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Laces and point
Kine, transport of, forbidden,
.S1940 ; see also Cattle.
King, The (Charles I):
access to, hindered by soldiers
without authority, 2726.
can only summon at pleasure
subjects holding by special
service, 2140.
debts of, licence required to sue
for payment, S1243.
may forbid wearing of armour,
&c., 2150.
orders of, free subjects from any
punishment, 2086.
passage to, allowed, 2287.
pays for printing briefs, 1695.
See also under names of kings.
King :
Edward, 3277.
George, Ir358.
George, Clontarf, Ir365.
George, miller, Aiket, Dunlop,
Henry, Castle Street, Dublin,
Rev. John, Chaplain to Lord
Cardross, S2401, 2463.
John, 4200.
Sir John, see Kingston, Sir John
King, 1st Baron.
Oliver, Bishop of Bath and
Wells, 29.
Philip, 3738.
Dr. Ralph, Ir608.
Robert ; see Kingston, Robert
King, 2nd Baron.
Sir Robert, 1909, 2068, 2990,
Ir443, 617.
Sir Robert, see under Privy
Council, under Ireland.
Lieut. Robert, 4173, Irl317,
William, Carluck, S2320.
Zachary, 2206.
Major, 2564.
' King James Newland,' discovery
of, 1149.
Kingdon :
Lemuel, Ir925; see also under
Privy Council, under Ire¬
Richard, Ir819.
Kinge, Patrick, pirate, 341.
Kinghorn, John Lyon, 2nd Earl
of, SI685.
Kinglassie, S1804.
Kingly office abolished, 2833.
King's Bench, Court of, removed
to Oxford, 2522.
King's Co. :
outlaws in, Irl485.
plantations in, Ir239.
Tories in, Irl485.
King's evil, cure of, 1182, 1428,
1435, 1479, 1550, 158-5, 1599,
1621, 1631, 1638, 1646, 1673,
1681, 1689, 1700, 1719, 1732,
1742, 1754, 1779, 1783, 1809,
2393, 3364, 3755.
Kings are 'gods upon earth', 1092.
The King^s Majesties Declaration to his
subjects, concerning laioful sports
to he used, 2552.
King's Norton fair and markets
granted, 1382.
King's Walls, Andrew Joffray of,
Kingsbarns, S2401.
Kingston-upon-Hull, see Hull.
Kingston - upon - Hull, Henry
Pierrepont, 2nd Earl of, as
Viscount Newark, 2198.
Kingston-on-Thames, Royalist
attempt to seize magazine at,
Kingston :
Sir Alexander Seton, 1st
Viscount, S2459, 2893.
Kingston :
Sir John King, 1st Baron,
Ir643, 712, 808 ; see also under
Privy Council, under Ire¬
Robert King, 2nd Baron,
Felix, Ir232.
Kingswood, Wilts, 1390.
Kinkel, —, Fifeshire, S2567.
Kinkell conventicle, S2401, 2409.
Kinksketle, James Russell in,
Kinloch : S2401.
John Balfour of, S2463, 2475,
2477, 2630.
Kinloch, Robert, S3084.
Kinnaird :
Sir George, of Rossie, afterwards
Ist Baron, S2191, 2577, 2588,
2600, 2741, 2743, 2746.
Patrick, 2nd Baron, S2943.
Alexander, of Coubin, S2829.
Charles, brother of 2nd Lord
Kinnaird, S3084.
Viscount, see Newburgh, 1st
Earl of.
Kinnaston, Roger, 2240.
Kinneswood, conventicle, S2409.
Kinneuchar, Fife, S2567.
Kinnier :
Andrew, St. Andrews, S2401.
Andrew, merchant, St. An¬
drews, S2401.
James, Rathillet, Fifeshire,
Kinnoul :
George Hay, 2nd Earl of, S1685,
William Hav, 3rd Earl of,
Kinogo, Irl537.
Kinross : S2567.
collection for bridge at, S3011.
heretors to account for their
servants on 3rd May, S2452.
herons in, S943.
Kinsale, Irl78, 1466, 1497.
escape of prisoners from, Irl486.
victory at, 2855.
Kinselagh, David, Ballycallan,
Colin Mackenzie, 2nd Baron
Mackenzie, Earl of, after¬
wards 1st Earl of Seaforth,
g.t).,S1377, 1378.
tutor of, SI 184.
Kintore, Sir John Keith, of In-
verurie. Knight Marischal,
1st Earl of, S2459, 2577, 2600,
2619, 2647, 2733, 2756, 2939,
Kintyre :
Head of, S3004, 3066, 3075.
Lieut, of, S2566.
Kinzeancleugh, Mauchlin, S2567.
Kippen parish, Stirlingshire,
Kirk Session : S841.
clerks of, to retain their rights
and fees, S2698.
of Edinburgh to sit regularly,
condemns English actors,
ciders obliged to serve, S2564.
strangers' testimonials required
from, S1969.
Kirk - Andrews, collection for,
1682 a.
Kirk-bog, Dumfries, S2567.
Kirkcaldy, Kirkcaldie, bridge of,
correction house to be built,
magistrates of, S2933.
Pethhead of, conventicle, S2409.
Kirkcaldy :
David, S27-
George, of Grange, S27.
John, of Grange, S27.
Sir John, of Grange,elder,S2401.
Patrick, of Grange, S27.
Thomas, of Grange, S27.
Sir William, of Grange, S27,
196, 248, 249, 250, 251, 252,
253, 277, 290, 295, 297.
Kirkcudbright :
correction house to be built,
Stewartry of, covenanters in,
Kirkcudbright, Thomas Maclel-
lan, 2nd Baron, S1811.
Kirke :
George, 1641.
Sir Lewis, 2449.
Robert, Mills of Forth, Kinross-
shire Covenanters, S2567.
Kirkfield, weir of, S2463.
Kirkford, Stewartoun, S2567.
Kirkhill, Cambusnethan, S2567.
Kirkingshaw, Linlithgow, S2567.
Kirkland : S2567.
James, Gedrham, Finwick,
John, Dalmusterlock, Kil-
mawers, S2567.
John, Cordiner, Burnhouse,
Torboltoun, S2567.
Kirklistoun, Kirkliston : S2401,
conventicle, S2409.
Kirkmahoe, intrusion, S2401,
Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, S2567.
Kirk, Kirks :
affairs in Edinburgh, S1665.
commissioners for the, S1779.
commission for planting, S2214,
government, declaration con¬
cerning, S1428.
lands, confirmation of feus of,
letters of caption not to be exe¬
cuted in, S1404,
polity of the, S539, 543.
of Scotland to be reformed not
Anglicized, S1069.
Kirko, John, Sundywell, S2185,
Kirkoswald, Ayrshire, S2567.
Kirkowan, Wigton, S2567.
Kirkpatrick-durham, S2312.
Kirkpatrick Irongray, S2312,
Kirkpatrick, Sir Thomas, of Close-
burn, S3113.
Kirkton: S2401.
Kilbride, S2567.
Renfrew, S2567.
Roxburgh, S2567.
Kirktoun, Rev. James, S2409.
Kirkwall, correction house to be
built, S3145.
Kirkwood, Evandale, S2567.
Kirkwood :
Alexander, weaver, Gallow-
shiels, Selkirk, S2567.
William, Fascan, Old Monk-
land, Lanarkshire Covenan¬
ters, S2567.
Kirkyards, letters of caption not
to be executed in, S1404.
Kirton, Joshua, 3337.
Kirwood, Edward, 4200.
Kittaric, Shots, S2567.
Kittle-naked, Berwick, S2567.
Kittochside, Kilbride, S2567.
Knachstoun, Dairy, S2320.
Knaresborough Castle fortified,
Knash, Elizabeth, 3828.
Knavacklaw, Lowdon, S2567.
Kneeling at Communion, 417,
SI 410.
Knevet, Sir Antony, 441.
John, 2746.
John, chapman. Wester Pan-
caitland, Haddington, S2567.
William Over-keith, Hadding¬
ton, S2567.
Knighthood :
compounding for, 1614.
for eldest sons of baronets,
SI 636.
Proclamation for distraint of,
5 a, 40, 41, 45.
revocation of 38 bestowed by
Essex, Irl54.
registering of, 1357, 3582.
ser\'ice, 1828.
tenures turned into free and
common socage, 2644.
Knightley :
Christopher, 4173, Irl317.
Sir Richard, KB., M.P., 2622,
Knight Marshal, 578, 1224, 1253,
3294; see also Kintoi-e,Earls of.
Knights, precedence of, 1357.
Knockadool, Ir853.
Knockbranner, co. Carlow,
Knockbreck, Carrick, S2567.
Knockfergus, Irl78.
Knockgray, Carsphairn, S2320.
Knockin-tibber, Kilmawers,
Knocklie, S2567.
Knockmarnock, Cumnock, S2567.
Knockmuny, Fermanagh, Irl370.
Knockmurran, Craigie, S2567.
Knocknaferus, co. Kilkenny,
Knocknoon, S2567.
Knocksling, Dairy, S2320.
Knocktopher, Kilkenny, Irl304.
Knockinreoch, Carsphairn, S2320.
Knollvs, Knollis, Knoles, Know-
Sir Francis, KG., 515, 773.
William, see Banbury, William
Knollvs, 1st Earl of.
Knott, Robert, 3761.
Know, Galstoun, S2o67.
Know, London, S2567.
Know, Roxburgh, S2567.
Knows, Roxburgh, S2567.
Knox :
George, Laehead, Haddington,
John, Ir989.
William, Haddington, S2567.
Knype, William of Hallinghale,
4035, 4037.
KSnigsberg, goods from, S1338.
Krainsky, John de Kraino, 3312.
Kyle, Moor Kirk of, S2488.
Kyneton, fight at, 2294.
Kynkernelles, 37.
Kyrle, Kirle :
Francis, 2763.
Sir Richard, Ir772.
Robert, 2763.
Walter, 2763.
Labourers, wages of; see under
Laces and point:
all kinds, import forbidden,
forbidden on dress of Royalist
army, 2435.
gold, trade, 1711, 1712, 3309.
office for, in London, 1706.
silk or white, forbidden, S2525,
silk, import forbidden, S2498.
Venetian Point, 3581.
White, may be worn, S2376 ;
see also Bone Lace.
Ketto) 1525 95, SI. 1550 375, Irl6, S50. 1575 692, Ir79, S323. 1600 904, Irl55, S929. 1625 1393, Ir255, S1416. 16411835, Ir337, SI722.
Dates \ 1650 2886, Ir461, S2034. 1660 3145, Ir608, S2167. 1675 3606, Ir855, S2398. 1689 3942, Irl009, S2762. 1700 4271, Irl413, S3190.

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