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(13) Page vii - Preface
This volume, upon which my father was engaged at the time of his death, is a
revised and extended reprint of previous volumes recording- British Proclamations.
These earlier editions, which were little more than handlists, have become
scarce, and we have been unable to meet frequent requests for copies.
Accordingly, my father decided to re-issue the original work, adding
fresh entries and a full and comprehensive index. The late Mr. J. P. Edmond
together with Mr. Henry Guppy, keeper of the Rylands Library, were larg'ely
responsible for the original issues, their work being incorporated in this volume.
We furthermore owe our thanks to Mr. Arthur Phillips, who is responsible
for preparing- the analytical index, which I trust may prove of material value to
scholars and historians.
June T^rd, 1913.

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