881.
See also Quit Rents.
Renwick, Rev. James, declared
traitor, S2573, 2680, 2696.
Repeal, Act of, Irl049, 1100.
Repertslaw, Roxburgh, S2567.
Reports :
re Act of Settlement, Ir835.
on all members of households
to be sent in, 837.
scandalous, against Govern¬
ment, Ir969.
Reprisals :
Commission of, revoked, 3469.
Letters of, see Marque, Letters
Requests :
Court of, moved to Oxford, 2336.
Masters of, 814, 967.
Reston :
James, Huttoun, Berwick,
James, younger, Whitsome,
Berwick, S2567.
on actions for stealths, &c.,
before 1602, Irl80.
on export, see Exports and
names of goods,
on leaving the kingdom, S2832,
on moving from place to place,
see Passes, Travelling,
on ships, see Embargo.
Resumptions in Eoscommon,
The Resurrection Revealed, &c.,
copyright, 3015.
Retainers :
against, 663, 768.
permissions to keep, revoked,
to be registered, Ir31.
The Revelation of Antichrist, 122.
Master of the, Ir837.
office of the, 3316.
Revenue :
assignments on, granted, Ir302.
casual, 1487.
collectors of, Ir909, 1224.
to be collected during Inter¬
regnum, 3941, 3942.
collected by Proclamation, 3775.
Commissioners, 3743, Ir473,
476, 477, 493, 498, 500, 501,
819, 864, 1065, 1100, 1110,
1163, 1197.
Crown :
Ecclesiastical :
destination of, Ir477.
in Ulster, Ir254.
farmers of, 1815, 3354, Ir878.
officers of:
hammered silver coin to be
received by, 4216.
to be assisted by magistrates,
to be paid into Exchequer,
to be paid in to Oxford (1644),
for the payment of, Ir287.
receipt of, in each county,Ir287.
payments may be made in
Exchequer Bills, S3320.
Prince of Wales's, audit of,
revocation of alienations of,
S462, 1438, 1447 b, 2113.
Royal :
audit of, 1103, 1104.
diminished, 1487.
quartering of soldiers on
defaulters of, Ir302.
to be paid to receivers, 2480.
protection of, from fines, &c.,
schools supported from, 2480.
sequestration of, 2186, 2488.
of sequestered estates to be duly
paid, 2518.
Reversions to be registered, S908.
Revocation, concerning the,S1438,
1447 b.
Rew, Capt. William, R.N., 2619.
Reward offered for :
assassination of Cromwell,
3033 a.
cipher to four letters, £500,
destruction of wolves, Ir518.
discovery :
of private printing press for
unlicensed books (£20), 3624.
sequestered property, 2485.
seizure :
imported logwood, 1275.
seizure of seditious libels, £20,
suspects afterwards convicted,
unsealed tobacco, Ir326.
for R. Abercromby, priest,
£1,000 Scots, S1074.
for William Adye, £50, 4292.
for Rev. Samuel Arnot, S2388.
for arrest of John Balfe, £100,
for John Balfour of Kinloch,
10,000 merks, S2475.
for arrest of Robert Balfour of
Burleigh, £200, S3361.
for arrest of Thomas Band, £200,
for arrest of Sir George Barclay,
£1,000, S3089.
Key TO ) 1525 95, SI. 1550 375, Irl6, S50. 1575 692, Ir79, S323. 1600 904, Irl55, S929. 1625 1393, Ir255, S1416. 16411835, Ir337, SI722.
Dates \ 1650 2886, Ir461, S2034. 1660 3145, Ir608, S2167. 1675 3606, Ir855, S2398. 1689 3942, Irl009, S2762. 1700 4271, Irl413, S3190.

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