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Lords, House of:
Petitions to :
Bedford, 2041.
Buckingham, 1929.
Berks., 2015.
for King's return. Cinque
Ports, 2059.
Oxford, 1984.
Rutland, 2065.
women's petition to, concern¬
ing Queen's departure, 1983.
printing Proceedings of, for¬
bidden, 3233.
propositions of City petition to
Commons against, 2465.
protest of: 1888.
against abolition, 2826.
against Commons, 4371.
request of, to summon a Con¬
vention Parliament, 3937.
Scots, Speech of William, Prince
of Orange to, S2762.
at York, letter to Parliament,
Lorimer, William, Mortoun-mill,
Lome, Archibald Campbell of,
afterwards 5th Earl of Argyll,
Archibald Campbell,afterwards
8th Earl ofArgyll, S1685.
See also Argyll, Campbell.
Lorraine, House of, rebels against
Henry IV ; see Guise.
Losk, James, Kilbride, S2567.
Lossemouth Harbour, collection
for, S3222.
Lostwithiel, 2203, 3881.
Lothian :
Anne Kerr, 3rd Countess of,
Robert Kerr, 4th Earl and 1st
Marquis of, S2619, 2733, 2756,
2762, 2933, 2943.
William Kerr, 2nd Marquis of,
James, Kingsbarns, S2401.
Lotteries :
abolished, 1307,
for three years allowed to the
Royal Fishing (1661), 3323.
The Great, 624, 625, 628, 630.
prizes reduced, 633.
monopoly of, 3423, 3854.
Royal Oak, 3854.
London Hill, battle of, S2457.
Loudon-hill, Lowdon, S2567.
London :
Sir John Campbell, of Lawers,
1st Earl of, 2743, 2804, S1815,
2020, 2048, 2062, 2114, 2714.
James Campbell, 2nd Earl of,
S2382, 2714.
Hugh Campbell, 3rd Earl of,
S3227, 3267, 3294, 3394.
Loudoun, Lowdon, S2488, 2567.
Mains of, S2567.
Loudounbyres, Lowdon, S2567.
Lougher, Robert, 767.
Lough Foyle, Governor of, Irl67.
Loughman, Nicholas, Lymeoge,
Loughrea, Commissioners at,
Loughs put out of protection,
Louis (French), Ir629.
Lourie, Robert, of Maxweltoun,
Louth CO., outlaws in, Irl304,
1320, 1322, 1493.
Louth :
Oliver Plunkett, 4th Baron,
Oliver Plunkett, 6th Baron,
Seealsounder Privy Couneil,under
Lavat, Hugh Eraser, 9th Baron,
Amelia, Lady Dowager, S3155 ;
see also Eraser.
Love, Family of, 752,
Love :
alias Alexander, Thomas, of
Hugh, Middletoun, Lochwin-
noch Parish, Renfrewshire,
James, Burtries, Renfrewshire,
Nicholas, M.P., regicide, 3224.
Sir Thomas, 1575.
Lovelace :
John Lovelace, 3rd Baron, of
Hurley, 2198.
Sir Richard, afterwards 1st
Baron, Irl54.
Lovell, Sir Thomas, K.G., 29,
Levering, Edward, 1824.
Low Countries:
against entertainment of rebels
from, 629.
Archduchess of. Englishmen in
service of, to return, 1452.
conservator of Scots' privileges
in, S832, 835.
grain sent to, 807.
intercourse with, 605, 612, 619,
musters of English troops in,
officers of the regiments in, to
join them, 1503.
pay of English troops in,
plague in, 1709, S1622.
sale of English goods seized in,
632, 665.
sei-vice in, 805.
staple port in, S631.
trade with, 1200, 1802.
stopped, 594, 1458.
victualling of, 827.
weather-bound ships of, to bo
sheltered, 596.
wool trade with, 736.
See also Flanders, Holland,
Netherlands, United Pro¬
Low, Lowe :
Anthony, 1873,
Charles, 4516.
Lowbel, use of, forbidden, 1687.
Lowick, Major Robert, 4173,
4186, Irl317.
Lewis :
Cumnock, S2567.
Simon, Castletoun, Edinburgh,
William, Catslackburn, Selkirk,
Lowns, Laurence, 1808.
Lowre, Daniel, Irl304.
Lowson, John, S3207.
Sir Gerrard; see under Privy
Council, under Ireland.
Sir John, Bt., of Whitehaven,
John, Irll63.
Luke, Ir918.
Lubeck merchants, licences con¬
trary to Navigation Act with¬
drawn, 3363.
Charles Lucas, 2nd Baron, of
Shenfield, 3921, 3933.
Capt. Nicholas, 2992.
Richard, of Worle, clerk, 3828.
Sir Thomas ; see under Privy
Council, under Ireland.
Lucerne, collection for Protes¬
tants in, 3053.
Ludlow, 3881.
Ludlow :
Col. Edmund, M.P., regicide,
3132, 3224,3251, 4025,Ir605a,
609; see also under Privy
Council, under Ireland.
Sir Henry, 2214, 2288, 2440.
John, 1822.
John, collection for, S3327.
William, Airdstoun, Kilbride,
Lumlair, S2010.
Lumley :
John Lumley, K.B., 1st Baron,
David of Hutton-Roides, 3389.
Col. Henry, 4258.
Lumley of Waterford, Richard,
2nd Viscount; see under Scar¬
borough, Richard Lumley,
1st Earl of.
Lumph-ford, Edinburgh, S2567.
Lumsden, Sir James, S1908, 1919.
Lunatics, custody of (1653), 3009.
Lundie, S1536.
Lundin, Laird of, see John Drum-
Lundinmill, S2401.
Lundy, John, Baldst.ird, S2401.
Lunsford, Col. Sir Thomas, 1821,
1938, 2237.
Lurg (Fermanagh), Ir809.
Lurg-foot, Dumfries, S2567.
Lusk, Sunday markets in, Ir261.
Luss, Laird of, S2538, 2566, 2943 ;
see also Colquhoun.
Luther, Martin, against disciples
of, 114.
Luttrel, Sydney ; see under Privy
Council, under Ireland.
Lux, Richard, 1035.
Luzancy, M., (i e. Philippe
Chastelet), 3618.
Lyel, Lyell:
Cornelius, East ■ barns, Had-
dington, S2567.
John, shoemaker, Inverwick,
Haddington, S2667.
William, shoemaker, Hadding¬
ton, S2567.
Schir James (Rev.), S27.
Lymeoge, co. Kilkenny, Irl440.
Lyme Regis, 783, 8794,
collection for, 2576,
relief of, 2574.
Michael, Ir450.
Patrick, Ir450.
Stephen, Dr., Ir450.
Walter, see Clonfert, Bishop of.
See also Linch.
Lyndon, Sir John, Irl335.
Lynegh, alias Roch, Irl370.
Lynsteed, Amy, widow of Wil¬
liam, 1369.
Lyon :
James, Laird of Auldbar, S1698.
John, see Kinghorn, John Lyon,
Earl of.
Patrick, S2559.
Sir Thomas, see Glamis, Master
Ensign William (D'OflFerel's
regiment), S3084.
Lyon King at Arms, S1547, 1556.
privileges of, S2363.
visitation, 1656.
Lytranus, Ir290.
Lyttelton, Sir Edward Littleton,
1st Baron, 1728, 1760, 1896,
2568, 2579, 2589, 2591, 2615.
Volunteer Regiment, 2668.
Lytton, Sir Robert, K.B., 29.
M. J., reward for discovery of,
Mabbot, Gilbert, Ir712.
Mabinshaw, Roxburgh, S2567.
MacAboy, Edmond, Irl336.
Macadam :
David, Town-head, Dalmalling-
toun, S2567.
George, Bow, S2320.
Gilbert,Craigingilton, Kirkcud¬
bright, S2567.
Gilbert, Dalwhat, Dalmelling-
toun, S2567.
James, Clachan, S2567.
James, Knockgray, S2320.
John, Cardross, S2567.
Quintin, Glenhead, Straitoun,
William, Straitoun, S2567.
—, Waterhead, S2320.
M'Caithness, William, Gilkers-
cleugh, Crawford, Lanark¬
shire, S2567.
John, weaver, Craigincar, Kirk¬
cudbright, S2667.
William, Bowdoun, Roxburgh,
William, Clachan, S2567.
William, Holm of Daltanachan,
MacAlexander :
Rev. Fergus, Barr, S2567.
James, Carrick, S2567.
John, Doukrg, Barr, S2567.
John, younger, Dumochrin,
Dailey, S2567.
McAllister, Alexander, Loup,
S2861; see also M'=£lester.
Macanally, Daniel Oge, Irl320.
M^Angus, Donald, Glengarry,
S364, 366.
Mac Ardle :
Patrick, Irl336.
Phillip, Irl517.
Macartie, see Maccarty.
Macartney, Mackartney:
Maj.-Gen. George, 4516, Irl623.
Jamea, flesher, Kirkcudbright,
Robert, Quintinespy, S2567.
Mac a Tee, Patrick, Sharcock,
John, Cleugh head, Dumfries,
John, Tibbers, Dumfries,
Mac Aulif, Teige mac Shane,
Maobirnie, James, Crobmor,
Mac Bread, Neice, Irl517.
Mac Brehoune :
Hugh Bane, Ir853,
Tirlagh, Ir8o3.
Mac Cabe :
Alexander Bane, Corungyen,
John, Irl227.
Phelemy, Lisnabuntroy, Irl537.
Redmond, Irl617.
Mac Cactan, Phelemy Gasta,
Mac Caffy, Bryan mcMahon, alias
Roe mac Cully, Irl 336.
Mac Cagh, Hugh Oge, Ir809.
Mac Callaghan, Owen, KiUcorney,
M"=Calman, Archibald, Arivain,
Mac Cann,Ferdinando,Loghgilly,
Armagh, Irl617, 1537.
McCardle, Philip Duflfe, Knock-
banner, Irl440.
M'Cartan, Patrick, Loghnelan,
M^Carter, John, Milntoun, S3074.
Maccarty, Macartie :
Donnough, see Muskerry, Don-
nough Maccarty, Viscount.
Key TO ) 1525 95, SI. 1550 375, Irl6, S50. 1575 692, Ir79, S323. 1600 904, Irl55, S929. 1625 1393, Ir255, S1416. 16411835, Ir337, S1722.
Dates \ 1650 2886, Ir461, S2034. 1660 3145, Ir608, S2167. 1675 3606, Ir85&, S2398. 1689 3942, Irl009, S2762, 1700 4271, lrl413, S3190.

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