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Montrose :
Mordaunt of Avalon :
Morton, Moi-toun :
Mowbray, Moubray:
victory of, announced, Ir432.
Charles, 2nd Viscount, 3933,
Adam, Shiels, St. Quinox, S2567.
James, Brokburn, Haddington,
declared traitor, S1698, 1781.
3966, afterwards 3rd Earl of
Alexander, Kirkcudbright,
invasion by, S1842, 1846.
Peterborough, q.v.
Mowing-pastures not to be de¬
Declarations and Proclama¬
Rev. Andrew, S2401.
stroyed by soldiers, 2858.
tions, S1845, 1887, 2023, 2030,
Henry, see Peterborough, Henry
Captain Henry, Ir667.
Moyalow, Irl537.
Mordaunt, 2nd Earl.
John, S180.
Moyer, Samuel, 3002, 3013, 3112.
intercommuned, S1846, 1902.
Sir John, 48.
John, Fascan, Old Monkland,
Moyle, Samuel, 2817.
ministers flee from, S1887.
Mordington, Berwick, S2567.
Moynes, Laird of, S2191.
reward of £20,000 Scots for
Mordrogget, S2312.
Mortoun, Edinburgh, S2567,
Muckullin (Muckillin), Barony,
arrest of, SI846.
More, see Moor, Moore, More.
Mortoun-mains, S2567,
Cork, Irl546, 1608.
Parliament summoned by, at
Moreby, Sir Robert, Chancellor
Mortoun mill, S2667.
Mudd, Captain Henry, 3739.
Glasgovf, SI886.
of the Exchequer, Ir592.
Morvinside, Stirling, S2567.
Muddiman, Henry, Ir617.
resett of, forbidden, S1892.
Morecroft, Robert, 1247,
Moseley, Mosley :
Mudie :
adherents of, S1904.
Moreton, William, see Meath,
Sir Edward, 1190.
David, Cubs-mill, Auchinleck,
Declaration of Committee of
Bishop of.
Edward, Attorney, Ir868.
Estates concerning, S2035.
Morett Bey, 3377.
Edward, S2094, 2095, 2098,
John, Auchinleck, S2567.
James Graham, 3rd Marquis of,
Morey, Cormuck, Irl304.
2101, 2103, 2104.
John, Cubs-mill, Auchinleck,
S2459, 2475, 2482.
Morgan :
Samuel, Ir690.
a Master of Game, S2529.
Major Anthony, M.P., Ir658.
Thomas, 4214.
Muing, Denis, Barleagh, Irl488.
Monuments, Book of, 1225.
Edward, 3522.
Walter, IrllSl.
Muir :
Monuments not to be defaced.
Edward, Irl54.
Mosing-mills, 1657,
Adam, Crossford, Lesmahago,
Matthew, Irl69.
Moss, Carsphairn, S2320,
Monygryle, Dumfries, S2567.
Sir Thomas, 874.
Mosscastle, Crawford, S2667,
David, Auchinroy, Straitoun,
Monyns, Sir Edward, Bt., 2745.
Maj.-Gen. Sir Thomas, Bfc.,
Mosse, Ensign George, 2078,
Moodie, John, S2488, 2493.
S2172, 2180,
Moss-flat, Quodquhan, S2567.
George, Rutherglen, S2567.
Moonsey, conventicle, S2409.
Morgrie, —, Dairy, S2320.
Mosshead, Riccarton, S2567.
James, Burdistoun, S2401.
Moor, Meiklegovan, S2567.
Morice, see Morris, Morice.
Moss-side, Craigie, S2567.
James, Leadhill, Crawford,
Moore, Moor, More :
Morine, Morrein, —, the Chy-
Moss-troopers exempted from
Lanarkshire, S2567.
Abraham, murder of, 4360.
rurgeon, an Englishman,
pardon, S2088,
James, Morvinside, Stirling¬
Anthony, Taunton Bishop,
S2963, 2971.
Mougersland, John, Craigie, now
shire, S2567.
Morison, see Morrison, Morison.
in Riccarton, S2567.
John, Auchinroy, Straitoun,
Sir Garret, Irl54, 169, 199;
Morisy (Trory), Dennis, Ir963,
Mould, Lieutenant John, 2078.
see also under Privy Council,
Morley, Morly, Moreley :
Mouldsworth, Robert, lr517.
John, Dalserf, S2567.
under Ireland.
Edward Parker, 12th Baron,
Moundeford, Osbert, 282.
John, Hole-house, Mauchlin,
Henry, see Drogheda, Henry
934, 941.
Mount Norris, Irl63.
Moore, Earl of.
Edward, Ir680.
Mountagh, alias Leary Dermod,
John, Moor of Gorbels, Meikle¬
Sir John, of CuUeton, 692.
Francis, 3738.
Drishane, co. Cork, Irl493.
govan, S2567.
John, 1824.
Col. Herbert, M,P., 2296, 2461,
Mount-Alexander, Hugh Mont¬
John, Shang, Barr, S2567.
John, patent for law printing,
gomery, q.v., 3rd Viscount
John, Threpwood, Lesmahago,
Sir John, 2834,
Montgomery of the Ards and
Col. John, M.P., 2351, 2622,
Robert, 2990,
1st Earl of Mount-Alexander ;
John, tailor, Straitoun, S2o67.
The Morning Exercise at Cripplegate,
see under Privy Council, under
John, S3074.
John, 3759.
John, Provost, S3113.
John, alias Robert of Hay-
Morocco :
Mounteford, Sir Simon, 29.
Rev, Robert, S2463,
church, 3828.
collection for captives, 1639.
Robert, Titwood, Meikle-govan,
John, 1909, Ir443.
King of, 1639,
Sir Richard Butler, IstViscount,
John, Irl370.
Morpeth, tanners from, S1340,
Robert, Nethertoun of Moss-
Sir Jonas, 3464.
Morragh, —, Vicar-General,
Richard Butler, 3rd Viscount,
flat, Quodquhan, S2567.
Keedagh, Irl440.
1981, Ir390, 400, 435, 444,
Thomas, Craigniat, Dalmelling-
Nathaniel, Irl202.
Morrin, Robert, Dalswintoun,
445, 446, 449, 495.
Richard, 3002, 3013,
Dumfries, S2567.
Mountgomery, see Montgomery.
Thomas, Duntarvie, Linlith-
Robert, 1242.
Morris, Morice :
Mountgreenan, Cunninghame of.
gow, S2567.
William, 3522.
Edward, Irl69,
Thomas, Lesmahago, S2567.
Lieut.-Col. William, Ir704.
Sir William, Sec. of State, 3280,
Mountjoy :
Thomas, Morvinside, Stirling¬
William, Irl440.
3323, 3363, 3402, 3414, 3456,
Sir Charles Blount,K.G,,Baron;
shire, S2567.
William, S2790, 2808.
3492, 3494, 3516.
see Devonshire, Earl of.
Moor Kirk of Kyle, S2488.
William, 692.
See also under Lord Lieutenant,
See also Rowallan.
Moor-burn, see Heather.
Morrison, Morison :
under Ireland.
Moorfowl preserved, Ir321, S346.
Andrew, Culligarry, Irl485.
Colonel William Stewart, 2nd
Fife, S2567.
Mooriestoun, Edinburgh, S2567.
John, shoemaker,Lanerk,S2567.
Viscount, Irl376; see also
in Samford, Fife, S2567.
Moorside, Stirling, S2567.
Sir Richard, Irl54, 169.
under Privy Council, under
Mill, Fifeshire, S2567,
Moran :
See also under Privy Council,
Muire, Ard, S3135.
Edmoud, Irl268.
under Ireland.
William, 3224.
Muirhead, Lowdon, S2567,
Thomas, Irl268.
Morrisy, Richard, Coolederry,
Mountnorris, Sir Francis Annes-
Muirhead :
Moray :
ley, 1st Baron, 1909.
Alexander, Glencarse, Dimi-
collection of taxation in,Sl367.
Morse :
See aiso Valentia, 1st Viscount
fries, S2567.
for the Sheriff of, S188.
Francis, 3253.
of, and Annesley, Sir Francis,
Gairn, Shaws, Shots, Lanark¬
Moray, Murray :
Joane, wife of Robert, 1369.
Bt., and under Privy Council,
shire, S2567.
James Stewart, 14th Earl of,
Mortgages and Usury Acts, Ir225,
under Ireland.
James, Castle-hill, Shots,
S290, 634, 652.
Morthings, see Wool.
Mountrath :
Lanarkshire, S2567.
intercommuned, S127, 129,
Mortimer, Patrick, banished,
Charles Coote, Earl of; see under
James, younger, Lanerk, S2567.
130, sqq.
Privy Council, under Ireland.
John, Fulzet in Lauchop's
for arrest of, SI64.
Morton :
Mourning :
Land, Bothwel, S2567,
proclaimed Regent, S178.
James Douglas, 4th Earl of, S77,
for Charles II, 3780.
Muirhouse, Kilmarnock, S2567,
rebellion against, S195.
147, 171, 282, 276, 290, 447.
for William III, 4312.
Muirhouse, Shots, S2567.
band in support of, S196,
friends of, to leave Edinburgh,
at funerals, S2700.
Muirkirk, Ayrshire, S2567,
charges against, S204.
blacks to be of wool, 1334, see
Muirmealing, Shots, S2567.
muster against, S208.
late Regent, S871.
also Funerals.
Muirside, Carmonoch, S2567.
James Stewart, 17th Earl of,
muster against, S387, 552.
Mousehole, Cornwall, collection
Muirside, Glasgow, S2567.
S1685, 1738.
imprisoned, S435.
for, 879.
Muley, Abdawelly, 1639.
Alexander Stewart, K.T., 18th
rumours as to trial of, S448.
Moutray, James, Easter Calder,
Mulgrave :
Earl of, 3764, 3782, 3830,
John Maxwell, 5th Earl of, S551,
Edinburgh, S2567.
Sir Edmund Sheffield, K.G., 3rd
8885, S2459, 2482, 2504, 2529,
558, 559, 603, 645, 650, 739.
Mowat, James, Greenock, Ren¬
Baron Sheffield, 1st Earl of.
William Douglas, 7th Earl of.
frewshire, S2567.
Morcock, Capt. Will, 2992.
S1093, 1479, 1809, 2026.
Mowbray, Moubray :
John Sheffield,K.G.,3rd Earl of.
Mordaunt of Avalon :
James Douglas, 12th Earl of.
Henry Frederick Howard, 15th
afterwards 6th Duke of Buck¬
John, IstViscount, 3129,3177 b.
Baron, 2198.
ingham, 3918, 3921, 3933.
Key TO » 1525 95, SI. 1550 375, Irl6, S50. 1575 692, Ir79, S323. 1600 904, Irl55, S929. 1625 1893, Ir255, SI416. 1641 1835, Ir337, SI722.
Dates J 1650 2886, Ir461, S2034. 1660 3145, Ir608, S2167. 1675 3606, Ir855, S2398. 1689 3942, Irl009, S2762. 1700 4271, IrU13, S3190.

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