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REASONS. Eeasons for his majestie's passing the bill of
exclusion. In a letter to a friend. [? By W. Cavendish,
afterwards duke of Devonshire.]
London, J. W. and L. Curtis, 1681.
Fol. 12 in. (2)+ 6 pp.
[Another edition.] Somkrs (.t.) Baron Somers,
Collection of tracts, vol. 8, pp. 211-216. 1812, 4°
- Eeasons for passing a bill in parliament to erect three
courts of conscience, . . . without the city of London.
. . . SoMEKS (j.) Baron Somors, Collection of tracts, vol.
11, p. 601. 1814, r.
- Eeasons against the bill for erecting courts of con¬
science. Somers (j.) Baron Somcrs, Collection of tracts,
vol. 11, pp. 602-604. 1814, 4°.
- Eeasons for restoring some prayers and directions, as
they stand in the communion-service of the first English
reform'd liturgy, compiled by the bishops in the 2d and
3d years of the reign of king Edward vi. [By Jeremy
Collier.] London, J. Morphew, 1717.
8°. 7Jin. 35pp. + (l) p.
- Second edition. [By Jeremy Collier.]
London, John Morpheiv, 1717.
8°. 1^ ill. 35 pp. + (1) p., portrait added. With other tracts.
- Eeasons for returning to the church of England. [By
J. M. Capes.] London, Strahan and Co., 1871.
8°. 7 in. (4)+233 pp.+ (1) p.
- Eeasons for reviving the action of convocation. . . .
London, Bivingtons, 1850.
8°. 6Jin. 14+ (2) pp.
- Eeasons for setling admiralty-jurisdiction, and giving
encouragement to merchants, owners . . . masters of
ships . . . and mariners. Humbly offered to the con¬
sideration of . . . the two Houses of Parliament.
Loiidon, 1690.
4°. 73 in. (2) + 21pp. + (l) p.
[Another edition,] Hablbian Miscellany, vol.
8, pp. 371-382. 1811,4°.
— Eeasons for taxing the public funds. Someks (j.)
Baron Somcrs, Collection of tracts, vol. 13, pp. 755, 756.
1815, 4°.
- Eeasons for the representatives of the people of Great
Britain to take advantage of the present rate of interest,
for the more speedy lessening the national debt, and
taking off the most burthensomo of the taxes.
[London, ? 1750.]
Fol. 14 in. 3 pp + (1) p.
- Eeasons | For which the Service Booke, urged upon j
Scotland | ought to bee refused. |
[? Edinburtjh, ? G. Anderson, 1638.]
4°. 7J in. Italic letter. A^ ; {4)pp:—(1-4) the work. Catchword
on p. 1, English.
[Another edition.]
[? Edinburgh, ? G. Anderson, 1638.J
4". 7J in. Same collation as above. Catchword on p. 1, by
- Eeasons humbly offered for a law to enact the castra¬
tion of popish ecclesiasticks, as the best way to prevent
the growth of popery in England. Hableian Miscel¬
lany, vol. 4, pp. 415-423. 1809, 4°. j
REASONS. The Eeasons humbly offered for continuing
the stage-coaches upon the grand roads of this kingdome
answered. [London, ? 1672.]
Fol. llj in. 4 + (2) pp.
Eeasons humbly offered for the suppressing all hackney
stage-coaches and caravans, and for inducing gentlemen
to live upon their estates in the countrey, and weare the
manufactures of England, and to restrain servants from
wearing any other. [London, ? 1672.]
Fol. 12 in. 4 pp.
Eeasons humbly offered, proving it is inconsistent with
the interest of England, that the civil magistrate should
put the penal-laws in execution against protestant dis¬
senters. London, R. Jancway, 1682.
4°. 7J in. 35 pp. + (1) p.
Eeasons humbly offered to both Houses of Parliament,
for passing a bill for preventing delays and expenses, in
suits in law and equity. Haeleian Miscellany, vol. 8,
pp. 414-421. 1811,4°.
Eeasons humbly offer'd to the . . . House of Commons,
for excepting the University of Cambridge and the
several colleges therein, out of the Bill now depending,
for restraining the dispositions of lands whereby the
same become unalienable. [? London, ? 1736.]
Fol. 14 in. 3 pp.-f(l) p-
Eeasons humbly submitted to the consideration of both
Houses of Pai"liament for passing of an Act for the pre¬
servation of manors, and of copyhold estates and tenures.
. . . [Lo7idon], 1678.
8°. 7jin. (2)+ 14 pp.
Eeasons in defence of the standing laws about the
right of presentation in patronages : to be offered against
an act (in case it be) presented for alteration thereof : by
a member of parliament; in a letter to his friend in the
country. [By Sir F. Grant.] Edinburgh, 1703.
4°. 7Jin. 15pp. + (l) p.
Eeasons most humbly submitted to the wisdom of par¬
liament for the taking off the present duty of excise upon
beer and ale, and laying the duty upon the original malt.
. . . Lortdon, T. Parkhurst, 1695.
4°. 7^ in. 27 pp. + (l)p.
Eeasons offered by a well-wisher to the king and king¬
dom, to some justices of the peace met at the sessions
in one of the northern shires, against addressing to the
king with a petition for the sitting of the parliament.
Jan. 26, 16|^|}. ... [? Lmidon, 1680.]
Fol. llj in. 4 pp.
Eeasons offered in order to the passing an act of parlia¬
ment against imprisonment by arrests upon the writs of
Capias, bills of Middlesex, and Latitates. Somers (j.)
Baron Somers, Collection of tracts, vol. 7, pp. 523-530.
1812, 4°.
Eeasons shewing the necessity of reformation of the
publick 1. Doctrine, 2. Worship, 3. Eites and Ceremonies,
4. Church-Government, and Discipline, reputed to be
[but indeed, not] established by law ; humbly offered to
the serious consideration of this present parliament, by
divers ministers of sundry counties in England. . . .
London, J. Cottrcl, t66o.
4°. 7* in. (4)+ 63 pp. + (l) p.
■ The Second edition : revised and enlarged.
London, J. Cottrel, 1660.
4°. 73 in. (6)+63pp. + (l)p.
Eeasons why a protestant should not turn papist; or,
Protestant prejudices against the Eoman catholic re¬
ligion ; propos'd in a letter to a Eomish priest. By a
person of quality [the Hon. Eobert Boyle].
London, H. Clark for J. Taylor, 1687.
4°. 7Jin. (6)+ 32+ (2) pp.

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