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Keddar, John, Ardrie - town,
New Monkland, Lanarkshire,
Keddie, Robert, Edinburgh,
Keefe, Queefe :
John, Irl370.
Thady, alias Tiege, Irl440.
Keepers :
of the Liberties of England,
2867, 3006, 3007, 8171.
of Liddesdale, S398a, 870.
of registers and seals to bring
them to Stirling, S2070.
Keetch, Edward, 3828.
Kegan :
Cormuck, Irishtown, Irl537.
See also O'H.igan.
Keho, aZiosCoffee, Hugh, Farnane,
Keighly, Teige,Shanakiel,Irl517.
Keightley, Thos., 3993, Irl453,
1458; see also under Privy
Council, ui^r Ireland.
Keinton, 2373.
Keir. Sir George, appointed Public
Registrar, Ir223, 236.
Keirhill, Dalmellingtoun, S2567.
Keirland, Kirkcudbright, S2567.
Keir-mill, Dumfries, S2567.
Keith :
John, see Kintore, John Keith,
Lord of Inverrery, Earl of.
Lieut.-Col. Robert, 83081.
Sir William, Cornet, S2538.
See also Marisclial, Earls.
Kelburn, David Boyle, afterwards
Earl of Glasgow, q.v., Laird
of, S2538, 3074, 3113.
See also under Boyle.
Kelburn, Largs, S2667.
Kelhead, Sir James Douglas of,
Kellie :
Thomas Erskine, K.G., 1st Earl
of, 1289.
Alexander Erskine, 3rd Earl of,
Kellie (Archibald Bannatyne),
Laird of, S3074.
Kellie-Law, Beacon to be prepared
at, S2725.
Kells, S2488.
Kells, Kilkenny, Irl304.
Kells, Garrery in, S2312.
Kells, Newtoun of, S2567.
Kells, William, Haddington,
Bryan, Corkclea, Irl537.
Daniel, Irl304.
Hugh, Ir868.
John, Irl315, 1322, 1370,
Morrice, pirate, 341.
Philip, Irl305.
Thomas, Killeleagh, Irl440.
William. Irl304.
—, £5 Reward for, Ir571.
Kellystown, Irl336.
Kelman, James, chapman, S2567.
Kelsey, Lieut.-Col. Thomas, M.P.,
3017, 3459.
Kelso, Roxburgh, S2567 :
Collections, for fires at, S1874,
Fair, S1639.
Kelso, Greenofk Town, Renfrew¬
shire Covenanters. S2567.
Kelts, see Black Fish.
Kempife, Anthony, 3068.
Kempson, Lieut.-Col., 2564.
Ken Church, 2768.
Kendall :
Thomas, 3041.
William, 2633.
Kendrick, Kendrick :
Aid. John, 2357, 2459, 2556,
2592, 2734.
Kenmare, Sir Valentine Browne,
Bt., 1st Viscount, S2733.
Kenmure, Kamore :
Robert Gordon, 4th Viscount,
S2114, 2116.
Alexander Gordon, 5th Visct.,
S2756, 2904, 2983.
William Gordon, 6th Viscount,
Kenmuir, Old-Monkland, S2567.
Kennedy, Kenedy:
Sir Archibald, Culzean, S2538,
David, Bailey, S2567.
Dermod, Irl537.
Edmond, Irl336.
Hugh, 2743, S2027.
John, S1819.
John, Bargeny Dailey, S2567.
John, Straitoun, S2567.
John, outlawry under Com¬
monwealth maintained,
John, see Cassillis, John Ken¬
nedy, 6th Earl of, and John
Kennedy, 7th Earl of.
Richard, Irl268.
Robert, Ir372.
Teige, Cullen, Irl493.
Turlogh, Grange, Irl440.
William, Barnkirk, Wigton,
William, Linlithgow, S2567.
William, Straitoun, S2567.
Kennet, S1804.
Kennet, Dr. White, 4425.
Kennished, Renfrew, S2567.
Kennoway parish, S2401.
Kenoway, Kennoway:
James, S3011.
Thomas, S2593, 2728.
Kenny, Christopher, Irl485.
Kensey, Sir Thomas, 3858.
Association forbidden, 2368.
Committee of Indemnity, 2745.
Insurrection in (1648), 2781.
pardon for, 2298.
Petitions : 1834 a.
to Commons for trial of the
King, 2813.
to Lords for Puritan reform,
to Parliament against Maid-
stone Petition, 2112.
suppression of Kentish, 2214.
posts, 779, 1079.
summons to attend King, 20.
Henry Grey, 21st Earl of, 2622.
Anthony Grey, 22nd Earl of,
8764, 3921, 3983.
Edward, 3759.
Henry, 1295.
John, 3735, 3789.
Mr., vintner, 1872.
Keppoch, S2718.
Ker, Kerr :
Adam, Randerstoun, Hadding¬
ton, S2567.
Sir Andrew, of Greenhead,
Andrew, S1874,1921,1948,1949,
1951, 1973, 1977.
Col. Gilbert, S2050.
Henry, of Gradine, S2538, see
also Car.
James, smith in Carntilloch,
Dumbartonshire, S2567.
John, gardener. Knows, Rox¬
burgh, S2567.
John, Monygryle, S2567.
Sir Robert, of Cessford, S788.
Robert, Bouse, Carmonoch,
Robert, of Graden, S219].
Robert, younger, of Kersland,
Ker, Kerr :
Robert, see Jedburgh, Lord;
Lothian, Earl of; Roxburgh,
Earls of.
Sir Thomas, of Fernihurst,
S262, 578.
Sir William, of Cessford, S487.
William, Greenhead, Berwick,
William, Rochsoles, New Monk-
land, now weaver in Ardrie,
Lanarkshire, S2567.
William, see Lothian, William
Kerr, 2nd Marquis.
William, see Newbottle, Lord.
Kereight-mon, Irl071.
Kerridge, John, Lyme Regis 3828.
Kerry : Irl78.
assizes, Irl8]2.
outlaws, Irl815, 1320, 1322,
1440, 1617, 1587.
Kerry, Thomas Fitzmavirice,
1st Earl of, see under Privy
Council, under Ireland.
Kersies, 190, 194, 199; see also
Woollen cloth.
Kersland, Robert Kerr, younger,
Laird of, S2312.
Kessan :
John, Girvan, S2567.
William, Barr, S2567.
Ket the Tanner, rebellion of,
cited, 2186.
Ketloch, Dumfries, S2667.
Ketloch, Caitlock, William Fer¬
guson of, S2468.
Kevan, William, Stockin, Kirk¬
cudbright, S2567.
James, S2986.
John, Glens, Stirling, S2667.
Keyes,— (Jacobite), 4173, Irl317.
Kidder, Vincent, Irl356, 1639.
Kidnapping, Ir715.
ships to be searched for stolen
children, 2613 a.
Kiffin, Alderman William, M.P.,
2995, 3049, 3858.
Kilbarchan, parish of, Renfrew,
Kilbarrock, rebels at, attacked,
Ir858 a.
Kilberry, Irl386.
Kilbirnie, John Crawford, (Lind¬
say-Crawford) q.v., afterwards
1st Visct. Garnock, Laird of,
Kilbride, Ayrshire, S2567.
Kilbride, Lanarkshire, S2567.
Kilbraichmont, John Henderson
of, S2463.
Kilcanvoy, Waterford, Irl370.
Kilcleney, Waterford, Irl370,
Kilcolman, Irl488.
Kilcorny, Irl537.
Kildalkey, co. Meath, Ir667.
Kildare :
forfeiture claims, see Claims,
market on Curragh, Ir986, 990,
transplantation of Irish Papists
from, Ir531.
Kildare :
Gerald FitzGerald, 14th Earl of,
941, Irl78.
John FitzGerald, 18th Earl of,
3998, IrllOO; see also under
Privy Council, w^der Ireland.
William Moreton, Bishop of; see
under Privy Council, under
Wellbore Ellis, Bishop of; see
under Privy Council, under
Kildonan, Carrick, S2567.
Kildonan's Land, Carrick, S2567.
Kildonan, Leinzie of, S2567.
Kildrum, Dumbarton, S2667.
Kilellan, Wigton, S2667.
Kilermont, Kilpatrick parish,
Dumbarton, S2567.
Kilhill, Hamiltoun, S2567.
Kill ling, S2567.
Kilkenny, Irl466.
Articles of, Ir495.
coal pits opened to all, Irl082.
Council of War at, Ir493.
outlaws, Irl304, 1440, 1485,
1527, 1537.
Kill, Ballynemoe, co. Kilkenny,
Kill, St. Ninian, Carrick, S2567.
Killaloe, see Onslow, Malachias
(R.C.), Bp. of.
Killaloo, Irl304.
Killcorney, Irl517.
Killeany, Ir863, 911.
Killearn, Stirling, S2567.
Killeban, Irl336.
Killeen :
James Plunkett, 8th Baron,
Christopher Plunkett, 9th
Baron, Irl69.
Killeleagh, co. Kilkenny, Irl440.
Killigrew :
Henry, S285.
Sir Peter, 2791.
Sir Robert, Ir290.
Sir William, 1941.
Killehane, Bryan, Irl304.
Kellellan parish, Renfrew, S2567.
Killybegs, Irl537.
Killybegs Harbour, Irl605.
Kilmacrenan, Irl95.
Kilmadinny, Dumbarton, S2567.
Kilmainham :
escape from, Irl805.
Hospital, Irll62.
mills at, Ir426.
Prior of, Ir37.
Kilmair, Kirkcudbright, S2567.
Kilmallock, Dominick Sarsfield,
1st Visct. ; see under Privy
Council, under Ireland.
Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, S2667.
Kilmarnock, William Boyd, 8th
Lord Boyd, 1st Earl of, a
Master of game, S2529.
Kilmartin, Irl202.
Kilmawrs, Ayrsliire, S2567.
Kilmawers, see Dundonald.
Kilmayden, Baron, see Doneraile,
Arthur St. Leger, Baron
Kilmayden, 1st Viscount.
Kilmore, Ir853.
William Bedell, Bishop of,
Kilns, patent for new, 1762.
Kilowen, Irl466.
Kilpatrick, S2401.
Kilpatrick in Buchanron, parish
of, Dumbarton, S2567.
Kilpatrick, New, Stirling, S2567.
Kilroot, Irl605.
Kilsture, Alexander Gordon of,
Kilsyth, Lanarkshire, S2567.
muster at, S134.
Kiltarsen, Carsphairn, S2320.
Kiltegan, Irl637.
Kilteige, Irl488.
Kilvert, Richard, 1857.
Kilwinning, Ayrshire, S2567.
Kimbolton, Edward Montagu,
Lord, afterwards 2nd Earl of
Manchester, q.v., 1934.
Kimerghame, Laird of, S3082,
Kinaber, John Fullertoun of,
Kincardine, S748.
muster at, S269.
Kincardine, Earl of, see Montrose,
James Graham, Marquis of.
Kincavel, Linlithgow, S2567.
Key TO ) 1525 95, SI. 1550 375, Irl6, S50. 1575 692, Ir79, S323. 1600 904, Irl55, S929. 1625 1393, Ir255, S1416. 16411835, Ir337, SI722.
Dates J 1650 2886, Ir461, S2034. 1680 3145, Ir608, S2167. 1675 8606, Ir855, S2398. 1689 3942, Irl009, S2762. 1700 4271, Irl413, S3190.

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